Celtic Knot Squares

Monthly Release

A new Celtic knot square was published every month in 2023 as part of my “Year of…” series.

Interlocking & Mosaic

Originally, every square was published with two options: interlocking crochet and center-out overlay mosaic crochet. 

As of the end of November 2023, a third option was added: bottom-up overlay mosaic crochet.

Bottom-Up or Center-Out

The interlocking crochet option is worked from the bottom-up as normal.

The overlay mosaic crochet option was originally only available as a center-out pattern because I wanted to avoid the cut ends on the sides and make it easier to join the squares later on.

After many requests, I created a second overlay mosaic crochet option! Now you also have the option of making these Celtic knot squares from the bottom-up using the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

Interlocking Size

The interlocking crochet charts are 81 x 81 so they begin with 40 windows in the foundation.

I use worsted weight yarn in my gauge measurements but you can use any weight yarn and an appropriately sized hook! With worsted weight yarn your squares will be about 20″ / 51cm with the interlocking crochet technique.

Mosaic Size

The mosaic crochet charts are 77 x 77. The charts have been adjusted from the interlocking crochet technique to have the mesh dots removed and the locking border edges removed (which is why these charts are slightly smaller with this technique).

If you meet gauge, your center-out mosaic squares will be 19″ / 48cm. The bottom-up mosaic squares will be 22” x 21” / 56cm x 52cm.

All twelve monthly Celtic knot squares –> turned into one full size blanket!

This page has been updated since the original publish in January 2023.


I have been teasing you all with guessing games and photos that show absolutely nothing.

I went live on YouTube to announce the theme for 2023: https://youtu.be/9j8UaDEGUD4

The secret is finally out: next year’s series of monthly squares will be Celtic knots! Read on for pre-sale details and some important notes!

You can plan your yarn usage for this series; I’ve listed yardage here.

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Looking Back

We just finished up 2022: A Year of Cats, and before that we had A Year of Gnomes.

I hadn’t planned on doing this every year so I didn’t include the date when I did the gnomes. But it was very popular (as were the cats) so I foresee this being a continual thing now.

This series of knot squares will be done in a similar manner as the cats and gnomes had been. They are still oversized squares that are meant to be joined together for a blanket but I absolutely loved seeing wall hangings, pillows, and bags last year too!

There is nothing that really distinguishes one month from the other (they are all just knots; with the gnomes, for example, you could look at it and guess which month it was for) so I suggest pinning a label to your squares as you go.

I pinned a tag to my September Knot.

January Trial

If you’re not ready to commit to the full eBook of all 12 Celtic knot squares, why not try January first?

If you decide you DO want the eBook, the cost of January Knot will be deducted from your purchase of the eBook!

Available on Ravelry only, no code needed.

Interlocking Crochet

The interlocking crochet squares will be on a chart size of 81 x 81. This is a 40-window square. The “40” means it starts with 40 windows in the foundation row and should finish to about 20″ / 52cm square.

I have quite a few squares of this size! I also refer to them as large or oversized squares.

These squares are worked from the bottom-up, back and forth. I only mention this because the mosaic squares are worked from the center-out.

The interlocking technique doesn’t have the same reward with center-out and can be a bit more tricky for those crocheting and a LOT more tricky for me writing the pattern, so I decided to stick with our regular bottom-up technique for this series.

My finished blanket using the interlocking crochet Celtic Knot squares.

Center-Out Overlay Mosaic Crochet

One of the most exciting things about this year’s series is that the mosaic crochet squares are all worked from the center-out!

This means we do not need to add any envelope borders. We do not have any cut tails to worry about! There will be no fringe to hide and that makes joining the squares easier!

Every square starts with the contrasting color (CC) in the center. For me that is the light brown background color. Some squares don’t start using the main color (MC) until a few rounds in (see December’s example below) and there are options that allow you to skip those rounds altogether (saves on time and yarn).

The interlocking charts are 81 x 81 but the mosaic charts are only 77 x 77 because the unnecessary locked border lines have been removed. There are also no interlocking mesh dots in the solid areas of the mosaic versions.

The final squares will be slightly smaller with this technique (19″ / 48cm for mosaic versus 20″ / 52cm for interlocking) but as long as you stick with one technique for all the squares they should all match up nicely.

