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Chained Ponds Blanket and Pillow Set

A few weeks ago I published a blanket pattern called “Chained Ponds“. I also created a challenge: finish the blanket in 6 weeks and receive the pillow pattern for free! Three members of my Facebook group were able to complete the blanket in time and win their bonus pattern! Congratulations! I planned on the pillow

Finished my Abstract Princess Blanket

Please congratulate me on this momentous occasion! 🤣 After 9 months and 2 moves, I have finally finished my Abstract Princess blanket! I worked on MANY different projects in that timeframe as well, but this one has lingered in the “WIP” (work in progress) pile for too long. I often hear that people like to

Lucky Stars: Crochet Pattern Bundle

I hope these stars will be lucky for you! I drew this pattern last year and had it almost ready for publishing at the beginning of January. Then I ran into some snags regarding the brackets. So, I found some testers and we ironed out the issues together. And it is finally ready for everyone!

Into the Ocean (Waves) Throw Blanket Crochet Pattern

New pattern release: “Into the Ocean” is now available on Ravelry and Etsy

SWAK Blanket Pattern

I am not a fan of made up holidays… or deadlines. I fully intended on publishing this bundle of patterns by January 14 so that you would have a month before February 14 to get it done. It is already January 19, so I am behind schedule. Sorry, my bad.

The silly thing is that these patterns have been in my drafts list for a few months already! I just let too many other fun and exciting things get in the way of finishing the written instructions.

Plus, I don’t always have a crocheted picture to go with my patterns, and if I hadn’t insisted on crocheting this first then it definitely would have been published “on time”.

My little SWAK (Sealed With A Kiss) Blanket is only two panels by two panels. Each panel is a “40-window” square which works out to about 20″ when done with Worsted Weight yarn. You might want yours to be bigger if you use a lighter yarn or plan on doing some snuggling under it. Just make more panels!

P.S. thank you to my friend Kimberly Windsor-Johnson for helping me name it!

You can get the blanket instructions, including the patterns for the three different squares used, here on Ravelry or here on Etsy.

Live Love Laugh Paws: LFM and Mosaic Crochet, for Lefties too!

Pet-friendly pattern, written for lefties too!

Gnomesflake: First Pattern of 2021

Gnomesflake is my first pattern of 2021! Available on Etsy and Ravelry. It is written up for interlocking and mosaic crochet.

Lightning Squiggle

Want to change your Preemie Love Blanket into a lapghan? Here’s how!

Buzz Lightyear Sweater, part 1

My toddler is in LOVE with Buzz Lightyear. You may have already seen the blanket I made him? I started it one month before having my 3rd child, so it took me nearly a year to finish! But of course, during that year I didn’t get to work on it that often. There was at

Rocking Horse

I try to be mindful of not posting too often. I definitely don’t want to overwhelm your inboxes! I have the Dr Who patterns set to auto-post and I should have paid attention and quickly rescheduled so that I could post about this rocking horse instead. A new pattern deserves a new post! This one

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