Ashlee’s Newsletter Referral Program Details

As of June 2024 you can now earn rewards by sharing about Ashlee Brotzell’s newsletter to your friends!

You are NOT required to participate in this referral program.

Learn more about Ashlee’s Newsletter Referral Program here.

Infographic explaining Newsletter Referral Program

Eligibility & Rules

In order to participate in Ashlee’s Newsletter Referral Program you must be an active newsletter subscriber.

You will then have access to a personalized referral link that you can share with friends, family, co-workers, etc. You do not need to fill out any other forms to participate in this referral program; Beehiiv creates the referral link for each subscriber automatically.

You may not ‘refer’ yourself. You may not spam uninterested people or groups.

Beehiiv tracks the referrals and a personalized referral count will be included in each subsequent newsletter so you know how many referrals are linked to your account.

The reward system is automated.

Anyone found abusing the system will be removed and rewards will not be given.

Reward Tiers

There are three tiers in the Newsletter Referral Program.

Each tier requires a certain number of referrals in order to receive the specified reward.

The referrals build from the previous level; so, for example, once you’ve achieved level 1 with 3 referrals you’ll only need 7 more referrals to get to level 2.

Level 1

Refer 3 friends get a 30% discount code. No minimum purchase is required to use the code; valid on Etsy and Ravelry.

Level 2

Refer 10 friends get a $10 credit to my Ravelry store.

By default this code is valid on Ravelry ONLY but if you only use Etsy I can make changes for you. Please contact me for help before using the code on Ravelry; no changes can be made if it’s been used.

Level 3

Refer 30 friends get a $30 credit to my Ravelry store.

As with level 2, the default on this code is for Ravelry ONLY. Please contact me before using the code if you’d like it changed to Etsy.

Redeeming Rewards

When you reach a reward milestone the system will send you an automated email.

Level 1

For level 1, you’ll receive a code that can be used in either my Ravelry store or my Etsy shop.

Make sure you’re signed in for long-term access to your files (although I still recommend saving a backup copy of your patterns) and then add at least one pattern to your cart.

The 30% discount code can be applied to as many patterns as you’d like to purchase in a single transaction but can only be used once. It applies to any individual pattern as well as the eBook sets.

Levels 2 and 3

For levels 2 and 3, you’ll receive a that can be used in my Ravelry store. Treat this code as cash!

If you do not want to use Ravelry you may contact me and I’ll change the code to be applicable to Etsy for you. You must contact me before using the code for this process to work.

Make sure you’re signed in for long-term access to your files (although I still recommend saving a backup copy of your patterns) and then add at least one pattern to your cart.

My shop uses Canadian currency (CAD), so the $10 and $30 also refers to the CAD amount. Ravelry shows an approximate conversion to your preferred currency when looking at the patterns but all transactions go through as CAD.

You may use the code as many times as it takes for the value to decrease to $0.

For example, if you have a $10 code you can do one transaction for a $4 CAD pattern and then the next day do another transaction for a $7 CAD pattern. You’d need to enter other payment details on the second transaction to cover the $1 remaining.

Patterns Used in Promotional Images

I used an assortment of pattern images in the promotional photos on this page. Rather than interjecting about these patterns while trying to explain the Newsletter Referral Program I’ve decided to put this fantastic information at the end of this page!

‘How it Works’; Left

At the top of the infographic I’ve put three photo bubbles on each side of the text.

On the left side I included a picture of our cute kitten, Popcorn, standing next to my Tumbling Curls wrap made with merino wool (a splurge for me!).

Then there’s a photo of my pink, center-out overlay mosaic crochet version of Double Wedding Rings

At the bottom you can see me displaying my colorful Glacial Warmth blanket. You might not be able to see it well, but I’ve also got a scarf wrapped around my neck because this design can be done both ways!


‘How it Works’; Right

To the right side of the first section on that infographic I put one of my favorite dog squares: May Dog, the grumpy Great Dane.

The lips, Heart Lips 40, are from my SWAK Blanket set. I also use these lips in the free Hello, Sweetie panel in my Doctor Who series.

Below that, the photo shows my full square and part of the individual whale from my pattern, Cruise Whales, which was designed for a teaching session on The Crochet Crowd’s finale cruise.

Level 1; Left

On the left side of Level 1’s image you’ll see me wrapped in my Tumbling Curls shawl (the same shawl from the top ‘How it Works’ section).

Next is my colorful Garden Mandala blanket (which is also used as the background image for all these promotional images and my printable pattern tracker pages!).

Below that is a year’s worth of gorgeous, blue Celtic knot squares turned into a blanket; see 2023: A Year of Celtic Knots.

Level 1; Right

On the right side is my bright and cheery March Dog next to my Preemie Love Blanket.

Below those pictures you can see The Paw Purse which was my most recent free Crochet-A-Long.


Level 2; Left

For level 2 I used a close-up image of the star in Magic Decanter.

The grey and white blanket is another version of Double Wedding Rings, only this time it’s the bottom-up overlay mosaic crochet option.

The third photo in this grouping is my Blooming Owl Wall Hanging which my husband has displayed in his musical area.


Level 2; Right

I used another dog square in this group of photos; April Dog is this adorable pug.

The bag is made with thirteen Center-Out Tutorial squares (I used interlocking crochet but there’s also a tutorial for the center-out overlay mosaic crochet option). Check out the joining tutorial to create your own bag or use these squares for something else.

The bottom picture of me was taken as a screenshot for the promotional video for Persistent Blossoms which was published in Crochet Now magazine issue 93, 2023.

Level 3; Left

The size isn’t shown well in this photo, but the first bubble shows my small Many Hearts Baby Throw blanket displayed on the fence.

I used the full Persistent Blossoms blanket to cover my husband’s motorcycle in the second bubble. 

And in the bottom bubble you can see one of my most popular patterns, Bubbles the Sea Turtle.

Level 3; Right

The final group of photos starts with a happy Ashlee showing off March Cat which was also used as the “L” in the love mini-series.

I borrowed my husband’s prettiest guitar to display with my colorful Purpureus Grandiflorus blanket.

August Gnome is the final pattern shown in these photos. There’s a trail of cherries next to a bearded gnome with a cherry-hat.



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