End of the Year Sale and Summary

Everyone seems to be having an end of the year sale, so I am jumping in as well!

Everything is 30% off! 🥳 (Offer expired)

No code needed, valid on Etsy and Ravelry.

The first pattern I published in 2021 was Gnomesflake. And the final one was Cupcake 20.

I published 140 new patterns and 8 eBooks this year. 😶😯 There were two sets of alphabet squares so that takes care of more than 50 patterns right there; I don’t find the letters very interesting actually, but they are there.

Top left corner, Cupcake, was my final pattern of 2021
8 eBooks
Overall, I am proud of my work!
Over 50 of my patterns this year were just alphabet blocks; not that exciting in my opinion
Bottom right corner, Gnomesflake, was my first pattern in 2021.

The most exciting pattern to publish was probably my magazine debut: Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging.

I hosted 3 Crochet-A-Longs and participated in 1 multi-designer group CAL.

Thank you for making this a great year! I have many good things planned for next year! 🤩

Some of this year’s patterns 🤩

Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging, My Turn

In April 2021, in issue 68, Crochet Now! published my Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging. What a dream come true to be published in a magazine! It is an overlay mosaic crochet pattern. I used Scheepjes Organicon yarn (4-ply, fingering weight) and as per their requirements the pattern was written in UK terminology.

Now that the rights to the pattern have reverted to me, I am publishing it using my normal template. I use US terminology and I write up my patterns for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. You can get 20% off your purchase of this pattern – scroll to the end for the code! *Offer expired.

The sample in the image above uses only two colors and was done by an Anonymous Squirrel using the interlocking technique. The other wall hangings are also interlocking crochet. The mosaic sample I made for the magazine, shown below, uses 7 colors (1 main color and a series of 6 contrasting colors).

Photo courtesy of Practical Publishing

I created an eBook a few months ago called “Parisian Wall Hangings”. The “Fleur-De-Lis Wall Hanging” and “Une Autre Fleur” are now, finally, joined by my original Paris-themed pattern: “Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging”. You can get the eBook on Ravelry or Etsy. I will be sending all the updates today to those who already purchased the eBook and have been patiently waiting for this final pattern.

When I was trying to come up with a design to submit to the magazine I saw a photo with the Eiffel tower in the background and this was sort of how the colors went. The bottom was in shadow with orange highlights from the setting sun. Then there was the bright yellow sun which shone up into the clouds in a way that made everything look pastel pink/purple. And then at the top of the photo, past the clouds, you could see a little bit of sky. But the sky had a haze that made it a bit green-y. And there you have it. My color inspirations.

I tried to keep the chart small but I think it got a bit larger than I anticipated. It is a large wall hanging in my opinion. The chart size is 117 x 211 and my sample was 19″ x 38″ (48cm x 95cm).

It is common in the UK to use 4-ply yarn, but here in Canada (and also in the USA) I know a lot of crocheters will go, “I don’t want to use thread!” (to be clear… 4-ply/fingering/1-super fine weight yarn is NOT thread, I was exaggerating). Fingering weight yarn just isn’t as common here. You can learn more about yarn weights from the Craft Council. And you can try using YarnSub.com to find a similar yarn if you don’t have access to Scheepjes Organicon.

You could also use a thicker yarn. It will make your finished piece larger. But the image will still show up just fine!

I still grin like a maniac when I think about how cool I am to be published in a magazine! Celebrate with me by taking 20% off your purchase of the “Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging” or the “Parisian Wall Hangings” eBook (which includes “Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging”, “Fleur-De-Lis Wall Hanging”, and “Une Autre Fleur”) by using code “PARIS20”. Offer valid on my listings on Ravelry and Etsy, expires August 30, 2021.

This is my “is this real?” face – I am in a magazine!

Update as of June 4, 2022: I had a pretty major typo on the yardage amounts. The pattern has been updated on Ravelry. Those who purchased on Etsy can contact me for an updated file or mark your pattern with the following information:

Interlocking Crochet

  • Scheepjes Organicon (Or any fingering weight yarn to meet gauge) (1850 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) – 900 yards plus 50 for optional border
    • Accent color (AC) – 150 yards each of 6 colors, 900 yards total

Overlay Mosaic Crochet

  • Scheepjes Organicon (Or any fingering weight yarn to meet gauge) (170m per 50g skein/ball)
    • Main color (MC) – 3 balls (510 m / 558 yards)
    • Accent color (AC) – 1 ball each in 6 colors (90 m / 98 yards of each color)

MusicCAL: Interlocking and Mosaic Crochet-A-Long

My husband LOVES music. I mean, I know that a lot of people really like music, and sometimes I enjoy music too, but my husband’s love of music is something else. It is a really important part of him, and he is really important to me, so this pattern is dedicated to him. 💕

“A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you’ve forgotten the words.” -unknown, possibly danish proverb

This will be my 4th CAL (Crochet-A-Long)! I had meant for it to ready on April 1 as part of my one-year Designaversary Celebration but, alas, life and my own overthinking has delayed it.

