February 2021 Update: I have created a pretty “webpage” to list these patterns instead of just this “blog entry”.

I am a sci-fi fan. I have always been an avid reader; my favorite author is Orson Scott Card. I have all the books in the Ender and Bean series in paperback, and almost all of them on audiobook as well.

A few years ago Netflix (in Canada) had ALL of the Doctor Who episodes! My husband and I started watching them even though he isn’t as much of a science fiction fan as I am. And we were both enjoying them (I think) until Netflix removed them.

I don’t normally buy tv or movies on the Google play store but when I was pregnant with my first child I was often sick and I got pretty bored lying around. So, to distract myself I bought a few episodes of Doctor Who.

In the years since, I have continued to buy a season here and there. And I have had 3 children now and it seems to be a pregnancy addiction for me. Must. Watch. While. Pregnant.

And I became such a fan that I convinced my musical husband that we should name our third child after River Song! ?

Melody is almost a year old now and I’m glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to create and share some Dctor Who fan art!

I’ll be putting my fan art here on the blog – but I’ll try to space it out so you’re not inundated with email updates.

I have a playlist on YouTube of 4 videos where you can watch me crochet Tardis 20 (and hopefully crochet along with me)! I use the interlocking crochet technique for this one.

You can search my blog by post tag or category, but I thought it might be nice to have the full list here for easy access as well! (some of these are in the queue to be posted – the links will work soon). They are all available in interlocking and mosaic form on the blog and in the files of my Facebook group, but only a couple are available on Ravelry.

I also want to include two flowers in my blanket – one to represent Rose and one to remind me of Amy Pond. I created these squares for the Mother’s Day CAL and they are available on Ravelry individually.

I also created a new Rose in Bloom square because I just love Rose and I enjoy drawing flowers.

I think the series is complete for now. I may revisit it later – you never know! This is the mockup I think I may use when I actually get around to crocheting it (I made this before the “Are You My Mummy” square so it isn’t included here).