Large Squares for a Blanket

April 15, 2020

This was my first Crochet-A-Long; it started in April 2020. The original design had 5 large squares that you join to create a blanket. An additional 4 flowers were created as bonus patterns. On Ravelry they are all together in the eBook but on Etsy they are two separate listings.

When I originally created these patterns I only offered them in interlocking crochet. Since then I have updated everything to include written instructions for overlay mosaic crochet, as well as a chart marked with X’s.

Sample image in pink and white crocheted by Erie Krol using only the original patterns (interlocking technique).

Colorful sample done by Lia Hinne includes the bonus flowers as well.

You can also grab each flower pattern separately.

After the CAL I created this scarf as a bonus. Image below shows the interlocking sample by Kimberly Windsor-Johnson.