April 17-23, 2022: Wall Hangings Bundle

I hope everyone has been enjoying my Designaversary Celebration (don’t forget to enter the Grand Prize giveaway on YouTube)! April has gone by so quickly already!

Last week’s contest winner has been notified on my Facebook Page. This week’s contest (expired) will be drawn from my email list subscribers! If you’d like to get in on that, sign up below:

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Last week’s bundles were HUGE! One bundle had 94 patterns, the other bundle had 73. They were all squares (designed to be joined together as blankets), but if you saw my last post you’ll know there’s so much more you can do with a square!

This week I am featuring my wall hanging patterns!

These patterns were designed to decorate your wall (but I also love that you can really put any of my designs on your wall). They all come with written instructions and charts for BOTH the interlocking crochet method and the overlay mosaic crochet method (like ALL of my patterns).

My selection of wall hanging patterns. Fa La La crocheted by Altona Newcombe, Parisian set crocheted by An Anonymous Squirrel, Blooming Owl crocheted by me

What makes these patterns different? Mostly, the yarn suggestion.

Using a 1 – fine / fingering weight yarn keeps these projects smaller and lighter than my normal 4 – medium / worsted weight recommendation. You’ll use a smaller hook as well.

Of course, you can use fingering weight yarn on any project but these patterns specifically include instructions for attaching them to a wooden dowel for you to hang on the wall.

There are many ways to join your project to a dowel. Blooming Owl Wall Hanging was designed so you could tie the mosaic fringe on the top of the piece to the dowel and then hide it behind.

Fringe gets tied together and then hidden at the back of the wall hanging. The piece is sideways in the photo.

For my other patterns, or if you use the interlocking crochet technique where there is no fringe, I suggest a simple whip stitch.

I also really like the way it looks when you create tabs to go over the dowel. I added 3 sections of single crochet tabs to my single-width sample of Glacial Warmth (a blanket pattern, not a wall hanging pattern).

I also have these two Mountain squares on my wall (these are also not wall hanging patterns but, as you can see, anything can get hung on the wall!).

Mosaic sample at the top uses the lighter blue for the main color (MC) whereas the interlocking sample below uses the darker blue as the MC.

Details on the Bundle

I have 5 patterns designed as wall hangings and for this week only you can get them ALL in one bundle!

The bundle deal gets you 60% off! *Cue the jaw-drop!* But it’s only available on Ravelry and the offer ends 11:59pm CST April 23, 2022.

If you don’t want ALL of them, you can also buy them individually and you’ll get 30% off. The 30% off offer is valid on Etsy and Ravelry until 11:59pm CST April 23, 2022; no code needed, no eBooks included.

They are each available separately (the Ravelry and Etsy links are listed above), and the three Parisian designs are also available as a set (eBook on Ravelry or eBook on Etsy). The Parisian eBook represents a 23% savings versus buying each pattern individually; normally that’s a good deal, but this week (if you’re not going to grab the Wall Hangings Bundle at 60% off) you’re better off grabbing each pattern individually so you can get the 30% off!

Why even bother with such a small bundle?

Well, this Designaversary Celebration month is intended to take you on a journey of discovering more about me! And the first wall hanging I ever made also happened to be the one I got published in a magazine!

Photo courtesy of Practical Publishing

Unfortunately, my crocheted Eiffel Tower got lost in the mail back to me in Canada from Crochet Now! magazine in the UK.

But, besides that, I am proud of these designs and wall hangings seem to be one of the preferred ways crocheters can show off their talent so it’s time for you to show off your talent!

Next week it will be all about blankets!

Winter 2021 Crochet-A-Long (CAL)

Here in Saskatchewan, Canada we have had some abnormally kind weather lately. We were really thankful for the mild weather while we moved (our new place is 110 kms from our old place). At the end of November last year we had a ton of snow. I’ve linked a local news article below for fun.

We are nowhere near done unpacking but we have slept in our new house for a few nights now and I’m missing my crochet addiction. I know a lot of you will be working on Christmas gifts so because of that and because of my move I’ve planned for my next Crochet-A-Long (CAL) to begin on the first day of winter; that is December 21, 2021. Some of you might be frantically finishing gifts, and that’s okay, you can still join us as soon as you’re ready!

Our mild winter hasn’t given us much snow yet. This is our backyard, there’s another empty lot to the left that is ours and the trees between us and the neighbour mark our property line there.

My very creative title (sarcasm) for this CAL is “Winter 2021”. You might see me refer to it as “2021 Winter” at times because that’s how I have it saved on my computer; I’m trying to stay organized now that I have more than a year’s worth of pattern designs!

