Coffee Time Wall Hanging Set

How old were you when you first tasted coffee? I don’t actually remember. I just know that I didn’t like it. Same goes for tea actually.

In high school I tried to like hot drinks, because it made me feel more like a grown up. Coffee and tea were cool, but hot chocolate was a kid’s drink.

Now that I’m older and not interested in being a grown up (darn it, too late), I can fully embrace my dislike for hot drinks. And that has opened up the world of iced coffee!!

Oh, no! Yes, that’s right! I suddenly learned that I LIKE coffee… when it’s cold and sweetened!

I am still very sensitive to the caffeine content though. So I only indulge if it before lunch and I don’t do it every day. Maybe once a week.

My husband drinks coffee multiple times a day, every day. Hot. Bitter. Disgusting. He has a few fancy machines and certain beans are better with this method or that press. It’s a bit much, in my opinion, but he’s a grown up so he can do what he wants.

My newest set of wall hangings features a mug, a quote, and an abstract design. You can make all three or just pick your favorite piece. The quote simply says “Coffee Time” and is also the title of this set.

There are left-handed instructions for that piece so that everyone can have a legible wall hanging. Lefties will be creating a mug that faces the opposite way, but the Sugar Cubes piece will look exactly the same since it’s symmetrical.

I always recommend a fingering weight (1 – fine) yarn for a wall hanging, but if you’d like to use a thicker yarn that’s fine too, you’ll just end up with a bigger finished project.

I actually used a 2 mm hook and crochet thread for my little sample! The thread says 5 on it. That might mean more to some people than it did to me. I still have a lot to learn.

My mosaic sample. Dark brown is the “main color” in the pattern.

You’ll notice the mosaic version of each pattern has had the interlocking mesh dots and all border lines removed. This means that when you’re using the interlocking technique your Main Color (MC) is the lettering on Coffee Time but when you use the overlay mosaic technique we are starting with the background color and the first color used is still the MC in the written pattern.

Always check the charts to be sure you know what color will be used first and prevent any surprises halfway through your project.

Interlocking Crochet

Set crocheted by an Anonymous Squirrel using the interlocking technique
  • Chart is 73 x 105
  • Finished measurements approximately 11” x 16” / 28.5cm x 41cm
  • Gauge: 13 (dc, ch) x 26 rows in one color = 4” square
  • 2.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Wooden Dowel: 1/2” diameter, 13” length
  • Finishing needle
  • Fingering weight yarn (600+ yards total)
    • Main color (MC) (dark brown on image above) – 300 yards
    • Accent color (AC) (light brown on image above) – 300 yards
    • Single Crochet Border – optional
    • Fringe – optional

Mosaic Crochet

Set crocheted by Angela Kermack using the overlay mosaic crochet technique.
  • Chart is 67 x 99
  • Finished measurements approximately 12” x 16” / 31cm x 40cm”
  • Gauge: 25 sc x 22 rows = 4”
  • 3.5 mm hook (E/4)
  • Wooden Dowel: 1/2” diameter, 14” length
  • Finishing needle
  • Coffee Time: Fingering weight yarn (675 – 975 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) (first color, background) – 400 yards
    • Accent color (AC) (words) – 275 yards
  • Steaming Mug: Fingering weight yarn (650 – 900 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) (first color, pink on image above) – 350 yards
    • Accent color (AC) (black) – 300 yards
  • Sugar Cubes: Fingering weight yarn (640 – 940 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) (first color, light grey on image above) – 360 yards
    • Accent color (AC) (black) – 280 yards

Get the Patterns

Grab your favorite piece in this set, or get the eBook of all 3 patterns. You’ll save 25% by buying the eBook!

And, for the first 5 days you can take an additional 30% off by using code “30COFFEE” (valid on Ravelry and Etsy on the individual patterns and the eBook of the full set, expires 11:59pm CST July 10, 2022).

This code can also be applied to one of my older patterns, “But First, Coffee“. The theme matches! 😉

This older pattern was published in April 2020 (my first month of designing)! The sale code can be applied to “But First, Coffee” as well.

Interlocking crochet by Esperanza

2022 Valentine’s Bundle of One Blanket and Two Large Squares

I was never one of those teenage girls who had perfect handwriting or dotted their i‘s with little hearts. My hand could never move as fast as my thoughts and I just wanted to get the words on paper as quickly as possible.

That translated to some messy handwriting… but some carefree art!

This little bundle of patterns feels like the swirly doodles of grade school where crushes and who-likes-who are a major distraction from math and science. I like the carefree fun in these lines.

There are two large squares (chart size 81 x 81; 40 windows to start with when using interlocking) and one blanket (chart size 161 x 161; 80 windows in the foundation for interlocking) in this set. You can join all three together or use the squares as pillows or join the squares to other squares for a blanket of your own.

The name for the baby blanket, “My Heart is Full of Love“, comes from the cliche saying that I said repeatedly every time I had a new baby. Your arms get full, but your heart gets fuller! **I added “of love” to the title on Ravelry because I didn’t realize another designer already used that title.**

You’ll notice that the mosaic sample (pink and white in the images above) has the interlocking mesh dots as part of its chart. Lately I’ve been adjusting my mosaic pieces to be more solid but this set has not been adjusted.

