My mosaic patterns are written up for the single-row technique. Some also call this the overlay technique or cut-and-tie version.

You CAN use any of my charts for the two-row technique (inset version) but it will stretch the designs up.

This cut-and-tie technique creates a lot of tails. Some projects look good with some fringe but for those that don’t want fringe, give the envelope border a try!

You may also find this type of border called a “dual border” or “pocket border”.

The following information is included in each of my patterns but the technique can be applied to more than just my own projects so I wanted to make it available publicly as well. Freely available does not mean copyright is waived – the technique was not created by me but my photos and my words are my own, you may not copy and paste them into your own publications.

I use double crochets (US terminology) here, but the same concept applies to hdc and sc borders.