Baby Fish: Final Pattern in the Baby Ocean and Others eBook

This is the final pattern in my eBook: Baby Ocean & Others. The list of patterns in this eBook is: Baby Ocean, Baby Dolphin, Baby Crab, Baby Sea Turtle, Baby Whale, and Baby Fish. These links all go to Ravelry but you can also get these patterns on Etsy.

I wanted at least 4 patterns in this series so you could create a 60″ x 60″ blanket by joining them together. Six patterns gives you options to pick your favorites or create a long blanket (like for a twin size bed at 60″ by 90″). Or, of course, just use them as a standalone baby blanket.

I have already drawn up some other patterns of this size and with an ocean theme but they don’t fit into the “baby animal” theme. I will create another eBook later for those patterns! And I had hoped to complete this eBook by the end of July – and since it’s now August you can see that I missed that self-imposed deadline!

So this is the final pattern; and it is a beautiful piece (if I do say so myself). I based it off a gorgeous painting my six-year-old daughter, Alice, did a few weeks ago. I believe it was from a lesson on watercolors from Nana B. Yes, we have a family of artists!

A few months ago Alice drew Feline the Deer on her chalkboard and told me I could use it for a pattern. This time I created the pattern as a surprise. Her painting has some wonderful color-blocking but that doesn’t translate well into my patterns so I added some line designs to separate the areas. There are designers that do fancy color work – but I have been so busy creating new patterns that I just haven’t gotten that far in my journey yet. Maybe someday. And, if you’d like, you can definitely add some color changes to your project and show off your skills and creativity!

But, I wanted to crochet it as it is written. Two colors. One Main Color and one Accent Color / Contrasting Color. I used Scheepjes Color Crafter (Polare) as my Main Color and Red Heart Super Saver Stripes (Retro Stripes) as the Contrasting Color. These are technically not the same weight. It was definitely noticeable as I was crocheting. The Scheepjes yarn is a 3 – light worsted and the Super Saver yarn is a 4 – medium worsted. But I wanted to use this pretty rainbow stuff and I wanted to find a good contrasting color here from my stash to go with it. I still used my favorite 4.5 mm hook.

One of these days I may get over my aversion to buying new yarn for a special project. I just love yarn sales! And then I feel like I should use what I have, you know? I did buy some fancy yarn for a giveaway in my Facebook group! We are celebrating reaching 5000 members!

My sample was made using the overlay mosaic technique; I usually prefer to do interlocking but I have been doing that a lot lately and I knew my friend, CynCityCrochets, was going to use the interlocking technique. I don’t really like how long it takes me to crochet using the mosaic method. Plus those darn tails need to be dealt with. I spent at least an hour and a half just seaming the envelope border together!

Sample by CynCityCrochets – interlocking crochet technique. White as MC.

You must know by now that all of my patterns are written for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. For the “Baby Fish” pattern you get one file with written line-by-line instructions for locked filet mesh (that’s what I call interlocking crochet) and a one-page chart and another file with written line-by-line instructions for the overlay mosaic crochet technique and a multi-page chart with X’s showing where to do the drop-down double crochets. I don’t yet have a tutorial on how to use the X-marked charts but if you’re familiar with other designers you might already know what to do. I hope to update this soon with a note saying I have a tutorial now!

I hope you’re enjoying the size of these patterns in my Baby Blankets section on Etsy and Ravelry.

As I said earlier, this completes my eBook on Ravelry called “Baby Ocean & Others“. I have now also added the entire eBook to Etsy. I didn’t add it earlier because Etsy doesn’t update customers like Ravelry does so it creates more work for me – I did list the Year of Gnomes eBook on Etsy without having it finished first because a year is much too long to wait!

If you don’t want the whole eBook (and the automatic savings you get with that) then you can just grab the individual blanket pattern. Get “Baby Fish” on Etsy or Ravelry. Use code, “BABY21” on Ravelry (which has been extended!) or “BABY21MORE” on Etsy (Etsy wouldn’t let me extend) to get 20% off* all my baby blanket patterns!

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Blooming Owl Wall Hanging

My musical husband has a guitar strap on his classical wooden guitar with these floral motifs. Everytime I see it I think of an owl.

Obviously I couldn’t just draw it as it is, but I think I captured the idea of a flowery owl in my newest wall hanging: Blooming Owl.

My husband loves it!

I used fingering weight yarn. This is also called 4-ply or 8/4 depending on where you live. Craft Council lists it as a weight 1 – super fine and states it can also be called sock yarn.

The black yarn is “110 Jet Black” Scheepjes Catona. It is 100% mercerized cotton. The small balls are only 50 grams and have 125 metres of yarn. Scheepjes suggests a 2.5 – 3.5 mm needle (I believe that specifically refers to knitting needles). I used a 2.5 mm crochet hook.

