Copyright issues are very complicated. And yet, simple: don’t use content you didn’t create.

When I first started designing I figured I was probably too small to really bother with it all. Who would want to steal my content? And, I am not planning to steal from anyone.

Then I wanted to create my Doctor Who patterns. And I did a little bit of learning and emailing and was given the go-ahead to share as long as I was not going to profit from it. So, they are free patterns because I used someone else’s creation and they get to decide how their content is used.

Then there was an Instagram account who screenshotted one of my YouTube videos and posted it to her account with no mention of me. A friend found it and after filling out some forms it was taken down.

Now, I have come across someone who created a YouTube tutorial for one of her patterns which is actually mine. Sigh. Now I have to fill out forms and try to prove that this is my copyrighted work. It is time and energy I would rather devote elsewhere.

— A day later: YouTube decided there was no copyright content. The video link goes to a “private” video now, and I can’t see her channel at all. So did she get taken down? Or is she just accepting private subscriptions to her stolen designs? —

Many people do not intend to be harmful (but ignorance can still cause damage). I think a lot of people just don’t know what the rules really are.

Going forward I will be adding the following statement to all my patterns. It does apply to all previous patterns as well. It has always applied, I am just writing it out in detail for those who seem to be confused as to whether they can use someone else’s work (short answer: no).

© 2021 Ashlee Brotzell.
All rights reserved. This publication is protected under federal copyright laws. Reproduction or distribution, in whole or in part, in any medium, is strictly prohibited.

What does this mean?
This is an original pattern by Ashlee Brotzell. You may not copy, reproduce, sell, or share any part of it whether for profit or not. This includes, but is not limited to, the written pattern, the chart, and the photos. No translations or video tutorials are allowed.

Sales of your finished items are, of course, unrestricted (and I wish you all the best!). I appreciate credit given to the designer when possible but it is not a requirement. You may tag me @AshleesLint or direct people to my website

I appreciate all the feedback I received in my Facebook group when I was trying to come up with the best statement. You guys are awesome!

I give permission to anyone to use the above copyright statement for their own works (obviously, change it to your name).

I also have no issue with someone using the same abbreviations as I use for my patterns. Things like “sc = single crochet” are widely accepted but it seems some people are scared to accidentally infringe on things that could be considered a designer’s special way of describing things. Please, do not just copy and paste my pattern templates. But DO feel free to copy and paste the following abbreviations/definitions if they apply:

Mosaic KEY

MC = Main Color: black in chart

CC = Contrasting Color: white in chart

ch = chain

SC = single crochet: insert hook, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook

sc = SC into Back Loop only

DC = double crochet: yarn over, insert hook, pull up a loop, yarn over, *pull through two loops* twice

dc = dropped double crochet: skip next single crochet, and instead double crochet into Front Loop of stitch in the row below

JS = Joining Stitch: create slip knot, insert hook under both loops, complete a normal single crochet

ES = End Stitch: single crochet under both loops, chain 1, cut yarn and pull through tightly

Interlocking KEY

AC = accent color (usually light or multicolored)

MC = main color (usually dark)

RS = right side: the side of your work that will show the finished design

WS = wrong side: the back of your project

Back = the side not facing you

Front = the side currently facing you

ch = chain

sk = skip a stitch

sc = single crochet: insert hook, yarn over, pull up loop, yarn over, pull through both loops

dc = double crochet: yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull up loop, *yarn over, pull through two loops* twice

tr = treble crochet: yarn over, insert hook, yarn over, pull up loop, *yarn over, pull through two loops* three times

B = double crochet (dc) behind, and chain 1

F = double crochet (dc) in front, and chain 1

EB = end stitch in back: using AC, dc into the last AC window, working behind MC

EF = end stitch in front: using AC, dc into the last AC window, working in front of MC

ES = end stitch: dc into the last window space

ACB = put AC yarn to the side facing away from you

ACF = bring the AC yarn to the side facing you

If you have any other questions, please just contact me! I am nice, I promise!

A final note, thank you for all the encouragement! It surprised me how badly I felt after this most recent YouTube ordeal. I was shocked at how strongly I wanted to just throw everything away and quit. It really hurts to see your work being stolen, and how does someone protect themself from that again? Hide the work, don’t share anymore patterns, don’t put yourself out there for potential pain again.

But I LOVE designing! And I love showing off my new designs and hearing how much people love them. It is really encouraging to hear that I have supporters. Thank you, seriously. Thank you!

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