Many Hearts Baby Throw Blanket

Before I jump into the details on my newest pattern (which is really a remake of an old pattern), let me tell you that I am having a FALL SALE on everything in my Ravelry Store and Etsy Shop until the end of September! Get 25% off, no Codes needed! Offer expired.

Many moons ago (that’s a funny saying, isn’t it?) I came out with an eBook called “Hearts, Hearts, Hearts” and I put an assortment of squares of different sizes and designs in it. The largest pattern in the eBook was my “Many Hearts Throw“.

Anonymous crocheted this sweet blue and white version of the large throw blanket.

By request, I have now created a baby-blanket-size version of this throw. The original throw is 70″ square and the new baby blanket is 38″ square. You can see that the corners are the same but the repeated hearts section inside is smaller.

I used the interlocking crochet technique for my sample because I like the way the back looks (mosaic crochet produces stripes on the wrong side but interlocking crochet shows these hearts pointing the other direction). This lavender purple is being used as my main color (MC) in the pattern. Most of my patterns use the darker color as the first color used, or the Main Color in the pattern.

I also made a super fun little video clip because Etsy tells me people like to see videos and Instagram’s algorithms are really pushing for us to use videos instead of photos, so here’s my attempt at fitting in. It was actually an accident that I started recording a video. I meant to press the button to capture a photo and somehow I bumped the thing that changed it to a video instead and that’s when I remembered that I need to try using videos anyway. This is not the kind of video I consider to be award-winning. It’s just to meet algorithm madness and try to get better organic reach. I don’t pay for ads or subscribers, I prefer to keep my followers as a list of people who actually want to see my stuff.

Video of a blanket hanging on a fence near a tree

I spent a lot of time debating internally whether this pattern deserved its own Ravelry listing or if it should just be added to the Many Hearts Throw as a size difference. I ultimately decided that since the various sizes of “Many Hearts” all have their own listings then this blanket can have its own as well.

I have turned on a permanent promotion that allows you to get this baby blanket free if you’ve purchased the larger throw blanket on Ravelry. And, of course, I have added it as a late addition to the “Hearts, Hearts, Hearts” eBook so if you already have that eBook then you will now have this new baby blanket as well. I didn’t have all of these patterns listed on Etsy previously so that’s a new thing here too.

This eBook has also *finally* been updated to include the x-marked charts for mosaic crochet. There are 15 patterns in this set and while I’ve been busy updating all my patterns I did leave the “hard” tasks for last. The eBooks just feel like so much more work than the individual patterns. I still need to update the Alphabet eBooks and the Holiday eBook.

I hope to create a YouTube tutorial on using these charts marked with X’s, but for now I only have written instructions.

Also, a side note: the smallest square, “Tutorial Hearts“, is the one I used in my videos to teach the interlocking crochet method (Locked Filet Mesh / LFM) and overlay mosaic crochet method.

I also made this neat photo signature business card thing. At one point I had planned on going to graphic design school and I love how I get to build some of those skills while I turn my crochet hobby into a business! So many avenues to explore!

FATW6 CAL: Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean Theme

Good morning, Monday!

It has been so great seeing all the new projects getting started since Thursday when my Mosaic Coral Strip was released as the first section in the Friends Around the World 6th Anniversary CAL (FATW6)!

Mondays and Thursdays will be the release days of a new section – and today is Monday! Remember, all the pieces in this Crochet-A-Long have been designed by different people. The common theme is mosaic crochet and then 3 blankets were compiled from the submissions!

Each section is FREE. Some designers, like me, have included videos. I believe all the sections include a chart and written instructions, but I guess we will have to wait and see if that’s true.

This blog post of mine is going to be where I keep a list of all the sections as they are released. You can bookmark it if you like! You can also sign up for updates from the host: CAL Crochet A Long Facebook group

Also, please feel free to share your progress on this CAL in my Ashlee Brotzell Designs Facebook group. Normally, I don’t allow work by other designers but since this is a group collaboration I am making an exception – I want to see your progress! 🙂

I will link to the official CAL blog entry and you will have to scroll through their post to find the link to that section’s pattern (some are Ravelry downloads, some are on websites; different designers have different ways of doing things).

Friends Around The World: Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean theme

July 8, 2021: Mosaic Coral Strip by Ashlee Brotzell

Since this is my section I will also link to my blog entry about it and the ravelry download. Plus, my handy-dandy video walk-thru: Coral Strip on YouTube

July 12: Sally Starfish by Lynette Kosar of Lavender Cup Cottage

Look for the link to the ravelry download near the end of the article I linked to above.

July 15: Mosaic Crab by Suzanne Lively Boren

This one also has a link to ravelry near the end of the article.

July 19: Dancing Octopus by Suzanne Lively Boren

Find the ravelry link at the end of the blog article!

July 22: Mosaic Squid by Suzanne Lively Boren of Not So Boren Crochet

Suzanne was busy! This is another section she did!

July 26: The Goldfish 1 by Svetlana Rogatykh

This goldfish section also includes a tiny border design you can use at any point in your design! And the goldfish is pretty awesome! The link the to ravelry download is at the end of the article I have linked to above.

