My Son’s Birthday Sale

Birthdays are a big deal in this household. We always have balloons hanging from doorways when the kids wake up and we have a special Birthday banner we have been using for a few years. Plus, we do the typical gifts and cake.

I like to make my own cake for the kids. Depending on their mood sometimes they help me. I try to have fun with it and make memories, not perfection.

This year we did a pretty simple cake for my son’s 5th birthday. It was supposed to be rainbow icing but my rainbow colors got too mashed together and turned peachy. His favorite color is orange anyway so he likes it.

I also made him this amazing little dragon amigurumi! I’m proud of it – it even has wire in the wings. I used a free pattern on Ravelry:

Remi’s new dragon flying in the mountains 😅🤣

Birthday Sale

I wanted to do something fun and original that would give my customers a good deal (so you can share the happy feelings we have in this household with all the birthday fun) but also represent my little 5 year old boy.

So I’ve decided to pick 5 patterns that will each be 50% off until 11:59 pm CST, March 13, 2022). No code needed.

Birthday Cupcake.

The relevance is pretty obvious: happy birthday! 😊

This great green sample was crocheted by Angie!

Preemie Love Blanket.

Originally designed with my eldest daughter in mind, this blanket was one of Remi’s favorites and he was really sad when I gave “his” blanket away. Of course, I didn’t realize he loved it and had claimed it until it was gone in the mail.

Dinosaur Stomp.

I drew this for Remi but it is still waiting on my to do list. Cue the mom guilt. I’m just going to do a little yarn shopping now… brb 🤣

(Brb means “be right back” but I’m just pretending, I still have more pattern sales to share with you before I go get lost in the online yarn stores!)

Baby Sea Turtle.

I drew this little blanket for Remi as well, and I even crocheted it for him!

He was obsessed with turtles for awhile and every now and then it will pop back up as his favorite thing but this blanket never reached peak snuggle status. It might be because I used a strange yarn (the texture is fluffy but sparkly and scratchy).

Excavator 40 and Firetruck 40.

I just couldn’t decide which of these squares represented Remi more so I decided they could both be on the list.

I was definitely thinking of him as I crocheted the Firetruck (it now sits in a bag full of squares, waiting to be used as something more important) but I am not sure what Miloslava did with her Excavator sample.

They have both been added to Etsy just now (previously were only available on Ravelry).

There you have it! I hope you’ll enjoy celebrating my little boy’s birthday with me!

Remember, these 5 patterns (ok, there are 6 patterns actually) will each be 50% off until 11:59 pm CST, March 13, 2022). No code needed.

Applicable on “Birthday Cupcake”, “Preemie Love Blanket”, “Dinosaur Stomp”, “Baby Sea Turtle”, “Excavator 40”, & “Firetruck 40”.

Bubbles the Sea Turtle

Splish, splash! What you see here is a prairie girl dreaming of ocean animals in the middle of a long, white winter.

My eldest daughter, Alice, took this picture of me and my youngest daughter, Melody. 💕

Advice from a sea turtle, “be well traveled, think long term, age gracefully, and spend time at the beach!”

Judy crocheted this beautiful purple version of “Bubbles the Sea Turtle” using the overlay mosaic crochet technique
Rainbow colors 🤩 crocheted by Geraldine Hobbs using the interlocking crochet technique

My little boy LOVES ocean creatures and I did create a smaller sea turtle pattern for him a few months ago (see Baby Sea Turtle) but he just wasn’t wowed enough.

And I did interrupt my blanket process to come up with some sea turtle amigurumi which was a success in the kid’s eyes! You can make a scary looking fluffy turtle too! I wrote out my process/pattern here.

The kids love them

So here’s another attempt at wowing my little ones. And when I teasingly asked the kids who was going to sleep with it they all shrugged and said “aren’t you going to sell it?” Hmm… Object permanence may be a problem with all the moving around lately.

I changed my accent color for each third of the blanket (rows are marked in the written pattern). I did not manage to keep my tension very well and you can see I have varying amounts leftover. I suggest buying extra yarn if possible.

You don’t have to create a blue gradient, my color suggestions are not rules!

Theoretically, I should have had the same amount of yarn leftover for the 3 lighter colors and I should have ran out of the darker before finishing the border.

