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I’ve also listed a few Frequently Asked Questions below.



I think there's a mistake in your pattern

I am human, and do make mistakes. Even after having multiple testers look at it mistakes do slip through.

That being said, 99% of the time there is no mistake in my pattern and instead the crocheter has miscounted.

I use a computer program to get the written stitch counts and it’s rarely wrong.

Each time someone says there’s a mistake, I spend about an hour examining and counting and double checking.

Please be sure you’ve counted all your stitches in the previous 4 rows and compared your work to the chart and the written and then if you still think there’s a mistake I will examine it.


Will you make me a custom pattern?

I have done custom designs in the past but I’m no longer offering this service. 


What yarn should i use?

Interlocking and mosaic crochet can easily be done with any type of yarn and any weight (thickness) of yarn.

As long as you make sure there is good contrast between the colors of your two yarns then you can create the design as small or large as you want!

Just make sure you’re using the same yarn weight for both yarns in your project and adjust your hook size to match. The yardage amounts will be different if you don’t match gauge.


Unauthorized sales

I have patterns for sale on Ravelry, Etsy, LoveCrafts, and Ribblr.

If you see my designs being sold on any other platform they are unauthorized and I receive no compensation.

I also offer some full walk-thru videos on YouTube but have not authorized anyone else to show my designs.

Please let me know if you see my designs being offered illegally.


I'm confused about the types of crochet

All of my patterns (with very few exceptions) come with the full written pattern and charts for both interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

You can use the overlay mosaic crochet pattern for the tunisian mosaic crochet technique as well.

Please see this page for more information:
https://ashleeslint.com/tutorials/interlocking-and-mosaic-crochet/or click the button below


Do all your patterns have the dots all over?

These “dots” are found on the interlocking crochet patterns as a natural byproduct of creating a layer of mesh.

When you use the same chart for the overlay mosaic crochet technique you can still see the dots.

Most of my newer patterns use an adjusted chart for the mosaic option so that the solid areas are actually solid.

I’m also in the process of updating my older designs to have this solid mosaic option. If there’s a design you’d like moved to the top of my list please let me know!