You can find my patterns on Etsy and Ravelry. Some are free here on the blog. And there are a few free files in the Facebook group as well.

All my charts can be used for both Interlocking crochet (what I call Locked Filet Mesh / LFM) and Mosaic crochet. Likely, there are other crafts that can use the charts as well.

I have organized them by size or purpose. On Ravelry, I published my squares with a number after the title (like “Mountains 20”) – the “20” refers to how many windows the pattern starts with when crocheted using the LFM technique. Mosaic crochet doesn’t begin with windows but you can still easily see which patterns are the same size (and therefore, easiest to join to each other).

Sections (click to go there)

Moon Fairy – Interlocking and Mosaic Patterns

Chart (265 x 265) .-|-. LFM and Mosaic crochet patterns .-|-. Finished piece 66″ square .-|-. Worsted weight yarn (4960-5820 yards total)



Baby Blankets (chart 121 x 121, 60-window start with interlocking)



Wall Hangings

Large Squares (chart 81 x 81, 40-window start with interlocking)

Medium Squares (chart 41 x 41, 20-window start with interlocking)

Small Squares (all FREE) (chart 21 x 21, 10-window start with interlocking)

Doctor Who Series (various sizes) (FREE)

Other (eBooks and non-LFM/mosaic patterns)