Rocking Horse Update

I have just added a third file to my Rocking Horse pattern. The original two files use the same chart for the interlocking crochet technique and the overlay mosaic crochet technique. This third file is also for the overlay mosaic crochet technique but the chart has been adjusted to removed the unnecessary interlocking crochet dots.

When I draw a chart for interlocking crochet it has to follow certain rules in order to translate properly into the actual crocheted piece. Overlay mosaic crochet has different rules but you can use the technique to follow a chart written for interlocking crochet.

I have a tutorial on how to read a chart drawn for interlocking crochet but use the overlay mosaic crochet method. Technically, you don’t need to know this information, since all of my patterns include the written instructions.

I have also adjusted the interlocking pattern slightly. There were a few pixels in the chart that weren’t really how I wanted them so I figured if I am doing an update I might as well fix it now.

If you purchased this pattern on Etsy you’ll need to contact me with your order number and I will send the updated files to you.

Ravelry is easy for updating. You can update your library at your convenience.

Interlocking crochet version of Ashlee Brotzell’s “Rocking Horse” crocheted by Linn Christine

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To clarify, if you’ve previously purchased this pattern on Ravelry you will automatically get 30% off your entire cart until September 27.

ETSY: Get a 30% discount on your purchase of “Rocking Horse”. Offer ends 11:59 pm CST September 27, 2022; no coded needed.

Size information

The original chart is 243 x 243. With worsted weight yarn that makes your blanket about 61″ square. When I adjusted the chart I removed the border lines that lock the layers together and I changed the hook size and gauge to accommodate all the double crochet stitches beside each other.

For Interlocking Crochet

  • Chart is 243 x 243
  • Finished size 61″ / 15cm square
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (4200 – 4400 yards)
  • Main Color (MC) – 2100 yards plus 200 yards for optional SC border
  • Accent Color (AC) – 2100 yards
  • Crochet hook: 4.5 mm (US7)
  • Gauge: 16 stitches x 8 rows in one color = 4” square

For original Mosaic Crochet

  • Chart is 243 x 243
  • Finished size 61″ / 15cm square
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (4750 – 5350 yards)
  • Main Color (MC) – 2375 yards
  • Coordinating Color (CC) – 2375 yards
  • Plus 600 yards for optional envelope border
  • Crochet hook: 4.5 mm (US7)
  • Gauge: 16 stitches x 16 rows = 4″ square

For the Adjusted Mosaic Crochet

  • Chart is 239 x 239
  • Finished size of 64″ x 68″ / 162cm x 173
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (5475 – 6275 yards)
  • Main Color (MC) – 2600 yards
  • Coordinating Color (CC) – 2875 yards
  • Plus 800 yards for optional envelope border
  • Crochet hook: 5 mm (H-8)
  • Gauge: 14 stitches x 15 rows = 4″ square

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Celebration Gnome with 3 Flag Options

A new gnome square! Just in time to celebrate! Are you surprised to see a gnome? We are doing a series of cat squares this year. Last year we did a new gnome square each month (see: A Year of Gnomes).

This square has been waiting about a year for me to get around to it. An American friend asked me to make this and she must have the most patience I’ve ever heard of to wait this long.

There are 3 flag options for this one square; and of course they each come with an option for using the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique. That makes 6 squares for you to choose from.

There is an American Celebration Gnome, a Canadian Celebration Gnome, and a blank flag option. Technically, the Canadian Gnome has a heart flag… not a Canadian flag. So you might decide to use that one to represent whatever you love. I couldn’t make a maple leaf in such a small chart space.

Some samples of this new gnome square:

I have no intentions of creating every flag. The blank flag option is available for you to work some magic though! Sew on an applique, get some fabric paint, or just use special colors for your square to represent you!

This gnome can be used in place of another gnome in the Year of Gnomes series, or you can make a wall hanging or a pillow or something fun.

If you want to use the mosaic technique you will notice that the mosaic options have all been adjusted to remove the interlocking mesh dots and extra border lines. I will soon have an update for each square in the Year of Gnomes eBook so that the adjusted mosaic squares will match this gnome (no mesh dots or extra border lines).

I didn’t want to create three separate listings on Ravelry for this gnome. Even though there are 3 flag options it feels like basically the same square, so I’ve put all three flag options under the one listing. And I needed to publish it before Canada Day so I rushed my testers a bit, sorry! I was cutting it close, eh?

Thank you so much to my testers! I appreciate having a team I can rely on and I promise I will try harder at being more organized so you have more time to make pretty things!

As always, when you start a new project, make sure you read the pattern to know which color you want to use as the Main Color. My patterns always refer you to the chart (and the chart is found after the written portion).

Master List of Gnomes

Get the Patterns

For the month of July you will get an automatic 20% discount on this new gnome.

If you’re quick, and grab this square in the first week, you can get 40% off (use code “40FLAG”, offer expires 11:59 pm CST July 7, 2022).

This new Celebration Gnome is NOT included in the eBook from last year, but you might be interested in those gnomes so I’ve linked them below.

Interlocking Crochet Details

  • Chart is 81 x 81 (40-windows)
  • Crochet hook: 4.5 mm (US7)
  • Gauge: 16 stitches x 8 rows in one color = 4” square
  • Finished size: 20″ x 20″ / 51cm x 51cm
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (460-485 yards)
    • Main Color (MC) – 230 yards plus 25 yards for optional SC border
    • Accent Color (AC) – 230 yards

Mosaic Crochet

  • Chart is 77 x 77
  • Crochet hook: 5 mm (H-8)
  • Gauge: 14 stitches x 15 rows = 4″ square
  • Finished size: 20” x 22” / 52cm x 56cm
  • Worsted Weight Yarn (600 – 955 yards)
    • Main Color (MC) – 250-280 yards
    • Coordinating Color (CC) – 350-375 yards
    • Optional Envelope Border – 300 yards