Interlocking & Mosaic

Every blanket pattern can be made at least two ways.

Bottom-Up or Center-Out

Some designs can only be made from the bottom-up (the ‘normal’ way) while others have an additional center-out option!


I have over 300 designs published now. To save on the overwhelm, I’ve organized them by size or purpose.



On Ravelry, when I published my squares with a number after the title (like “Mountains 20”) – the “20” refers to how many windows the pattern starts with when crocheted using the LFM (Locked Filet Mesh / Interlocking Crochet) technique.

Mosaic crochet doesn’t begin with windows but you can still easily see which patterns are the same size (and therefore, easiest to join to each other).

The chart will be double the size of the window-count (plus 1).

So a 60-window baby blanket is on a chart size of 121 x 121.


I have a full range of tutorials (PDFs and YouTube videos) so you can learn how to crochet your masterpiece!

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Small Squares (20 windows)

Large Squares (40 windows)

Super Large Squares (50 windows)

Baby Blankets (60 windows)

Blankets (excluding baby)


Scarves/Table Runners

Wall Hangings



Free Patterns

Written & Charts

Every design comes with the full written pattern and charts! (Yes, the mosaic charts have X’s!)