The mosaic charts show one side of the square in an inverted triangle. The dropped double crochets are marked with X’s. The charts go from round 1 – 38. This makes these squares slightly smaller than my typical oversized square.

My finished blanket using the center-out overlay mosaic crochet Celtic Knot squares, modeled by my 4-year-old daughter Melody.

New Bottom-Up Mosaic Crochet

After many requests, I have now created an additional bottom-up overlay mosaic crochet option for each of these Celtic knot squares!

The charts are the same size as the center-out overlay mosaic crochet option, but my gauge is different when I work from the bottom-up versus center-out.

My final piece ends up being slightly rectangular. Not including the fringe from where I have joined the yarn and cut the yarn at each end, my Celtic knots are 19.5″ tall by 19″ wide.

Like the interlocking crochet squares, this colorwork option begins with the Main Color (MC) which is the same color as the knots. The center-out mosaic crochet option begins with the background color.

My January, August, December, & October bottom-up overlay mosaic crochet Celtic Knot squares.

One Envelope Border Option

There are a few ways to deal with the cut ends. An envelope border encases the ends and hides them. You can work around all four sides of your square (front and back) or you can work around just the sides with the cut ends (as shown below).

2023: A Year of Celtic Knots

eBook Bundles

Purchasing the eBook will save you 40% versus buying all 12 individual squares.

It will be updated monthly. On Ravelry the update goes to your library. On Etsy, your purchase is also your acceptance of having me email you monthly with the new files.

All 12 months are now uploaded.

The eBooks contain 3 files, one for each technique: interlocking crochet, center-out overlay mosaic crochet, and bottom-up overlay mosaic crochet.

Each option has a fully written pattern and charts.

Not sure about comitting to the full eBook yet? Learn more about the January Trial.

Individual Squares on Ravelry Or Etsy

If you only want one or two squares (to create a pillow or to repeat a single month’s design to create a blanket) you may prefer to look at the individual listings.

The links below take you to the blog entry for each month. From there you’ll find the links to Ravelry and Etsy.

Monthly Knots

January Knot

February Knot

March Knot

April Knot

May Knot

June Knot

July Knot

August Knot

September Knot

October Knot

November Knot

December Knot

YouTube Support Video

I created a lengthy support video for this series of Celtic Knot squares.

Charts or Written Patterns

You can choose to use the chart alone, or the written alone, or refer back and forth between both options. 

Some More Photos

Maja Serec’s interlocking crochet project in progress.

Progress interrupted for ScorpiosHook.

Random samples of these Celtic Knot squares in various stages, all overlay mosaic crochet from the center-out.

January Knot in progress by Margaret Maillet – using the mosaic crochet technique.

Final Notes

Just like the past two years, each square will be listed on Ravelry and Etsy individually and the eBook will be updated monthly.

The eBook is a great value because you pay once at the beginning and then you’re all set for the year! It will save you 40% compared to buying each square individually. You’ll still have to wait for the beginning of each month to get each month’s square though.

Pre-sale available until December 31, 2022 – save 20% on the eBook! Offer expired.

Last year I offered 3 ways to get the monthly updates (Ravelry, Etsy, or Direct Purchase from me). I’ve dropped that down to just two options this year (Ravelry and Etsy).


I’ve got a whole team of testers helping me out with these squares. A huge thank you to Altona Newcombe, Angela Kermack, Ann Walter, Anonymous Squirrel, Brandi, Chantal Lariviere, CrochetCarob, cyncitycrochets, Divya Tellakula, Eva, Heather Passmore, Just Duckie Crochet, Kami, MadeByMrsJones, Maja Serec, Margaret Maillet, Marijke Laenen, Pleva, Roxy’s Yarnstitchery, ScorpiosHook, Tehzeeb Mahil, & Wolsalon.


I plan on using the flat braid join for my squares again. Click here to view the YouTube tutorial I created on joining squares. Each square ends with a round of the Main Color (MC) and you can use that same color to join “invisibly” or pick a contrasting color for a bit of extra pop!

Check out one envelope border example on my bottom-up mosaic squares by clicking here.