2020 Father’s Day CAL

Scarves as Blanket

May 11, 2020

This Crochet-A-Long started in May 2020. It is a series of six (6) panels (scarves) that can be joined to create a blanket! When I originally created these patterns I only offered them in interlocking crochet. Since then I have updated everything to include written instructions for overlay mosaic crochet, as well as a chart marked with X’s.

Sample image crocheted by Claudia – border scarf not used. I used the border scarf to create a fringed cowl instead.

For the interlocking patterns each scarf can be started from the long bottom edge or the short side; for the mosaic versions they only start with the long end so that the fringe is on the short ends; charts are also included (x-marked for mosaic, clear for interlocking).

You can also grab each scarf pattern separately.

Or you can make it all as one piece – the thin border is already around the outside and no need to join anything together.

  • 2020 Father’s Day Throw (one-piece blanket) (Ravelry)(Etsy)

I “hosted” this Crochet-A-Long in my Facebook Group: Ashlee Brotzell Designs