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Garden Mandala: a floral blanket that can be made 4 ways

I am pleased to present my newest pattern: Garden Mandala! I have written this pattern up to be made using the overlay mosaic crochet technique from the center-out or bottom-up, and also the interlocking crochet technique from the center-out or bottom-up. It is a bit floral, with a few dainty notes, but mostly it is

Prairie Meadow Fox; a blanket pattern for interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet

This sweet fox is sleeping amongst the wildflowers. Use the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique to create this throw blanket.

Comfort Cat, a blanket of love

“Comfort Cat” is one of my largest patterns! This blanket has a pretty kitty framed by paw prints and hearts.

What A Bear, the Grizzly in the River Blanket

“What A Bear” is my newest crochet pattern depicting a big grizzly bear in the water. You can choose to use the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique; both options come with a written pattern and charts.

Brotzell Tiger King, Chart Update

This will be a quick entry. I have just updated ‘Brotzell Tiger King‘. Nothing has changed with the interlocking file. The mosaic file used to be a written pattern and then a multi-page chart. It now includes a one-page chart as well. The one-page charts are better for viewing on a screen (computer, tablet, etc)

Year of Gnomes, Adjusted Mosaic Crochet Update

The “Year of Gnomes” has been updated to now have 3 options for each square: interlocking crochet, overlay mosaic crochet (using the interlocking chart), and overlay mosaic crochet using an adjusted chart (the interlocking mesh dots and border lines have been removed).

Double Wedding Rings Center-Out Update

My most popular pattern has now been updated to include center-out instructions for both techniques (interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet). The original bottom-up versions are still included as well. Plus there is video support to get you started!

Repeatable GoldieLux Pattern

Updated pattern to include original large square (40-window, 81 x 81 chart) and additional repeatable pattern for both techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

Namaste Mandala

This design began as a custom pattern for a yoga instructor. The meditative pose shown on this blanket is what I think of as a basic yoga pose but I have learned that there are a lot of nuances in yoga. I read a bit about chakras and mudras and although I find it slightly interesting I don’t think I’ll become a yoga master anytime soon. This blanket is one of my larger patterns. If you feel the size is too large you can always use a smaller hook and thinner yarn but this won’t change how many stitches you make. A personal gauge swatch is the most accurate way to know how large your blanket will be.

April 24-30, 2022: Blanket Bundles

The final week of my Designaversary Celebration is focused on my blanket patterns! Take an automatic 30% off on Etsy and Ravelry, or create your own bundle of 10 blanket patterns to get 60% off (on Ravelry only). Offers end Mar 30, 2022.

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