Month: February 2021

Types of Crafters

I was thinking today about how there are 3 types of crafters: product crafters, process crafters, and planning crafters. Product crafters work towards an end goal of having a completed item. Sometimes they prefer small blocks that can be joined together because they get to be “done” lots of things before being done the big

Mesmur Avenue

I don’t think anyone enjoys the process of moving. The only thing I like is that it means we are no longer living in that apartment! (And I can get back to pattern making; new pattern details at the end of this post!) We were very thankful to have a warm place to live these

Into the Ocean (Waves) Throw Blanket Crochet Pattern

New pattern release: “Into the Ocean” is now available on Ravelry and Etsy

A Year of Gnomes

A few weeks ago, you may remember, I published a pattern called, “Gnomesflake” on Ravelry and Etsy. If you already bought that pattern on Ravelry, or if you buy it now with my new eBook (“A Year of Gnomes”) you will see an exciting discounted price in your cart until February 17, 2021 11:59 pm!

3000 FB members = free pattern!

As a celebration of reaching 3000 members in my Facebook group, this “Common Unicorn” pattern is free!

Monogrammed Alphabet – Small Afghan Squares

The “Monogrammed Alphabet” is made up of afghan squares. Great for mixing-and-matching! A one-piece blanket is included as well.

Sophisticated Alphabet – Oversized Afghan Squares

The “Sophisticated Alphabet” is made up of large, oversized afghan squares. Great for mixing-and-matching!

5 Days 4 the Homeless – Fundraiser

Last week I heard about this campaign that is fundraising for homeless initiatives across the country. The Canadian Association of Business Students is striving to raise awareness and donations for members of society that are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. The campaign is called “5 Days For the Homeless” and they have partnered