Summer Direction Crochet-A-Long

This Crochet-A-Long (CAL) was created for the summer of 2021, but you can follow along at any time! Purchase the full pattern and charts or follow each section on my website for free.

Interlocking & Mosaic

First, choose your preferred colorwork technique: interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet.

If you’re not sure yet, try one of my tutorials first!


My “Summer Direction CAL” was designed as a throw blanket but you can also use any of the sections as a table runner or a scarf!

If you want to add a few more repeats in you can change it from a small throw blanket to a large blanket!

Written, Charts, & Videos

The really special thing about this design is that it comes with a free video walk-thru for every section for both techniques!

You can follow along with the free written pattern on my website or you can grab the paid PDF which includes the written pattern and charts.

Summer Direction’s Original Blog Entry

This Crochet-A-Long begins began on August 20, 2021. The foundation rows for both techniques (free blog posts and YouTube tutorials) will be posted online and the links to purchase the full pattern on Ravelry and Etsy will go live. It’s only a few days away, so while you wait make sure you brush up on your skills!!

I did pre-release the yardage charts – but those charts will also be repeated in the post on the foundation rows!

The beauty of online Crochet-A-Longs (CALs) is the ability to join in at anytime! No matter when you start we will be excited to see your project! Share your progress with this one using #SummerDirectionCAL

Like all of my patterns, this pattern is written up for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. Choose your favorite method or try something new! I have tutorials on both methods.


My full-blanket sample uses Red Heart Super Saver in Amethyst as the Main Color (MC / first color used) and Red Heart Super Saver Stripes in Retro Stripe as the Contrasting Color (CC).

The self-striping yarn makes a beautiful project but make sure you buy extra if you will be wanting to keep the stripes going in order because you may need to cut out colors and piece things together when you change skeins.

For my narrow samples I used some leftover yarn I had in my stash.

I purposefully put an envelope border on one side of my narrow mosaic crochet sample and not the other side because I wanted to have something where it was easy to show the differences.

CAL Promotion

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“Summer Direction” Using Interlocking Crochet

This is my favorite method. No bobbins, no cutting, no tails. Two fluffy layers of mesh intertwined. 

Locked Filet Mesh (LFM) is my title for the interlocking crochet method. Other designers may use other titles for this technique. It uses only chain spaces and double crochets to create a mesh; two colors are worked alternately which creates the pattern.

You can use the paid PDF for Summer Direction or follow along on YouTube or my website.

“Summer Direction” Using Overlay Mosaic Crochet

This appears to be the more popular method.

People love the ability to easily change colors (since you’re cutting your yarn at the end of each row it is easy to join a new color).

Just remember, the key is good contrast between your Main Color (MC) and Contrasting Color (CC)!

You can use the paid PDF for Summer Direction or follow along on YouTube or my website.