I try to be mindful of not posting too often. I definitely don’t want to overwhelm your inboxes! I have the Dr Who patterns set to auto-post and I should have paid attention and quickly rescheduled so that I could post about this rocking horse instead.

A new pattern deserves a new post! This one is, of course, available for both interlocking and mosaic crochet.

I actually really love this design – it turned out well, in my opinion. And I always wish I could crochet all my new designs but this one might actually be on the REAL list to do! lol

I especially like how the stars in the corner are quite whimsical. And you will notice they do not mirror each other – I tend to like things asymmetrical.

You can get it on Ravelry or Etsy. You will get an automatic discount when you put it in your cart at Ravelry (that’s the “buy now” link below) and you can see the sale price on the Etsy listing. Sales end in 48 hours!

I think it has a sort of Christmas gift feel. But also can be good for a new baby or anyone who loves cute horse things!