You can see my entire progression of photos on my Ravelry project page.

I used “Red Heart With Love” yarn for my blanket; each skein has 370 yards of 4-medium weight yarn.

Main Color: Peacock x 6 skeins

Accent Color / Contrasting Color (or you can just use one color that contrasts well with your main color): Bottom – Santorini x 2 skein; Middle – Wintergreen x 2 skeins; Top – Minty x 2 skeins

After attempting some outdoor snow photos I decided indoors was better 😅

This is the interlocking crochet version, but of course this pattern comes with overlay mosaic crochet instructions as well. And both techniques have appropriate charts (the mosaic chart has X’s).

If you use the mosaic technique you’ll probably want to cover the sides with an envelope border (to hide the fringe that gets created from cutting at the end of each row). I always include my photo tutorial of a double crochet envelope border in each pattern but you can use the same concept for a single crochet envelope as well.

Also, the back of overlay mosaic projects is striped with a faint illusion from the front. The back of an interlocking/ locked filet mesh project is an almost- inverse of the front. Each stitch is opposite so it is not exactly like the front (horizontal lines become vertical, for example).

The wrong side, Interlocking Crochet technique. A few pieces of snow stuck to it and my daughter was nervous about me getting too much snow on my new blanket lol 😍

Important Pattern Details

Interlocking Crochet

  • Chart is 217 x 285
  • Finished measurements approximately 54” x 71” / 138cm x 181cm
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (4400 – 4500 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) – 2200 yards plus 100 for optional border
    • Accent color (AC) – 2200 yards total
  • Gauge: 16 DC x 8 rows = 4

Overlay Mosaic Crochet

  • Chart is 217 x 285
  • Finished measurements approximately 58” x 82” / 147cm x 207cm
  • 5 mm hook (H-8)
  • Worsted weight yarn (4530 – 5200 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) – 2250 yards of Dark Blue
    • Contrasting color (CC) – 2280 yards of Light Green
    • Plus, optional envelope border – 670 yards
  • Gauge: 14 sc x 15 rows = 4”

Get the Pattern

For the first 3 days you will get an automatic 30% discount – no code needed! Just add to cart to see the magic! Offer ends 11:59 pm CST February 13, 2022.

“Bubbles” blowing in the wind, and then I almost fell in the snow.

Free Crochet Amigurumi Pattern: Floppy Stuffed Turtle Toy

I have been diligently working on this sea turtle blanket of mine for weeks. And I am so tired of it. I usually prefer to have 3 or 4 projects on the go at once. But I was trying to get this blanket done as quickly as possible so I have focused on only one project for the past few weeks and I just can’t do it any longer!

I am cheating on my project and starting something new. But I am keeping the theme so that I can pretend this is still related to my work.

I wanted something soft and fluffy so I grabbed these leftover skeins from my stash. There is a full skein of pink and white but only a teeny tiny bit of green. I remember getting these on clearance from Michael’s but I don’t remember for sure how much I paid. I used them for some baby blankets a few months ago.

This yarn is classed as a 4-medium weight and it is super fluffy and soft. It has a strip of sparkle in it that can sort of irritate the hands while crocheting but isn’t noticeable in the finished piece.

The skein label suggests using a 5.5 mm crochet hook but you usually need to use a smaller hook when you do amigurumi because you will want the stitches to be quite tight. We aren’t looking for drape in a toy like we would want in a blanket or a sweater.

I plan on making three turtles (I have 3 kids, if you didn’t already know, and I try to make things fair when possible). I managed to get three circles out of the green I had so that will be the top of each shell.

I have two girls and one son and they like it when their things are the same but different, you know what I mean? So I am going to use white for the “boy” turtle flippers and pink for the “girl” turtles.

I think all their tummies can just be white and their heads should match their tummy piece.

So, for one turtle I will need a green shell, a white tummy, 4 flippers and a head. That means 6 circles and a ball.

Remember, even though isn’t a nice PDF pattern it is still my work and you can’t copy it and sell it as your own. Thank you for supporting your designers!

Materials Needed

  • 4.5 mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Finishing needle
  • Small amount of fluffy yarn
    • I used Premier Pixie Dust yarn, less than a handful of green and about a fist size of white
  • Small amount of Stuffing material (I used yarn scraps)


I use american crochet terminology and I believe these are all quite common abbreviations.

