Month: June 2021

Une Autre Fleur

This is a 3rd companion to my Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging and my Fleur-De-Lis Wall Hanging. A friend found a beautiful design in her pillow and I tried to capture a piece of it here. She helped me name it too! If you don’t speak french, I will tell you it means “Another Flower”. The

Hobby Stencil: Large Square, best for interlocking crochet

Update on July 6, 2021: I have created a one-piece blanket! I did my first YouTube LIVE this morning! It was very fun and I feel a little bit famous now – you can watch it here: I did mention in that video that I was hoping to publish this pattern today –

MusicCal 8: Second Sheet Music Section and Finishing

This is the final post for my MusicCAL 2021 (Crochet-A-Long). We did it! I am so sorry for all the website trouble this past week! 😔 Please take advantage of my apology-sale until June 20: use code “GLAMPING” to get 40% off my entire Ravelry store! I have sent a newsletter this morning as well:

Cancel Everything

My website transfer has been an epic failure. After a week of frustration, time-loss, extra costs, and hours and hours of “fixing” with no end in sight… I am canceling it. I will have a few more hiccups as I reinstate this current site and get my domain back but it will be better in

Zoo Animal Blog Hop: Common Unicorn

Today is my special day in the Zoo Animal Blog Hop by My Fingers Fly. You can get my Common Unicorn pattern on Ravelry for FREE today! (expired now) If you head back to My Fingers Fly you can find out more on the other unicorn patterns available today! My blanket can be made using

MusicCal 7: Treble Clef

Nearly done the MusicCAL 2021 (Crochet-A-Long). I’ve sure hope you’ve been enjoying yourself! I was scared this post wouldn’t work after the website issues 😬 but everything (mostly) seems to be back on track! I guess I created that apology sale too early lol but that’s lucky for you! This post includes the interlocking pattern

Website Transfer

You may have noticed, the website is having issues. I sent out a newsletter: I don’t know if those who have subscribed to my blog here will get this notification or not. But, just in case, let me tell you about my “website-drama” sale! This sale is good on my Etsy shop and Ravelry

Fleur De Lis Wall Hanging

A Fleur De Lis Wall Hanging to go with my Eiffel Tower Wall Hanging. Both use fingering weight yarn.

Many Hugs: Baby Blanket

Someone requested a “hugs” version of my “love blanket”, so here it is! They were posting in the Facebook group: Mosaic Crochet World and they said they love Rosina Plane’s Hugs square and specifically asked if I could make this. I hope it lives up to the expectations! This blanket is nearly the same as

Blog Hop Feature: Rose in Bloom

I am happy to be part of a flower-themed blog-hop this month! Jo’s Crafty Hook has been sharing a FREE crochet pattern everyday and today one of my patterns is in the lineup! This square can be used as a panel in a blanket, the front of a pillow form, a wall hanging, or just

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