A Series of Doctor Who Patterns

February 2021 Update: I have created a pretty “webpage” to list these patterns instead of just this “blog entry”.

I am a sci-fi fan. I have always been an avid reader; my favorite author is Orson Scott Card. I have all the books in the Ender and Bean series in paperback, and almost all of them on audiobook as well.

A few years ago Netflix (in Canada) had ALL of the Doctor Who episodes! My husband and I started watching them even though he isn’t as much of a science fiction fan as I am. And we were both enjoying them (I think) until Netflix removed them.

I don’t normally buy tv or movies on the Google play store but when I was pregnant with my first child I was often sick and I got pretty bored lying around. So, to distract myself I bought a few episodes of Doctor Who.

In the years since, I have continued to buy a season here and there. And I have had 3 children now and it seems to be a pregnancy addiction for me. Must. Watch. While. Pregnant.

And I became such a fan that I convinced my musical husband that we should name our third child after River Song!

Melody is almost a year old now and I’m glad I’ve gotten the opportunity to create and share some Dctor Who fan art!

I’ll be putting my fan art here on the blog – but I’ll try to space it out so you’re not inundated with email updates.

Series of about 20 patterns!

I’ve now created about 20 designs as part of this series. Please jump to the main landing page for more information!

For what it’s worth, I did contact the BBC and was told I can share my fan art as long as I’m not selling it which is why you’ll find that all of my Doctor Who patterns are free!

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Crochet with me on YouTube!

Tardis 20 Playlist

I have a playlist on YouTube of 4 videos where you can watch me crochet Tardis 20 (and hopefully crochet along with me)!

I use the interlocking crochet technique for this one.

Sonic Screwdriver Playlist

I have another playlist on YouTube of 4 videos where we can crochet my Sonic Screwdriver Banner!

I use the interlocking crochet technique for this one as well.