Month: July 2021

Baby Whale: 5 of 6 patterns in the Baby Ocean and Others eBook

These ocean-themed baby blankets have been fun to design! I have finally decided upon six baby ocean patterns for the eBook on Ravelry. Would you like me to put the eBook on Etsy too once it’s complete? This adorable whale started his life looking quite different but I am happy with the final outcome. My

Two fluffy baby blankets finished this week

I have never used the “story mode” on wordpress before. It didn’t let me write enough words. 😅 And you have to click on the photo above to see the other pictures in this series. Weird. These blankets are both included in the current baby blanket sale but Feline the Deer is not part of

Baby Sea Turtle: the 4th pattern but there will be more!

The 4th blanket in my Ocean-themed series of baby blanket patterns. These sea turtles are swimming in the ocean.

Baby Crab: 3rd Ocean Blanket

We were at the park the other day when we learned our city puts on a summer program. There were two workers doing crafts and playing games with the kids. My youngest just played in the splash park, but the older two enjoyed making a crabby craft! Their favorite part was putting glue on the

Baby Dolphin: 2nd in the series

Just a few days ago we saw the beginning of a short series: ocean-themed baby blankets! The first blanket has some waves and shells and a starfish and a sand dollar. This blanket has two dolphins swimming in a circle with some seaweed and bubbles. The swirl in the middle was supposed to be a

Baby Ocean: small blanket or part of a large blanket

This summer needs more ocean! I live in the Canadian Prairies; there are a few lakes nearby, but no oceans. The finished size of this blanket, when using medium, 4 – worsted weight yarn, is about 30″ square. This is the perfect size for a baby blanket! It is not so large that it becomes

Plus Flower: a large crochet square pattern

This is another large afghan square you can use to mix-and-match in a blanket or as a pillow or wall hanging.

Using Albums in a Facebook Group

A photo tutorial on using the albums in my facebook group

FATW6 CAL: Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean Theme

This is where I am keeping an updated list of all the releases for the Ocean-themed Friends Around the World 6th Anniversary CAL: Adventures in Mosaic Crochet

Blooming Owl Wall Hanging

Blooming Owll Wall Hanging: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet patterns.

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