Learning Interlocking Crochet Skills on The Crochet Crowd’s 2022 Finale Cruise

I was so pleased when Pamela MacManus asked if I would create some interlocking crochet patterns for her to teach with on The Crochet Crowd’s 2022 Crochet Cruise. Have you heard of Mikey’s Crochet Cruises? @thecrochetcrowd #crochetcruise (see one of their promo videos on YouTube) Thank you, Pam, for making me feel famous!

Remember, “interlocking crochet” goes by many names but the technique is the same; I also use the term “Locked Filet Mesh / LFM”

I created four patterns for the cruise (written instructions and charts for interlocking crochet only): Cruise Lighthouse, Cruise Whales, Cruise Finale Whales, and Cruise TCC Waves. Each chart is 101 x 101, which means they begin with 50 foundation windows. They are a good large size on their own or can be joined together to create a blanket.

Pamela MacManus crocheted each pattern and then taught classes on the cruise ship!

Now that the cruise is over, I’ve been asked to make the patterns available online – but of course, my “thing” is that all of my patterns have written instructions and charts for TWO techniques: interlocking crochet AND overlay mosaic crochet. And the mosaic charts DO have X’s, by the way.

So, I’ve adjusted a few things.

“Cruise Whales” is designed to be 3 whales tall and the same width as the other squares. “Cruise Whales Single” allows you to decide how many repeats to make! Both options come with written line-by-line instructions and charts for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

I’ve created mosaic versions of Cruise Lighthouse and Cruise Whales (where I’ve removed the unnecessary interlocking mesh dots and border lines from the patterns).

Mosaic version of “Cruise Lighthouse” crocheted by Angela Kermack

I didn’t think the general public would have much interest in the “TCC” on the waves square, but the waves on their own would be applicable to everyone so I created a new pattern called Cruise Waves and it is available in both techniques.

“Cruise Waves” crocheted by Semicci using the interlocking crochet method.

I have not created a mosaic version of Cruise Finale Whales.

There is also a new pattern (for both techniques) of just a single whale: Cruise Whale Single. Originally, I wanted all the patterns to be the same size (in case you want to join them together as a big blanket), but this whale is simply adorable and can be used in so many ways.

The single whale comes with charts and written instructions for right- and left-facing whales (for both interlocking and mosaic crochet). You can repeat it lengthwise to create a scarf or table runner. You can create a pillow. You can make a blanket. You can show off your creativity with this one!

A multi-color whale square crocheted by Monique using the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

Patterns List

  • On Ravelry:
    • There is an eBook called “Crochet Cruise Bundle
      • It contains the original 4 patterns, interlocking crochet only, in one easy to find and download PDF: Cruise Bundle (Cruise Lighthouse, Cruise Whales, Cruise Finale Whales, and Cruise TCC Waves)
      • The eBook also has individual files- one for interlocking crochet and one for overlay mosaic crochet – for these patterns:
        • Cruise Lighthouse
        • Cruise Whales
        • Cruise Whales Single
        • Cruise Waves
    • Ravelry also has individual listings for these patterns:
      • Cruise Lighthouse
      • Cruise Whales including Cruise Whales Single
      • Cruise Waves
  • On Etsy, these patterns are listed:
    • Cruise Lighthouse
    • Cruise Whales including Cruise Whales Single
    • Cruise Waves

Size Information

The interlocking versions of each square have a chart size of 101 x 101 (that’s a 50-window foundation). The mosaic versions have had the mesh dots and extra border lines removed, so the charts are 97 x 97. The finished size depends on your yarn and hook and tension, if you meet my gauge your finished interlocking squares will be about 25″ x 25″ / 64cm x 64cm and the mosaic squares will be 26″ x28″ / 66cm x 70cm.

The single whale is 101 x 33 for interlocking and 97 x 27 for mosaic. A single whale will be 25″ x 8″ / 64cm x 21cm in interlocking crochet and 28″ x 7″ / 70 cm x 18 cm in mosaic. But of course you can repeat him to create a blanket that’s much larger!

You will also notice there is a difference in the wrong sides between the two techniques. Interlocking crochet shows the opposite stitches on the back. Mosaic crochet is just stripes on the back. Sometimes those stripes get a bit “flappy” – for my whales sample in the image below I used my anchored variation to eliminate the flaps. See my tutorial here: https://ashleeslint.com/2021/07/06/mosaic-locked-double-crochet/

Get the Patterns

On Etsy or Ravelry, use code “2022CRUISE” to take 20% off your purchase of these squares or the eBook (the eBook already represents a 30% savings versus buying the squares individually, by the way). Offer ends March 17, 2022.

Also, a HUGE thank you to my testers (Angela Kermack, Heather Passmore, Monique, & Semicci) who helped me get this out quickly (when, in reality, I should have given them months – how do you forget there’s a cruise? oh, I was moving, but that’s a lame excuse)