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I worked on my taxes for at least two minutes today. Ugh what a boring chore. Yesterday I finished weighing these leftover skeins from my Year of Cats squares, so I think my yarn inventory is now complete.

I also spent at least an hour crocheting this interlocking center-out sample of my Double Wedding Rings square. I made it to row 35 of 39 and then had to go stash diving for more white yarn and when I came back I got completely derailed by lunch and kids and emails.

Such is life.

I also attempted to update the written portion of my Oh Canada blanket… but I opened the file and then ran away to do something easier. I need to update this pattern because the “2020” option is no longer relevant and I have a better way of getting the brackets in the written instructions now so I’d like this pattern to look nicer.

And I also get distracted every few hours by trying to post on Instagram and Facebook to keep my engagement statistics up. I have no idea if that number actually means good things but I am experimenting.

Thanks for following me and supporting me!