I used a full 2 balls. There was barely anything left over (see photo below). So, make sure you match my gauge or grab an extra skein. If you’re going to grab an extra one you might as well grab two! 😉

The gold yarn is actually called “Copper” (oops, it is called “Ginger”). It is from SweetGeorgia Yarns’ Tough Love Sock Yarn line. We looked online at and I gave Mitch a few options. He said this color was “it” and he didn’t care that it was also the most expensive.

It comes in a twisted hank of 115 grams which gives you 425 yards of soft, silky wool. I only used half the skein.

It cost me $3.65 CAD per ball of Catona, so $7.30 total (but I did buy a 3rd ball just in case). The Tough Love Sock yarn was $33.95 but I only used half, so it cost me about $17 for this project. It felt really expensive to buy the fancy color Mitch wanted but it was so worth it because this is just beautiful to look at.

It was my first time using my fancy yarn swift! It is fun having toys! This is one of the more expensive things I own (related to yarn crafts). I don’t usually buy yarn that comes twisted because it just gets all tangled up. This was easy to set up and I turned the hank into a cake in a few short minutes!

The “Tough Love Sock Yarn” is 80% merino wool with 20% polyamide. Because it is a hand-dyed yarn it gives my finished piece a sort of mottled look where the dying process created slightly different shades in the yarn.

Like all of my patterns, this pattern is written for my two favorite techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. You can choose to use your favorite method or you can try something new!

I used the mosaic method because I wanted the fringe on the bottom and I wanted to use the strings at the top to attach the wooden dowel. I created a short YouTube tutorial with some tricks for attaching the dowel.

YouTube tutorial: Adding a Dowel

If you use interlocking crochet for your project you can add fringe to the bottom and whipstitch the dowel to the top. Instructions are included in the PDF pattern.

Both techniques work the design starting at the top-right corner going down to the bottom-right corner. I designed it to sideways because of the mosaic fringe.

The PDF includes written line-by-line instructions for both techniques and two charts; one is marked with x’s for overlay mosaic crochet. I haven’t created a YouTube video on how to use the x-marked charts yet. I have only just started updating my patterns to include a marked chart.

The other chart can be used for both techniques and I have tutorials on YouTube for that!

Grab your copy of my “Blooming Owl Wall Hanging” on Etsy or Ravelry and get 15% off your entire cart*!

*no code needed, offer ends 11:59 pm, CST, July 13, 2021.

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Magazine Dream Come True: Eiffel Tower in Crochet Now

Did you see my post on instagram? I am going to be in a magazine! Hello, dreams-come-true! 🤩😍

Photos courtesy of Practical Publishing

I designed this Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging for their Paris theme – this is what they wrote on their blog: “Welcome that Parisian feeling into your décor with what is possibly the most amazing crochet wall-hanging I’ve ever seen! The Eiffel Tower hanging on the back of my door would certainly make me smile every day!

Crochet Now 68 is on sale from 22nd April in shops across the UK. To find your nearest stockist, visit – or order online from

You can also purchase a digital edition of the magazine via the PocketMags app.

Me, here in Canada, I am hoping Michael’s will have the magazine 🤷‍♀️

I did also find this link that looks promising:

This magazine is based in the UK which means they require patterns to be written using UK terms. In a few months, when the rights revert back to me, I will publish this pattern to Ravelry and Etsy in the form that is familiar to me: interlocking crochet and mosaic crochet; in US terminology.

The magazine version has a link to a chart with x’s! Some of you may be really excited for that, I will also be offering the non-x’ed-chart for my interlocking crocheters.

I used Scheepjes Organicon in my magazine sample. The colors are for spring time 🤩 and the softness of the yarn makes me think people will start hugging their wall! I used a 3 mm hook but you may need to adjust that based on your tension.

What do you think about the simple wooden dowel at the top for hanging? I haven’t made many wall hangings before but I think the simplicity of it is really nice.

I am going to crochet it again, using the interlocking crochet technique and bulky weight yarn! I just need to pick colors… 🤔 it should end up being a good size for a single-person blanket.

Anyway, this has been a pretty exciting month for me with my one-year Designaversary, the big giveaway and sale, and then this big magazine announcement! I was also really hoping to announce my next CAL (Crochet-A-Long) but I am still ironing out some details.

Here is a teaser:

MusicCAL: coming soon!

On a personal note, I also *finally* got my 10 year anniversary ring 💍 🤩 This summer will be our 12th anniversary! When we had our 10th we were still renovating the house (that is now sold) and I had literally just had my 3rd baby (making it 3 kids under 5 years old) so a pretty ring wasn’t really a priority.

The MusicCAL is dedicated to my husband. I am so thankful for him. Words are kind of insufficient. He is an amazing man, a loving husband, the best dad, and a super cool musician. 😎

Impromptu family photo