July 29: The Goldfish 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Svetlana’s second pattern in this Crochet-A-Long is swimming the other direction! Her Ravelry link is going at the end of the post linked to above.

August 2: Wave 1 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Another beautiful section from Svetlana!

August 5: Dolphin by Suzanne Boren of Not so Boren Crochet

You must be familiar with this designer by now! The official blog post from CAL has a direct link to her download, no Ravelry this time.

August 8: Wave 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Svetlana contributed so many designs to this CAL that you could actually create a full blanket with just her designs! You can get all of them in one file now.

August 12: My Anchors by Lana Ignjatovic of Loving Stitches Designs

In this CAL so far we have seen some repeated designers, but here’s a new one! This designer isn’t new to designing though; if you participated in the FATW5 CAL you may recognize her name. You can grab this anchor strip right from the official CAL blog linked above.

August 16: Dragorad’s Regatta designed by Lana Ignjatovic of Loving Stitches Designs

Another design from Lana here! It is hosted on the CAL blog so all you need to do is scroll to the end of their blog post and find the link to her pattern!

August 18, 2021: Sunglasses by Ashlee Brotzell

I have the privilege of being the final piece in this ocean-themed blanket! You can view the pattern on my blog or grab the free Ravelry download. And there’s a full walk-thru on YouTube!

After you finish crocheting these cool sunglasses, head back to the host blog and find instructions on finishing!

Blooming Owl Wall Hanging

My musical husband has a guitar strap on his classical wooden guitar with these floral motifs. Everytime I see it I think of an owl.

Obviously I couldn’t just draw it as it is, but I think I captured the idea of a flowery owl in my newest wall hanging: Blooming Owl.

My husband loves it!

I used fingering weight yarn. This is also called 4-ply or 8/4 depending on where you live. Craft Council lists it as a weight 1 – super fine and states it can also be called sock yarn.

The black yarn is “110 Jet Black” Scheepjes Catona. It is 100% mercerized cotton. The small balls are only 50 grams and have 125 metres of yarn. Scheepjes suggests a 2.5 – 3.5 mm needle (I believe that specifically refers to knitting needles). I used a 2.5 mm crochet hook.

I used a full 2 balls. There was barely anything left over (see photo below). So, make sure you match my gauge or grab an extra skein. If you’re going to grab an extra one you might as well grab two! 😉

The gold yarn is actually called “Copper” (oops, it is called “Ginger”). It is from SweetGeorgia Yarns’ Tough Love Sock Yarn line. We looked online at and I gave Mitch a few options. He said this color was “it” and he didn’t care that it was also the most expensive.

It comes in a twisted hank of 115 grams which gives you 425 yards of soft, silky wool. I only used half the skein.

It cost me $3.65 CAD per ball of Catona, so $7.30 total (but I did buy a 3rd ball just in case). The Tough Love Sock yarn was $33.95 but I only used half, so it cost me about $17 for this project. It felt really expensive to buy the fancy color Mitch wanted but it was so worth it because this is just beautiful to look at.

It was my first time using my fancy yarn swift! It is fun having toys! This is one of the more expensive things I own (related to yarn crafts). I don’t usually buy yarn that comes twisted because it just gets all tangled up. This was easy to set up and I turned the hank into a cake in a few short minutes!

The “Tough Love Sock Yarn” is 80% merino wool with 20% polyamide. Because it is a hand-dyed yarn it gives my finished piece a sort of mottled look where the dying process created slightly different shades in the yarn.

Like all of my patterns, this pattern is written for my two favorite techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. You can choose to use your favorite method or you can try something new!

I used the mosaic method because I wanted the fringe on the bottom and I wanted to use the strings at the top to attach the wooden dowel. I created a short YouTube tutorial with some tricks for attaching the dowel.

YouTube tutorial: Adding a Dowel

If you use interlocking crochet for your project you can add fringe to the bottom and whipstitch the dowel to the top. Instructions are included in the PDF pattern.

Both techniques work the design starting at the top-right corner going down to the bottom-right corner. I designed it to sideways because of the mosaic fringe.

The PDF includes written line-by-line instructions for both techniques and two charts; one is marked with x’s for overlay mosaic crochet. I haven’t created a YouTube video on how to use the x-marked charts yet. I have only just started updating my patterns to include a marked chart.

The other chart can be used for both techniques and I have tutorials on YouTube for that!

Grab your copy of my “Blooming Owl Wall Hanging” on Etsy or Ravelry and get 15% off your entire cart*!

*no code needed, offer ends 11:59 pm, CST, July 13, 2021.

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Two new videos

I posted two new videos to YouTube today (and duplicated one to instagram as well).

This shorter video is a response to questions about the difference between LFM (locked filet mesh / interlocking) and mosaic crochet. I hope it helps you make a decision on which technique to use
This video clarifies the stitches used in mosaic crochet. I have an older, longer video showing how to crochet the “Tutorial Hearts” square and it will remain posted, but this video uses the proper sc/dc terminology.

I have a few video ideas in my to-do list. I wish I had more time and hands. I love the positive feedback everyone has been giving me and I am glad to share the love of crochet with you all!