Zoo Animals Blog Hop Again!

Last year I took part in a blog hop from the 1st-16th of June where you could get at least one free animal pattern each day. My entry was my Common Unicorn pattern.

This year, My Fingers Fly has decided to run the blog hop again!

Each day you need to go to the main webpage and find out what the daily patterns are and then you can visit the designer’s website on their special day to get your free patterns!

Zoo Animal Blog Hop: Common Unicorn

Today is my special day in the Zoo Animal Blog Hop by My Fingers Fly.

You can get my Common Unicorn pattern on Ravelry for FREE today! (expired now)

If you head back to My Fingers Fly you can find out more on the other unicorn patterns available today!

My blanket can be made using the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic technique. I have tutorials for both techniques available on YouTube!

The techniques are both easier than they look! Give them a try, learn something new, and then decide which technique you’re going to use.

Use code “MYFINGERSFLY” to get the PDF free on Ravelry now! (expired)

Anneke used a rainbow self-striping yarn for the MC!

You can read about the original release of this pattern here: https://ashleeslint.com/common-unicorn/

National Zoo & Aquarium Blog Hop

You can ignore this post if you’re not interested in free crochet patterns. 😉

One thing I have enjoyed about being a crochet designer this year is “meeting” (online) other designers. A year ago I probably could have named one or two designers, and I honestly barely considered the fact that a real human-person was creating the patterns found online.

I mostly made up my own stuff as needed or, on the rare occasion that I wanted to make something specific I would search the web for a free pattern.

Today, I want to introduce you to a whole bunch of designers! My Fingers Fly has just started a blog-hop of FREE animal patterns!

This is the first day of a MONTH of free patterns! Each day she will be showcasing up to 8 patterns (over 80 patterns for the month)! Some of the patterns are always free, some are only free for a limited time on their special day.

The designers involved in this blog-hop are:

You can watch a quick video explaining it here:


Each day’s theme 🤩
Fish crochet patterns
owl crochet patterns
bat crochet patterns
cat crochet patterns
bear crochet patterns
butterfly crochet
axolotl crochet
marine life crochet
penguin crochet patterns
alligator crochet patterns
rabbit crochet patterns
deer crochet pattern
seahorse crochet pattern
beaver crochet patterns
monkey crochet pattern