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Book Dragon

This whimsical dragon may not be reading the book he’s perched on. It is full of imaginary ancient runes. The art on the sides is reminiscent of an ancient language but doesn’t actually say anything (as far as I know). I love reading fantasy novels. I read about 2 hours a day (not just fantasy,

Planning Yardage for a Year of Celtic Knots

One of the things that people seem to really love about my “Year of…” series is the monthly surprise of seeing the new design! One of the problems with a monthly surprise is that it is hard to plan your yarn usage. For 2023’s year of Celtic knots, I’m going to tell you the yardage

2023: A Year of Celtic Knots

Oversized Interlocking Crochet and Center-Out Overlay Mosaic Crochet Squares. One a month for the year of 2023!

2022 December Cat & All-In-One Blankets

Our final cat square (December, the “e”) is now live! And the full eBook is now available, along with a bonus eBook!

Solid Overlay Mosaic Crochet Update to 2020 Holiday Squares eBook

I have just finished updating all 15 squares in “Ashlee’s 2020 Holidays Squares” eBook! Previous posts about this eBook: Ashlee’s 2020 Holiday Squares eBook – Interlocking and Mosaic Crochet Patterns and Updated Holiday eBook and How to Choose Colors Thank you all for your patience as I grow and learn! When I first published these

Ashlee’s Yearly Blocks

Two new squares and a discount on an old eBook!

2022 Mosaic Christmas CAL, Part 5: Sleigh

This pattern has been designed specifically for the 2022 Mosaic Christmas CAL (Crochet-A-Long) hosted by Mosaic Crochet MALs, CALs & more group on Facebook Each pattern in this CAL is free and includes a written pattern, a chart, and a YouTube walk-thru. Use the hashtag #MosaicChristmasCAL Part 5, by Ashlee Brotzell Designs: Sleigh You

FREE Winter Trees Hooded Cowl CAL; Part 3

This is the final piece of my “Winter Trees Hooded Cowl” CAL! We are now adding the cowl neck onto the hood.

November Cat Face: Another Bonus Square

This cute little kitty cat is more my style (compared to the square I just published a few days ago: November Cat). You can use this square to replace one of the original cat squares in the 2022: A Year of Cats series. Or you can use it with “November Cat” to create a pillow

2022 November Cat

This month’s cat square features a rear-end. Cats are strange creatures sometimes; they bring us comfort, joy, and laughter!

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