Similar to my previous CALs, you can purchase this pattern (the full written pattern, with charts, for both techniques) on Ravelry or Etsy or you can follow along on my blog for free! Sign up to my mailing list to be notified of the pattern release and each free section.

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Here’s the schedule:

From now until December 20, 2021: PRE-RELEASE SALE on Ravelry only (Etsy doesn’t work as a pre-release platform); take 50% off the purchase of this pattern by using code “MILD50“.

December 21, 2021: FULL pattern and charts go live on Ravelry and Etsy,take 20% off by using code “MILD20“; valid on Ravelry and Etsy, offer ends January 31, 2022.

December 21, 2021: Section 1 gets posted online, FREE permanently!

December 28, 2021: Section 2 gets posted online, FREE permanently!

January 4, 2022: Section 3 gets posted online, FREE permanently!

January 11, 2022: Section 4 gets posted online, FREE permanently!

January 18, 2022: Section 5 gets posted online, FREE permanently!

January 25, 2022: Section 6 gets posted online, FREE permanently!

The main landing page for this CAL will be AshleesLint.com/winter2021cal

It’s time to pick out some yarn!

Get the Pattern


Take 50% off this pattern until December 20, 2021 by using code “MILD50“, valid on Ravelry only.

After the CAL has begun you can still get 20% off by using code “MILD20“; valid on Ravelry and Etsy, offer ends January 31, 2022.

Interlocking Crochet Specifications

  • Finished measurements approximately 53” x 56”
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (3350 – 3425 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) – 1675 yards plus 75 for optional border
    • Accent color (AC) – 1675 yards
  • Gauge: 16 DC x 8 rows = 4”

Overlay Mosaic Crochet Specifications

  • Finished measurements approximately 53” x 56”
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (3200 – 3800 yards)
    • Main color – 1475 yards
    • Contrasting color – 1725 yards
    • Plus, optional envelope border – 600 yards
  • Gauge: 16 stitches x 16 rows = 4”
  • Chart has X’s marking dropped double crochets

Glacial Warmth Sale Extended

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown this pattern some love on Ravelry! We made it to their top 20 list yesterday!

I have extended the sale on this new pattern to celebrate! Take 30% off “Glacial Warmth” until 11:59 pm CST November 24, 2021. No code needed, valid on Etsy and Ravelry.

If you’d like to read more about the details of this pattern, besides that it has the option of being made using overlay mosaic crochet or interlocking crochet and both options come with charts (the mosaic charts have X’s) and line-by-line instructions (including color information for each row) just read my previous blog entry.

Get the Pattern

I use a different gauge and hook size for each technique because of how crowded the stitches get. Yardage requirements are different as well.

Overlay Mosaic Crochet

  • Mosaic Blanket: 55” x 62” / 140cm x 158cm
  • Mosaic Gauge: 16 stitches x 14 rows = 4”
  • 5 mm hook (H)
  • Loops & Threads, Impeccable Solids: 285 yards/261 m; 127.5 g/4.48 oz per skein or substitute any worsted weight yarn
    • Gold – 320 yards / 141 g / 2 skeins needed
    • Purple – 1030 yards / 460 g / 4 skeins needed
    • Teal – 1090 yards / 484 g / 4 skeins needed
    • White – 1055 yards / 471 g / 4 skeins needed

Numbers above are for a full blanket (6 repeats wide) and INCLUDE the optional envelope border on two ends (515 yards): Purple – 460 yards, Teal – 55 yards

Interlocking (LFM) Crochet

  • Finished LFM blanket: 53″ x 60″ / 135cm x 152cm
  • LFM Gauge: 16 DC x 8 rows = 4”
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Loops & Threads, Impeccable Solids: 285 yards/261 m; 127.5 g/4.48 oz per skein or substitute any worsted weight yarn
    • Gold – 150 yards / 66 g / 1 skein needed
    • Purple – 1140 yards / 507 g / 4 skeins needed
    • Teal – 1482 yards / 663 g / 6 skeins needed
    • White – 1080 yards / 483 g / 4 skeins needed

Yardage listed is for the full blanket (6 repeats wide).

Crochet Pattern Bundle: Fall Ribbons Scarf and Pumpkin Trio Blanket

I don’t sit outside much lately because there are maple bugs EVERYWHERE! 😬😵 I am not a bug person 😅 I do like Autumn though; the leaves are falling, the ground is crunchy when you step on the piles of dried leaves, and the weather can’t make up its mind whether it wants to feel like summer or fall (a classic fall move).

I originally wanted to create a table runner for this fresh new season but the yarn I had on hand was too thick. So I have created an oversized scarf instead.

I have crocheted this sample using the overlay mosaic crochet technique but the pattern (as usual) is written up for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

Click here or scroll down for more Fall Ribbons Scarf information.