Ch = chain = yarn over and pull a loop through

DC = double crochet = yarn over, insert hook, yarn over and pull a loop through, yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook, yarn over and pull through remaining 2 loops on hook

Inc = increase = do two stitches in the same spot

Magic circle = a magic trick that allows you to tighten the hole around your first stitches but I can never figure it out 🤣

SC = single crochet = insert hook, yarn over and pull a loop through, yarn over and pull through both loops on hook

SC dec = decrease = sc2tog = insert hook in next stitch, yarn over and pull up a loop, insert hook in next stitch, yarn over and pull up another loop, yarn over and pull through all loops on hook

Sl st = slip stitch = insert hook and pull a loop through

Whip stitch = use a large finishing needle to sew the pieces together

Cupped Circles for Shell

I am using a 4.5 mm hook with this fluffy worsted weight yarn. The fluff makes it look full but there is actually still some gapping between the stitches so that makes it hard to use for amigurumi. Do NOT overstuff a piece like this.

The shell is supposed to pucker to make space for stuffing.

Step 1: you can do a magic circle or just chain three and work in the first chain. Create 8 double crochets in the first chain/magic circle. Join with a slip stitch. (8)

Step 2: chain 2 (counts as dc), double crochet in same stitch (increase has been made). Put 2 double crochets in each stitch around (increase in each stitch). Join with slip stitch. (16)

Step 3: chain 2, double crochet in same stitch (increase has been made). Repeat *dc, inc* all the way around. Or, another way to say that is put one double crochet in the next stitch, then two double crochets in the following stitch. Repeat doing one then two all the way around. Join with a slip stitch. (24)

If you feel it is puckering too much you can add an extra stitch or two – no one will be counting your stitches when we are done.

Step 4: chain 2, double crochet in same stitch (increase has been made). Repeat *dc, dc, inc* around. Join with a slip stitch. (32)

Step 5: cut and tie off.

Flat Circle for Tummy and Flippers

These circles aren’t supposed to pucker like the shell but it is ok of they are only “flatish”, they don’t need to be perfect.

You need one tummy and 4 flippers per turtle (I am doing 3 white tummies and then the flippers for one turtle will be white but for the other 2 turtles they will pink).

Tummy and flippers

Step 1: you can do a magic circle or just chain three and work in the first chain. Create 12 double crochets in the first chain/magic circle. Join with a slip stitch. (12)

Step 2: chain 2 (counts as dc), double crochet in same stitch (increase has been made). Put 2 double crochets in each stitch around (increase in each stitch). Join with slip stitch. (24)

Step 3: chain 2 (counts as dc), double crochet in same spot. Repeat *dc, inc* around. Join with slip stitch. (36)

Step 4: for the flippers: fold the circle in half and slip stitch it closed before cutting your yarn.

Flipper circle folded in half before seaming together

Step 4: for the tummy: cut and tie off.

Tummy circle

Ball for Head

I am using the same color for the head as I used for the flippers.

Step 1: you can do a magic circle or just chain two and work in the first chain. Create 6 single crochets in the first chain/magic circle. Join with a slip stitch. (6)

You may want to use a stitch marker to help you find the beginning of each round.

Step 2: chain 1 (doesn’t count as sc). Put 2 single crochets in each stitch around (increase in each stitch). Join with slip stitch. (12)

Step 3: chain 1 (doesn’t count as sc). Repeat *sc, inc* around. Join with slip stitch. (18)

Step 4: chain 1 (doesn’t count as sc). Repeat *sc, sc, inc* around. Join with slip stitch. (24)

Step 5: chain 1 (doesn’t count as sc). Put 1 sc in each stitch around. Join with slip stitch. (24)

Step 6: chain 1, sc decrease in each stitch around (see key). Join with slip stitch. (12)

Step 7: stuff it! Make sure the right side is facing out first. Use stuffing or, alternatively, you can crochet 25 chains, then dc back and stuff that in there. Slip stitch it to the same stitch you were at and then continue to step 8.

