My Fabulous Crochet Day
My Fabulous Crochet Day

My Fabulous Crochet Day

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Turn your next day off into a FABULOUS CROCHET DAY!

Print this PDF to keep track of your tasks and projects.

Don’t forget to stretch and hydrate!


I created this free printable to celebrate my 4th Designaversary! This printable is referred to in the Bingo card as well (square N2). Get your Bingo card and enter the giveaways at


I had so much fun making this that I went ahead and created an entire set of printables! I do not plan on making printables often; this might be a one-and-done kind of thing. But, on the other hand, it was really fun for me so if there’s something that people would really like to see maybe I can create a few more.

Check out the 25+ page bundle on Etsy (25% off for the month of April!):


Crochet Binder Bundle on Etsy