Monthly Series

In 2021, I accidentally started creating a square a month in a “Year of…” series.

Since then, I’ve continued to create a monthly square with a yearly theme. These series are a type of Crochet-A-Long (CAL) because generally people are able to complete the monthly square before the next one is released.

Each monthly design is an extra-large oversized square. See more of this size:

Check out our current progress or look at one of the previous years’ collections!

2023: A Year of Celtic Knots

In Progress

The big news of this year’s monthly series is that the overlay mosaic crochet version of each month’s square is done from the center-out!

Each square can also be done using the interlocking crochet technique (regular, bottom-up).

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2022: A Year of Cats

In 2022, I chose use cats as the theme!

As always, you can choose from the interlocking crochet version (as shown here) or the overlay mosaic crochet version.

To avoid joining squares (specifically for the mosaic version where those cut ends get in the way) there is an all-in-one blanket version available in the eBook listing.

There’s also a mini-blanket that uses March, June, September, and December to spell “Love”.

Not pictured here are the two bonus squares: Bonus Scratch Cat, and November Cat Face.

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A Year of Gnomes

In February of 2021, I published a lovely little gnome square. I quickly backtracked and added a gnome for January and then created the rest of the year as well!

Each month’s gnome is related to that month’s holiday or season.

You can crochet each gnome square using the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

If you’d rather not join a bunch of squares together, I also have an all-in-one blanket design available in the eBook.

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