Direct Purchase

My patterns can be found on Ravelry and Etsy.

I’ve also created a direct purchase option here for a few patterns. This is not a true “online store” because the files are not stored online; you simply send the payment through PayPal and I receive an email notification which I then manually respond to.

Please be patient through time zones and such – I usually send the pattern within 12 hours.

Christmas Tree Applique

This little tree is also available for purchase on Ravelry: or for free viewing on my blog:

Christmas Tree Applique – Direct Purchase

Thank you for your support! I will send you a nice PDF of this Christmas Tree pattern. You can then print it and make as many little trees as you want.


Moon Fairy

“Moon Fairy” is not available on Ravelry, but it is available directly from me here or on Etsy:

Moon Fairy – Direct Purchase

Chart (265 x 265) .-|-. LFM and Mosaic crochet patterns .-|-. Finished piece 66″ square .-|-. Worsted weight yarn (4960-5820 yards total)


Random Bowtie

This motif has been extracted from my Father’s Day Scarf and expanded to encompass the entire bowtie image. I have added it to my Doctor Who list of patterns but it has many possible purposes. You can view the pattern for free on my blog or purchase it here.

Random Bowtie in Interlocking and Mosaic Crochet

You will receive an ad-free, printable PDF of this pattern. It includes written instructions and a chart for interlocking crochet and then the written pattern and x-marked chart for overlay mosaic crochet.



Read more about how this pattern can be used in at least four different ways on my blog post: Cupcake!

Cupcake – Direct Purchase

You will receive one (1) file with the written instructions and charts for the interlocking technique (with repeatable section marked), and the overlay mosaic technique, and the adjusted repeatable mosaic version of the pattern.


2022: A Year of Cats

For more details on this eBook (including links to Ravelry and Etsy and individual squares), 2022: A Year of Cats, see my blog entry:
By purchasing here you will receive however many months are currently published and be added to my mailing list to receive the monthly updates.

2022: A Year of Cats – Direct Purchase

This eBook will be updated with a new cat square each month. In December I will also add an all-in-one blanket pattern (so you don’t have to join squares). The price will increase as the year goes on.


Please contact me if there’s something you’d prefer to purchase directly from me and I’ll get it set up!