Doctor Who

I have always been a big fan of sci-fi!

Typically, I’m more of a book person, but when I had Alice (my first child) I gave the new Doctor Who TV series a try. I was instantly hooked!

Through the years I have rewatched a few of my favorite espisodes (and I also keep rewatching Star Trek Voyager). When I learned how to create interlocking crochet patterns I decided I wanted to make myself a Doctor Who blanket!

It didn’t take long to have more squares than needed and there are lots more that could be drawn!

I may add to this list later, but currently I am considering it done.

Interlocking & Mosaic

Every design can be made using interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet.

The overlay mosaic crochet version of each square uses the original interlocking crochet chart and you will see the mesh dots.

The all-in-one blanket has been adjusted so that the overlay mosaic crochet version is solid.

Free Patterns

All of the Doctor Who designs are available for free. When I contacted the BBC, they gave me permission to use their material with the caveat that it be free.

Read more about that here:

Copyright status still applies; do not distribute these patterns. Direct your friends to come to this page and get their own copy of the pattern.

Paid Patterns

Why are there paid patterns in this list?

The flowers were created before I began this Doctor Who series but, in my opinion, they represent the storyline well and I wanted to include the designs in my blanket so I’ve listed them here in case others also want to include them.

View or Download

You can download a PDF of each square from the files in my Facebook Group. The PDF has the full written pattern and charts.

A handful of designs can be downloaded from my Ravelry shop.

Or you can view the full pattern here on my website (no charts included).


The All-in-One Blanket is available as a download only, and you’ll get the password to download that file when you subscribe to my newsletter.

The Suspenders Blanket is available as a free download directly from my website here.


These designs come in a variety of sizes.

Small squares: chart of 41 x 41, starts with 20 windows in the interlocking crochet option, finishes to about 10″ square.

Large squares: chart of 81 x 81, starts with 40 windows in the interlocking crochet option, finishes to about 20″ square.

Small banner: chart of 41 x 121, starts with 20 windows (vertical rectangle), 10″ x 30″.

Large banners: chart of 81 x 121, may start with 40 windows or 60 windows (can be vertical or horizontal), 20″ x 30″.

Blankets: there are two blanket designs available; the All-in-One Blanket uses the designs found on the squares whereas the Suspenders blanket is barely Doctor Who themed.

Written & Charts

Every design comes with the full written pattern and charts!

Clicking a pattern image will take you to the original blog post about that design with links to Ravelry and Etsy.

Paid Patterns

Rose in Bloom

Chart size: 81 x 81

I didn’t want to reuse the rose from my Mother’s Day CAL (Crochet-A-Long) so I drew up a new one. And, since a rose isn’t a copyrighted character like the other Doctor Who images, I have listed this one as a paid pattern.

Mother's Day Rose

Chart size: 81 x 81

Another rose option. This is originally from my 2020 Mother’s Day CAL.


Chart size: 81 x 81

I intend to also use the sunflower from my Mother’s Day CAL (to represent the Van Gogh / Amy Pond story line).

Odd Chart Size

Random Bowtie

Chart size 97 x 53
This is not the same size as anything else in this series.

Random Bowtie was created by request. I expanded the motif from my Father’s Day scarf: Bowties.

I included it in my list of Dr Who Patterns because I can. Others have mentioned using it to create pillows that match their blanket. It is free on the blog.

Small Squares

Tardis 20

Chart size 41 x 41

The “20” refers to how many windows you start with when crocheting this pattern using the interlocking technique. It is written up for mosaic crochet as well.

Tardis 20 can be downloaded on Ravelry or viewed for free on the blog.

Or, you can crochet this square with me on YouTube (interlocking crochet option only)!

Moisturize Me

Chart size 41 x 41

Moisturize Me is available for free on Ravelry or on the blog.

Sample crocheted by HookerySimply.

Silence Marks

Chart size 41 x 41

Silence Marks is on Ravelry and the blog.

Sample crocheted by Caitlin Franzmeier.

Bowties Are Cool

Chart size 41 x 41

Bowties are Cool is another one available on Ravelry or on the blog.

Sample crocheted by Gabriela.

Small Banner

Sonic Screwdriver

Chart size 41 x 121

This is as tall as the other banners but only half as wide. It is the same width as the medium squares.

Sonic Screwdriver is free to view on the blog. You can also download the PDF pattern there! Just choose which technique you’d like to use (interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet).

NEW: I now have a 4-part video walk-thru of the interlocking version of this pattern on YouTube! View it here:

Large Banners

Tardis Banner

Chart size 81 x 121

It is available for free on the blog.


Chart size 81 x 121

Ood is, of course, free on the blog.

Bad Wolf

Chart size 121 x 81

Bad Wolf Banner is free on my blog.

Sample crocheted by Caitlin Franzmeier.

Hello Sweetie

Chart size 121 x 81

Hello Sweetie Banner is on Ravelry and, of course, also on the blog.

Large Squares

Are You My Mummy

Chart size 81 x 81

I thought I had created all I wanted to create but this became an add-on. It is not included in the all-in-one blanket.

Are You My Mummy is free on the blog.


Chart size 81 x 81

Cyberman is on Ravelry and the blog.

Fun fact: non-Whovians seem to think this image is upside down!


Chart size 81 x 81

Dalek is on Ravelry and on the blog.

Sample crocheted by Caitlin Franzmeier.


Chart size 81 x 81

Judoon can be viewed for free on the blog.

I’m still waiting to see a blanket with just this square repeated over and over (a platoon of Judoon)!

Sample crocheted by Caitlin Franzmeier.


Chart size 81 x 81

K9 is free on the blog


Chart size 81 x 81

Strax the Sontaran is free on blog and is NOT symmetrical.

Weeping Angel

Chart size 81 x 81

Weeping Angel can be found on Ravelry and the blog.


All-in-One Blanket

Chart size 273 x 349 (interlocking)
Chart size 269 x 345 (adjusted, solid overlay mosaic)

Unlike the rest of the designs, I have adjusted the mosaic version of this all-in-one blanket so there are no interlocking mesh dots. The double border line that locks the interlocking layers together has also been removed from the mosaic version.

I’ve arranged these squares in a way that makes sense to me regarding MY favorite characters and story lines. For example, the rose and sunflower are actually paid patterns. I include them in my list of Doctor Who squares because I NEED to include them in my blanket. They represent my two favorite story lines (Rose, the character, and Van Gogh with his sunflower art).

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To read more details:

Suspenders Blanket

Chart size 213 x 205 for both techniques.

I have this large blanket pattern that looks like suspenders over a striped shirt. There’s a bow tie and it makes me think of the Doctor, but it isn’t really Doctor Who themed enough… and yet I am adding it here anyway!

The file includes interlocking written instructions, a chart, and then written mosaic instructions. There is no X-marked chart for this pattern and the mosaic version DOES have the mesh dots.

Get your free copy of the PDF by clicking here.