Step 8: chain 1, sc decrease in each stitch around (see key). Join with slip stitch. (6)

Step 9: chain 1, sc in each stitch around. Join with slip stitch. (6)

Step 10: cut and tie off. Optionally: add some embroidery eyes. I just made slitted sleepy eyes because they are the easiest.


Now that we have all the pieces we need to join them together. First attach the head to the white tummy circle (flatten the neck and whip stitch the 6 stitches of the neck to the edge of the tummy circle).

Sew the flippers to the tummy circle. I like having the sewn edges facing up towards the head. Overlap the points of the half circle into the tummy area like the photos below show.

At this point I realized a tail would be easy and make it look cuter so I chained 5, then sc 4 stitches back and used the tails to sew it to the white tummy circle before adding the green top shell.

Then sew your green shell on top of that mess. Make sure to stuff it before sewing it completely. I am using some scrap yarn for stuffing this part. Remember, those dc stitches make large gaps and aren’t ideal for small stuffing.

In general, do not use double crochet (US terminology) for amigurumi. If you see a pattern asking for double crochet make sure they aren’t actually using UK terminology- their double crochets are the same as our single crochets.

I used dc for this one because there isn’t a lot of stuffing to do. The holes are too big to properly stuff this guy.

Ok, I should get back to my blanket now. So many of you are waiting patiently for that pattern (and no one was asking for this stuffed toy 🤣).

Flash Sale on Top 10 Patterns

I sometimes lose sight of the big picture. It helps me to look back on the last 6 months and see how I’ve grown! So this post is for me. But it is also for you: I’m going to put my bestsellers on sale for 24 hours only!

I like to see how my art style has changed and developed since I started drawing patterns. I know you guys are buying crochet patterns, but I am really creating art. The crochet part is secondary.

Creating art has been scary at times. Showing something I have drawn opens up the risk that people will hate it. That hasn’t really happened, but I get scared every time I publish a new pattern. There is a quote that I read somewhere… but of course I can’t find the actual quote now and I don’t know who to credit with saying it. But my horrible memory summarizes it like this:

Artists don’t like their own art because it looks like they drew it. This is in fact the best quality of their work!

unknown, paraphrased

I definitely have felt this. My art looks like something I drew – which is technically a good thing – but it makes me highly critical of it.

And sometimes what I imagine in my head doesn’t get conveyed to the final piece. That can sometimes be good and other times not-so-good. Sometimes it surprises me when certain patterns sell better than others. Do you have a favorite? I think my Monstera Leaf blanket was my favorite make in the last few months.

Some of these patterns are older than others, obviously, but these were my top 10 sellers on Ravelry in the last 6 months:

  • MusicCAL – This one surprises me, because it was available free online! Thank you for making this my number 1 seller since March 2021!
  • Brotzell Tiger King – I am not so surprised at this one. It took me a long time to draw this one and I am pleased that you all found my effort worth it.
  • Summer Direction CAL – This one has a free version as well! I think you guys like working on the same project together.
  • A Year of Gnomes eBook – Every month a new gnome reminds everyone about this eBook, so I am not surprised to see it on this list!
  • Baby Ocean and Others eBook – This eBook has 6 patterns and it is a great value so having this on the top 10 list makes sense to me! Plus I think these designs are kind of awesome.
  • Blooming Owl Wall Hanging – This is my husband’s favorite, and it is a close 2nd for me.
  • Monstera Leaf – Like I said above, this was my favorite crochet project this year. I made it with my best friend in mind but I almost kept it instead!
  • Into the Ocean – This one is definitely on my top 5 all-time-favorites list!
  • 2020 Mother’s Day CAL eBook – Seeing this one on the list does surprise me – it is over a year old!
  • Chained Ponds – This one was my 200th pattern on Ravelry. And I believe it is on the top 10 list because of the challenge I gave you all to complete it within 6 weeks and receive a pillow square for free!

Were you surprised like me? Did your favorite pattern make it on the list?

Just for fun, I’m putting all 10 of these on sale for 24 HOURS ONLY! Use code “21TOPTEN” on Ravelry to get 20% off any of my top ten patterns! (Offer expires at 3:30 pm CST, November 13, 2021. Not valid on Etsy)

Thank you to my many testers: Altona Newcombe, CarolinevdB, Christine Schneider, CynCityCrochets, Dana Bouch, Eileen, and Erie Krol/Zus.