I also drew up these cute fall pumpkins at the same time. Click here or scroll down for more Pumpkin Trio Throw information.

This Pumpkin Trio Throw blanket pattern and Fall Ribbons Scarf both come with right- and left-handed instructions because they both include the written word “Fall”.

See more patterns that include left-handed instructions here: https://www.ravelry.com/bundles/left-handed-instructions-included

I’ve published these two fall patterns individually on Ravelry and Etsy.

On Etsy, get an automatic 30% off these two new patterns until October 8, 2021.

On Ravelry, if you purchase both the scarf and the throw you will get an automatic 50% bundle discount until October 8, 2021.

These two patterns are bundled because they are both new Fall-themed seasonal patterns, but there is something more; there’s something different about these two patterns compared to my previous patterns. You might have noticed when you look at my scarf in the photo above it doesn’t have the tell-tale dots that we have come to know as a feature of interlocking crochet.

Patterns Adjusted

Normally, I use the same chart for the two techniques (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet). The nature of interlocking crochet is that it creates a dotted grid over the image which means when you use the mosaic technique you never have more than one dropped double crochet in a row. I have adjusted the mosaic chart for these two fall patterns and removed the unnecessary dots.

The long sections of one color will create ridges on the backside. If you don’t like them, you can use a lock-down technique, but that is an optional step that I haven’t done in my sample.

This image shows the normal stitches and the flaps that creates compared to a different pattern where I have locked down each stitch and you can see the back is completely smooth.

I’ve also had to adjust the gauge for the mosaic version of these fall patterns. The stitches were too crowded with so many dropped double crochets in a row so I went up a hook size (I used a 5 mm hook instead of my usual 4.5 mm). Scarves and blankets are quite forgiving if you don’t match my gauge but if you use the information to buy yarn then you’ll want to look at these patterns with fresh eyes and not assume the information is the same as my other patterns.

Fall Ribbons Scarf

When you approach a pattern from a designer you are familiar with it is only natural to skim through the details. You already know what to expect. But I’ve made some changes to this scarf that might trip you up. The paragraphs above describe how I adjusted the mosaic charts.

Normally, the chart starts with the dark color and that is considered your Main Color (MC) for the written pattern. If you look at the charts that come with this scarf pattern you will notice that this is still true for the interlocking method but it is the opposite for the mosaic method; the mosaic chart starts with the light-colored squares and these are the MC in the written. Don’t panic and confuse yourself. Just choose your technique and read the instructions given. Reach out if you need help.

If you would like an orange scarf with the word “Fall” written in black, then you should use orange as your Main Color (MC) when you do the mosaic technique but for the interlocking crochet technique you will need to begin with black as your MC because of the extra rows that lock the layers together.

Another thing that I want you to know: the chart for the scarf pattern is two different sizes depending on which technique you use. The length is the same as all my other scarves which is good for having the option of using these as panels in a blanket (like my Father’s Day CAL). The mosaic chart is 241 x 41 (the same as my other scarves) but the interlocking crochet chart is 241 x 45. I added the border lines to lock the layers together without cutting into the design which means it is just a bit different than the others. See more scarves here: ashleeslint.com/patterns#scarves

When you use the mosaic crochet technique you will also create fringe on each end of the scarf. This is a natural by-product of the overlay mosaic crochet technique. I really like the finished, tidy look of chaining 15 to begin with and
then chaining 15 before cutting it off. It also makes it easy to get them the same length on each end, and it prevents the fringe from getting knotted and tangled or felting in the wash. If you want fringe on your scarf after using the interlocking technique you’ll have to add it after you’ve finished the scarf.

Pumpkin Trio Throw

This is one of my smaller throw blankets, without being so small as to be considered a baby blanket. The chart is 191 x 175 which means if you meet the gauge as I’ve written in the mosaic version your blanket will be 51” x 44”. If you are using the interlocking technique you should get a blanket 49″ x 44″. There’s only a slight difference between the sizes because of the additional double crochets in the mosaic version.

If you read the paragraphs above you’ll know that I have adjusted the mosaic chart on this pattern (and the scarf) so that the interlocking dots are not showing on the mosaic pattern.

This blanket, just like the scarf, has written instructions for right- and left-handed crocheters because of the written word “Fall” in the top right corner. You can see more patterns that have left-handed instructions here: https://www.ravelry.com/bundles/left-handed-instructions-included

If you’re an Etsy-only shopper than you can grab the Pumpkin Trio Throw and Fall Ribbons Scarf as a Bundle together. If you’d rather just purchase one of the patterns then you can do that on Ravelry. If you buy both on Ravelry you will get an automatic bundle discount! No expiry. Check it out!