2020 Mother’s Day CAL

May 2020 Crochet-A-Long

This was my first time hosting a Crochet-A-Long (CAL)!

I published my first pattern on April 1, 2020 and hosted my first CAL on April 15, 2020.

The original design had 5 large squares that you join to create a blanket. An additional 4 flowers were created as bonus patterns.

On Ravelry they are listed individually and all together in one eBook.

On Etsy they are not listed individually (yet). You can get the original 5 squares in one bundle or the bonus squares in another bundle.

Interlocking & Mosaic

When I originally created these patterns I only offered them in interlocking crochet (written pattern & chart).

Since then I have updated everything to include written instructions and x-marked charts for overlay mosaic crochet as well.


Each of these squares is on a chart size of 81 x 81. This means they begin with 40 windows when you use the interlocking crochet technique.

Both techniques will finish to about 20″ square.

They fit in my large squares category.

Original Blanket Design

Sample image in pink and white crocheted by Erie Krol using only the original 5 patterns (interlocking technique).

Original Blanket Design

After the CAL was over I created a few more flowers. This colorful sample was crocheted by Lia Hinne (still using the interlocking crochet technique) and includes the bonus flowers as well.


    Mother's Day Scarf

    After the CAL was over I created this scarf using part of the sunflower and butterfly squares.


    Interlocking crochet sample by Kimberly Windsor-Johnson.