The square titled “Flying Hearts” looks like wings to me. And “Swirly Hearts” is just the description of what I see as well. Both of the samples below were crocheted by Angela Kermack using the mosaic technique.

This eBook is on both Ravelry and Etsy. Each piece in this bundle is available separately on Ravelry as well.

For the blanket (My Heart is Full of Love):

  • Chart is 161 x 161
  • Finished measurements approximately 40” x 40” / 101cm x 101cm
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Gauge: 16 DC x 8 rows = 4”
  • Worsted weight yarn
  • Interlocking yardage: (1820-1870 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) – 910 yards plus 50 for optional border
    • Accent color (AC) – 910 yards
  • Overlay Mosaic Yardage (1975 – 2475 yards)
    • Main color – 925 yards
    • Contrasting color – 1050 yards
    • Plus, optional envelope border: 500 yards

For the large squares (Flying Hearts & Swirly Hearts):

  • Chart is 81 x 81
  • Finished measurements approximately 20” x 20” / 51cm x 51cm
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Gauge: 16 DC x 8 rows = 4”
  • Worsted Weight Yarn
  • Interlocking yardage: (460 – 485 yards total)
    • Main color (MC) – 230 yards plus 25 for optional border
    • Accent color (AC) – 230 yards
  • Overlay Mosaic Yardage (530 yards)
    • Main color – 265 yards
    • Contrasting color – 265 yards

Finished my Abstract Princess Blanket

Please congratulate me on this momentous occasion! 🤣

After 9 months and 2 moves, I have finally finished my Abstract Princess blanket! I worked on MANY different projects in that timeframe as well, but this one has lingered in the “WIP” (work in progress) pile for too long.

I often hear that people like to do scrap yarn projects because it is like a walk through memory lane. Oh, remember that sweater I made with this yellow yarn? I bought that pink yarn on vacation. Oh, this blue yarn was part of that blanket.

I used mostly scrap yarn balls that were given to me so I didn’t have the same emotional response. I just like the pretty rainbow of colors. My Main Color is Bernat Cozy Styles – dark purple – and I think having that color through the whole thing really helps tie the project together.

I used the overlay mosaic crochet technique for this project and that is one reason it took so long. I am much quicker at interlocking crochet.

If you recall, I drew up this pattern after I created my Abstract Queen. That blanket fits a queen size bed and it is just too large for me and some others so I created this smaller version that ended up being not that small actually.

The back is all striped and pretty in its own right. I had a few tails to weave in from where one scrap ball of yarn ended and I had to join a new one.

The tails on the sides are all tied, so I imagine the blanket will get used as it is right now and perhaps never get an envelope border, but I may change my mind later.

I am going to celebrate my “finished” project by starting a new one! You can celebrate with me by adding more projects to your to-do list!

Use code, “HookIt4ever” on Ravelry to get 20% off until 11:59 pm May 6, 2021.

I don’t have fancy sections on Etsy, but you can also get 20% off anything there by using code, “HookIt4ever” until 11:59 pm, May 6, 2021.

Abstract Princess

I know there’s a lot going on right now (the Abstract Queen CAL will start soon and my Preemie Love Blanket is free for 3 days) so perhaps from a marketing view I should have timed the release on this one better. I will work on learning marketing too someday.

I was at my computer all day finishing this pattern and working on the mosaic for my Many Hearts patterns and fixing the charts for my left-handed patterns on “Preemie Love Blanket” and “Birthday Cupcake” (which is still on for $1 CAD until the end of the month). I work on lots of things at once and sometimes it can feel like I’m getting nothing done. So I really wanted something as a finished reward and decided to get this baby out ASAP!

When I drew the Abstract Queen I had only been doing patterns for about a month. I didn’t know I could use the mosaic technique, I didn’t even know how to crochet the mosaic technique yet! lol I drew the design with no thought towards what the pattern would be like to crochet.

Turns out, it is a bit of a beast! There are random repetitions but mostly it is a long pattern that requires focus and counting for every part. And, unlike a lot of mosaic patterns out there, there is no easy way to make the pattern smaller. It is more like a picture (like my Speedy Train), and has to be done as a whole.

In an effort to make the pattern more manageable I have created a baby queen, the Abstract Princess. You can get your copy on Etsy or Ravelry. And you will get a discount for the first two days (buy it before August 28, 2020)!

The chart for this pattern is 227 x 227 so it should come out to be around 57″ square. It includes a chart and written instructions for the interlocking and mosaic techniques.

I think it is quite lovely. Am I allowed to say that about my own pattern? I really want to make it.

But I have quite a bit on my to-do list before I allow myself to crochet this one, so I really need to see your projects!

We also managed to list and conditionally sell our house last week, and then we conditonally bought a new one (all in 5 days!). I am confident our buyer’s financing will go through and then ours will too.

It is very exciting around here and I am so glad I get to share my patterns with you all. Thank you for your patience as I deal with this big life event as well!

My work in progress – a scrappy mosaic version of the Abstract Princess!

2021 Update: I’ve been going through my posts to try and clean things up (too many random ads, spelling error here and there, etc). I remember the excitement at selling and buying and how eager I was for our lives to change. Shortly after this, my husband lost his job, we didn’t move into a new house, and we had to leave a lot of our things behind when we moved into a tiny apartment 7 hours away (closer to family). It was super stressful.