What is a Magic Ring?

A magic ring is a technique that allows you to put stitches into one spot and then tighten it so there’s no gap or holes.

The magic ring is commonly found in amigurumi patterns and top-down hat patterns. Sometimes it is called a magic loop or adjustable loop.

I use the magic ring in my center-out designs.

Whether you use the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique, the center-out options start with a magic ring.

An alternative to the magic ring is to chain as many stitches as needed for the height of the stitches you’re using and place all your stitches into the first chain made. This doesn’t allow you to tighten the hole though.

You can think of a magic ring as a slip knot that hasn’t been closed yet.

Follow along with the photo tutorial here or watch my short video.

I also have a left-handed video tutorial!

Photo Tutorial

Step 1

Lay yarn across front of index and middle fingers, loose end hanging down.

Step 2

Wrap yarn over and behind fingers then back up the front of your hand; cross yarn over yarn towards your wrist and hold working end of yarn with pinkie finger.

Step 3

Insert hook under yarn closest to fingertips, grab the other loop of yarn…

Step 4

and pull a loop up (with a slight clockwise twist); chain 1 to hold it together.

All done!

You will crochet over the side that has 2 strings and when you are done you can tighten the loose end.

Hope this helps!