2024: A Year of Dogs

This is my 4th year of creating a series of monthly squares and this year’s theme is dogs!

Interlocking & Mosaic

All of my patterns are designed for two colorwork techniques.

You can choose to use the interlocking crochet method where you create two layers of mesh simultaneously or you can use the overlay mosaic crochet method where you’ll be cutting your yarn at the end of each row.

Both options come with the fully written pattern & charts.


Each of the patterns in this series of dog squares belongs in my large squares category.

The interlocking crochet charts are 81 x 81, which means they begin with 40 windows in the foundation row.

The mosaic chart has been adjusted so that the interlocking mesh dots are no longer visible. The border lines that lock the interlocking layers together have also been removed, so the X-marked mosaic charts are 77 x 77.

With worsted weight yarn your squares will be about 20″.

Monthly Designs

As with my previous “Year of…” series of squares, this year’s dog squares will be published one at a time throughout the year on the first of each month.

Each month’s design is a surprise until it’s published – which means you’ll be taking a leap of faith if you purchase the eBook and hoping that all 12 squares will be amazing. At the end of the year the eBook will also get an all-in-one blanket file for each technique that can’t be found individually.

Purchasing the EBook gives you access to all the squares that have already been published AND future access to the squares yet to come.

You can also choose to buy the squares individually but the EBook will save you 40%!

See all my shorts featuring these dog squares in this playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbdEDo49IQrq4sVE9xV9chRWpXeTbxGW8

Joining Interlocking Crochet Squares

You don’t have to use these squares for a blanket. You can create pillows, bags, and more!

But it is likely you’ll need to join squares at some point.

The interlocking crochet squares are easiest to join after you’ve done a simple single crochet border but it is also possible to join them without the option border.

I plan on using the flat braid join for my squares again. Click here to view the YouTube tutorial I created on joining squares (time stamps may help you jump to the part you are most interested in).

Each square ends with a round of the Main Color (MC) and you can use that same color to join “invisibly” or pick a contrasting color for a bit of extra pop!

Joining Overlay Mosaic Crochet Squares

The mosaic crochet squares are a bit more difficult to join because of the fringe that is created when you cut your yarn at the end of each row.

Adding an envelope border before joining squares is the most common way to create a blanket from overlay mosaic crochet squares. Check out one envelope border example on my bottom-up mosaic squares by clicking here.

Using tunisian mosaic crochet or crocheting multiple squares at once is another way to go.

After you’ve dealt with the cut ends in whatever way you prefer you’ll need to join the squares together. The flat braid join is my preferred method. Click here to view the YouTube tutorial I created on joining squares (again, those time stamps may help).

January Trial

If you’re not ready to commit to the full eBook of all 12 dog squares, why not try January first?

If you later decide you DO want the eBook, the cost of January Dog will be deducted from your purchase of the eBook!

Available on Ravelry only, no code needed, cannot be combined with other offers.


I truly value my testing team for every design I publish and this series of dog squares in no exception. A big thanks to Anonymous Squirrel, CrochetCarob, CynCityCrochet, Eva, Linda Bakker, Maja Serec, Margaret Maillet, and ScorpiosHook.

I had many more offer to help me with this series and I feel so honored that so many are willing. Thank you!

Interlocking Crochet

The interlocking crochet squares will be on a chart size of 81 x 81. This is a 40-window square. The “40” means it starts with 40 windows in the foundation row and should finish to about 20″ / 52cm square.

I have quite a few squares of this size! See more squares of this size at ashleeslint.com/large-squares.

See my interlocking crochet tutorials at ashleeslint.com/tutorials/#lfm. (“LFM” stands for “Locked Filet Mesh” which refers to interlocking crochet).

My interlocking crochet version of January Dog. See Ravelry project page here.

Overlay Mosaic Crochet

The interlocking charts are 81 x 81 but the mosaic charts are only 77 x 77 because the unnecessary locking border lines have been removed. There are also no interlocking mesh dots in the solid areas of the mosaic versions.

The gauge is a bit different between the techniques. If you match my gauge, your mosaic crochet ‘squares’ will actually be a rectangle. Ignoring the fringe from the cut ends, each large square measures 22” x 20” / 56cm x 52cm.

I will be adding an envelope border around each of my squares to hide those cut ends and then I will seam the borders together to create a blanket.

Using Tunisian mosaic crochet is another option and then you won’t have any cut ends to deal with at all.

You could also wait until three squares have been published and then crochet all three squares at once without cutting between them. You’d start with a JS (Joining Stitch) and end with an ES (End Stitch) but you’d skip the JS and ES between the squares.

See my mosaic crochet tutorials at ashleeslint.com/tutorials/#mosaic.

My overlay mosaic crochet version of January Dog. See Ravelry project page here.

2024: A Year of Dogs Purchase Links

eBook Bundles

Purchasing the eBook will save you 40% versus buying all 12 individual squares. Of course, we don’t have 12 squares available yet – we have to wait until the end of the year for the eBook to be complete – but you only need to purchase the eBook once to receive updates all year.

Whether you purchase the eBook on Ravelry or Etsy, it will be updated monthly. On Ravelry the update goes to your library. On Etsy your purchase is also your acceptance of having me email you monthly with the new files.

Etsy users also have the option of purchasing through Etsy but then receiving their updates through Ravelry. I know there are some European countries where Etsy’s payment options are prefereable but I prefer the ease of Ravelry’s updating system – so I’m hoping this option allows us to have the best of both worlds.

Each month’s design comes with the fully written pattern and charts for both interlocking and mosaic crochet.

Not sure about committing to the full eBook yet? Learn more about the January Trial.

EBook Discount

Offer expired. Save 20% on the 2024: A Year of Dogs eBook until Jan 24, 2024. This discount gets added on top of the 40% you’ll be saving by purchasing the eBook versus each individual dog square. No code needed, valid on Ravelry & Etsy.

Individual Squares on Ravelry Or Etsy

If you only want one or two squares (to create a pillow or bag or mix-and-match with other squares) you may prefer to look at the individual listings.

The links below take you to the blog entry for each month. From there you’ll find the links to Ravelry and Etsy.

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