FATW6 CAL: Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean Theme

Good morning, Monday!

It has been so great seeing all the new projects getting started since Thursday when my Mosaic Coral Strip was released as the first section in the Friends Around the World 6th Anniversary CAL (FATW6)!

Mondays and Thursdays will be the release days of a new section – and today is Monday! Remember, all the pieces in this Crochet-A-Long have been designed by different people. The common theme is mosaic crochet and then 3 blankets were compiled from the submissions!

Each section is FREE. Some designers, like me, have included videos. I believe all the sections include a chart and written instructions, but I guess we will have to wait and see if that’s true.

This blog post of mine is going to be where I keep a list of all the sections as they are released. You can bookmark it if you like! You can also sign up for updates from the host: CAL Crochet A Long Facebook group

Also, please feel free to share your progress on this CAL in my Ashlee Brotzell Designs Facebook group. Normally, I don’t allow work by other designers but since this is a group collaboration I am making an exception – I want to see your progress! 🙂

I will link to the official CAL blog entry and you will have to scroll through their post to find the link to that section’s pattern (some are Ravelry downloads, some are on websites; different designers have different ways of doing things).

Friends Around The World: Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean theme

July 8, 2021: Mosaic Coral Strip by Ashlee Brotzell

Since this is my section I will also link to my blog entry about it and the ravelry download. Plus, my handy-dandy video walk-thru: Coral Strip on YouTube

July 12: Sally Starfish by Lynette Kosar of Lavender Cup Cottage

Look for the link to the ravelry download near the end of the article I linked to above.

July 15: Mosaic Crab by Suzanne Lively Boren

This one also has a link to ravelry near the end of the article.

July 19: Dancing Octopus by Suzanne Lively Boren

Find the ravelry link at the end of the blog article!

July 22: Mosaic Squid by Suzanne Lively Boren of Not So Boren Crochet

Suzanne was busy! This is another section she did!

July 26: The Goldfish 1 by Svetlana Rogatykh

This goldfish section also includes a tiny border design you can use at any point in your design! And the goldfish is pretty awesome! The link the to ravelry download is at the end of the article I have linked to above.

July 29: The Goldfish 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Svetlana’s second pattern in this Crochet-A-Long is swimming the other direction! Her Ravelry link is going at the end of the post linked to above.

August 2: Wave 1 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Another beautiful section from Svetlana!

August 5: Dolphin by Suzanne Boren of Not so Boren Crochet

You must be familiar with this designer by now! The official blog post from CAL has a direct link to her download, no Ravelry this time.

August 8: Wave 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Svetlana contributed so many designs to this CAL that you could actually create a full blanket with just her designs! You can get all of them in one file now.

August 12: My Anchors by Lana Ignjatovic of Loving Stitches Designs

In this CAL so far we have seen some repeated designers, but here’s a new one! This designer isn’t new to designing though; if you participated in the FATW5 CAL you may recognize her name. You can grab this anchor strip right from the official CAL blog linked above.

August 16: Dragorad’s Regatta designed by Lana Ignjatovic of Loving Stitches Designs

Another design from Lana here! It is hosted on the CAL blog so all you need to do is scroll to the end of their blog post and find the link to her pattern!

August 18, 2021: Sunglasses by Ashlee Brotzell

I have the privilege of being the final piece in this ocean-themed blanket! You can view the pattern on my blog or grab the free Ravelry download. And there’s a full walk-thru on YouTube!

After you finish crocheting these cool sunglasses, head back to the host blog and find instructions on finishing!

Quick and Easy Christmas Tree Applique: Free Crochet Pattern


I am happy to offer this quick and easy pattern to you here for free! But, if you’d prefer, you can add this to your Ravelry account in an ad-free, printable PDF file for a small fee! If you don’t use Ravelry, you can also buy it directly from me on here (this requires me to manually email you in response, so please give me a few hours to respond).

Ashlee Brotzell’s Christmas Tree Applique

Thank you for your support! I will send you a nice PDF of this Christmas Tree pattern. You can then print it and make as many little trees as you want.


You can do whatever you want with these cute trees. You can string them up like garland, double them up and glue them onto a stick, or sew them onto a blanket.

In the picture above, the white tree is actually 2 trees that I joined together using a single crochet border. I put 2 single crochets in the stitches at the tips of the branches and did a decrease stitch in the tiny corners under the branches. I left a hole in the bottom because I had planned on putting a wooden dowel inside. The dowel I had on hand wasn’t big enough so I scrapped that idea for the pictures.

These are great for stash busting because each tree only uses about 10 grams of yarn!

If you share your works on Instagram, tag me: @AshleesLint


Important Details

  • US crochet terminology
  • Finished measurements: approximately 7″ tall x 5” wide (18 cm x 12.5 cm)
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (about 20 yards / 10 g per tree)


ch = chain

dc = double crochet (treble crochet in UK terminology): yarn over, insert hook, pull up a loop, yarn over and pull through 2 loops, yarn over and pull through 2 loops

Pattern Notes

Stitch count (#) is at the end of each row. Slip stitches are not included in the stitch counts. The “Ch 3” does count as a stitch. The “Ch 4” in the first row counts as 1 stitch.



R1: Create a magic loop, put 11 dc in it

or Ch 4 and put 10 dc in the 4th chain from the hook (11)

R2: Ch 3, turn, dc in very first space, then dc x4, 5 dc in next stitch, then dc x5 (16)

R3: Ch 3, turn, dc in very first space, then dc x6, 5 dc in next stitch, dc x8 (21)

R4: Ch 3, turn, dc in very first space, dc x9, 5 dc in next stitch, dc x10, add a second dc in last stitch (27)

R5: Ch 1, turn, slip stitch x8, ch 3, dc into same spot as last slip stitch, then dc x5, 5 dc in next stitch, dc x6, then add a second dc in last stitch used (19)

R6: Ch 3, turn, put 2 dc in first space, then dc x8, 5 dc in next stitch, dc x9, add 2 more dc in last stitch (27)

R7: Ch 1, turn, slip stitch x9, ch 3, 2 dc in same spot as last slip stitch, then dc x4, 5 dc in next, dc x5, then add 2 more dc in last stitch used (19)

R8: Ch 3, turn, 2 dc in first space, then dc x8, 5 dc in next stitch, dc x9, and add 2 more dc in last stitch (25)

Cut and tie off. Weave in the ends.

I would love to see what you’re doing with these! Happy holidays!