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2022 December Cat & All-In-One Blankets

Our final cat square (December, the “e”) is now live! And the full eBook is now available, along with a bonus eBook!

Solid Overlay Mosaic Crochet Update to 2020 Holiday Squares eBook

I have just finished updating all 15 squares in “Ashlee’s 2020 Holidays Squares” eBook! Previous posts about this eBook: Ashlee’s 2020 Holiday Squares eBook – Interlocking and Mosaic Crochet Patterns and Updated Holiday eBook and How to Choose Colors Thank you all for your patience as I grow and learn! When I first published these

Ashlee’s Yearly Blocks

Two new squares and a discount on an old eBook!

November Cat Face: Another Bonus Square

This cute little kitty cat is more my style (compared to the square I just published a few days ago: November Cat). You can use this square to replace one of the original cat squares in the 2022: A Year of Cats series. Or you can use it with “November Cat” to create a pillow

2022 November Cat

This month’s cat square features a rear-end. Cats are strange creatures sometimes; they bring us comfort, joy, and laughter!

Missi the Horse and Missi’s Flowers – a blanket and a matching repeatable motif

Missi the horse and her flowers: a blanket and a repeatable floral design to match. Interlocking and mosaic crochet options. Written patterns & charts.

2022 October Cat

Affectionately, I call this one “grumpy cat”. His fur is sticking out and his face is not pleased. Those long droopy whiskers and his long droopy neck make him look adorably upset. Don’t you want to soothe him? This is our 10th square and I am so excited that we have reached the 4th row

FREE Square: 2022 Bonus Scratch Cat

View the entire written pattern for the interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet version of “Bonus Scratch Cat” for FREE here online! Charts are only included in the paid PDF available on Etsy or Ravelry.

2022 September Cat

Each month in 2022 I have been publishing a new cat pattern! This month’s square can be used in the full blanket or it can be the “v” in “Love” along with 2022 March Cat, 2022 June Cat, and December Cat (which hasn’t been published yet! You can grab the eBook (which will be updated

2022 August Cat

“August Cat” is the 8th cat square in the series “2022: A Year of Cats”. Whether you use interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet you can create this happy striped cat!

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