2020 Father’s Day CAL

May 2020 Crochet-A-Long

This Crochet-A-Long started in May 2020. It is a series of six (6) panels (scarves) that can be joined to create a blanket!

When I originally created these patterns I only offered them in interlocking crochet.

Since then I have updated everything to include written instructions for overlay mosaic crochet, as well as a chart marked with X’s.

Interlocking & Mosaic

Every panel design can be made using either technique.

Both techniques include the full written pattern.

The overlay mosaic crochet options include x-marked charts and the interlocking options include charts as well.

Bottom-Up or Side-Start

For the interlocking patterns each scarf can be started from the long bottom edge or the short side.

For the mosaic versions they only start with the long end so that the fringe is on the short ends.


These designs fit into my “Scarf” category even though I designed them to be multi-purpose (scarf or blanket panel).


I also created an all-in-one blanket design. This blanket allows you to crochet the whole thing without joining panels. It includes the original 6 panels as well as the extra border panel around the edges in one easy-to-use bottom-up design.

Interlocking Crochet Scarves as Blanket

Sample crocheted by Claudia using the interlocking crochet technique; border scarf not used.

Fringed Cowl

I used the border scarf to create a fringed cowl instead.

I didn’t write down the exact method I used. I can create a tutorial if there’s an interest.