I’ve organized my patterns by category, sometimes placing one pattern in multiple categories, and still have designs that seem to fit nowhere.

Thus, this “other” page.

However, among these “others” I have categorized them so you can see what you’re getting into.

Non-Standard Size

Prairie Meadow Pillow

This square is almost the same size as my 40-window squares (81 x 81) but to make the design match the Prairie Meadow Blanket I had to use a chart size of 79 x 81 (interlocking) and 75 x 77 (mosaic).

Repeatable Many Hearts

This design can be repeated to make it as tall and as wide as you want.

Many Hearts Banner

I created this banner specifically to fit across the top and bottom of my Preemie Love Blanket (and therefore make it larger).

Winter Trees Hooded Cowl

This hooded cowl could be considered a type of scarf I suppose?

Dream A Dream; Center-Out Square

This design is not the same size as any of my other designs.

Hockey Sticks

This rectangle is not the same size as any of my other designs.

Tumbling Curls

The repeatable section of this pattern is 50 squares wide on the chart.

Floral Weave

This interlocking crochet ONLY design has a repeatable area of 28 x 20 on the chart.

October Mystery Designs

These little designs don’t fit into my standard categories.


Spring Market Bag

This bag features two mesh panels and an interlocking crochet handle that joins it all together.

November Cat Bag

As part of my 2022: A Year of Cats series, I created November Cat (the rear). I also created a bonus square (the face) and then created a bonus bag pattern!

The bag pattern is only available in the eBook and is only available as a mosaic crochet pattern worked in a tube.

However, you can use the interlocking crochet technique for both the squares and join them into a bag on your own.

The Paw Purse

As part of my 4th Designaversary Celebration, I’ve created “The Paw Purse”!

This free CAL begins Apr 19, 2024. 

The written pattern will be available on my website for free in two parts for both interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

The paid PDF will also be made available in full on April 19. Charts will be included along with the written patterns for both techniques.

I’ve also created a few support videos to help you along the way!


Malik the Malign

Peaceful Bird Placemat

“Regular” Crochet

Vickie Loves Red

This design is not a colorwork piece. It just uses one yarn. You can make a scarf or a shawl (or bigger if you want). The free video goes over all the stitches.

Christmas Tree Applique

There is no colorwork in this pattern; it is just “regular” crochet.