I was trying to be all things to all people and it was getting too confusing. So, instead of the many crazy ideas in my head, I have simplified it to this:

  • Pattern is written using US terminology for my two favorite techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet
  • Pattern is designed as a table runner or a blanket (4 repeats of the body of the table runner will create a big throw blanket)
  • Border design is included in chart and line-by-line instructions (unfortunately, this means you will likely not want to change the order of the sections because then the border won’t match itself)
  • Weekly releases will be available for free forever, here on the blog (bookmark this page!), the schedule is below
  • Full pattern (including chart) will be available as a paid option on Ravelry and Etsy
    • Pre-order the pattern this week (before April 29, 2021) and get an automatic $5 discount! The full pattern will be uploaded on April 28, 2021 so we can all start together
    • Grab the pattern during the CAL (through the month of May) at a 20% discount
    • Pattern will go to full price when the CAL is over (June 24, 2021)

The CAL will begin on April 29, 2021! Share your progress in my Ravelry group, or in my Facebook group, or tag me on Instagram @ashleeslint and use hashtag #MusicCAL21

Ashlee’s MusicCAL 2021 schedule

While you’re waiting for things to start, pick out your yarn and practice your technique!

I have tutorials for both techniques on my YouTube channel. See my mosaic videos here and the interlocking / locked filet mesh videos here.

How much yarn will you need?

First, choose how big you want your finished item to be. The pattern is written in a way that it allows you to repeat the inner section as many times as you like and still have the border design on the edges. I am calling it a table runner when you don’t do any repeats; four (4) repeats will make a big throw blanket.

My measurements use worsted weight / 4-medium yarn (see yarn council for more details) and a 4.5 mm (US7) hook. My patterns are written using US terminology. To match my gauge: a 4 inch square of interlocking mesh will have 16 double crochet stitches and be 8 rows tall; a 4 inch square of mosaic crochet will have 16 single crochet stitches and be 16 rows tall.

Interlocking crochet

 InterlockingTable runnerRepeat between stars twiceRepeat three timesRepeat four times (blanket)
Chart71 x 239123 x 239175 x 239227 x 239
Finished measurements18” x 60”31” x 60”44” x 60”57” x 60”
Main Color yardage600 + 50 for border1030 + 651470 + 801900 + 100
Accent Color yardage600103014701900
MC Windows to start356187113
MC Chains to start71+3 = 7471+52+3 = 12671+52+52+3 = 17871+52+52+52+3 = 230
AC Chains to start71+1 = 7271+52+1 = 12471+52+52+1 = 17671+52+52+52+1 = 228
chart for different sizes when using interlocking crochet

Mosaic crochet

 MosaicTable runnerRepeat between stars twiceRepeat three timesRepeat four times (blanket)
Chart71 x 239123 x 239175 x 239227 x 239
Finished measurements18” x 60”31” x 60”44” x 60”57” x 60”
Main Color yardage680 + 300 for border1175 + 4001675 + 5002170 + 600
Contrasting Color yardage680117516752170
Foundation Single Crochet to start71+2=7371+52+2=12571+52+52+2=17771+52+52+52+2=229
chart for different sizes when using mosaic crochet

Free Crochet-A-Long Schedule

A new section will be released each week; the links below will update as they become available!

April 29, 2021 – Sheet music #1

May 6, 2021 – Trumpet

May 13, 2021 – Bass clef

May 20, 2021 – Boom Box

May 27, 2021 – Piano

June 3, 2021 – Headphones

June 10, 2021 – Treble Clef

June 17, 2021 – Sheet music #2

If you’d rather buy an ad-free version of the entire pattern (including a chart!), you can! Thank you for the support! The full pattern will be uploaded on April 28, 2021 so we can begin the CAL on the 29th together. Full pattern is now uploaded.

I am so excited to see your creations! Don’t forget to share your progress in my Ravelry group, or in my Facebook group, or tag me on Instagram @ashleeslint and use hashtag #MusicCAL21

March Gnome

Gnomes are totally in right now! I was overwhelmed with the responses to my ebook, “A Year of Gnomes”.

You can grab the ebook on Etsy or Ravelry; you also have the option of buying the individual monthly gnomes. March Gnome is the newest addition.

March Gnome: Interlocking and mosaic crochet patterns

March Gnome is another oversized afghan square (20″ or 40-window foundation when using the interlocking crochet technique). I have quite a few squares of this size that you can mix-and-match to create your own blanket!

I have already emailed this pattern to everyone who purchased the ebook on Etsy. And if you bought it on Ravelry you will see an “update available”.

I have always liked the celebrations on March 17 (in school we would celebrate St. Patrick’s day).

  • It is exactly 6 months away from my birthday.
  • Everything is green (and usually emerald green, which is my favorite).
  • Plus, you get to color pictures of magical rainbows and pots of gold.
  • Oh, and McDonald’s comes out with a shamrock shake ☘ which is minty delicious!
  • Sometimes the weather gives you a reprieve from winter with a spring-like sneak peak lol
  • And, as an adult, I also get to celebrate my son’s birthday!

This will be his 4th birthday so I am going to put all my patterns on sale in honor of him! Get 40% off anything in my Etsy shop or Ravelry store until March 4th!

Happy birthday, Remington! 🥰

By the way, our Master List of Gnomes is here: