Interlocking Crochet in the Round Tutorial
Interlocking Crochet in the Round Tutorial

Using Tumbling Curls as an example, I’ll explain how to adjust my repeatable interlocking crochet designs so you can work them in the round (as a tube). This allows the design to be seamless and without interruption. Use this technique for cowls, pillows, bags, and wrist warmers.

The reason I suggest only using one of my repeatable designs is because I’ve already marked the locking border edges on those designs. You can use a non-repeating design, but you may wish to follow the charts only in that case, so that you can omit the locking border edges as you go. See a list of repeatable designs at

This 7-page PDF does not include the full Tumbling Curls pattern. Please follow this tutorial alongside the pattern to learn what needs to be changed and omitted and then apply those rules to the rest of the pattern (or to a different repeatable pattern).

I also STRONGLY recommend that you be familiar with the interlocking crochet technique before attempting this in-the-round tutorial. Find more tutorials at

Follow along with my video tutorial at

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Published: October 22, 2023