Baby Dolphin: 2nd in the series

Just a few days ago we saw the beginning of a short series: ocean-themed baby blankets! The first blanket has some waves and shells and a starfish and a sand dollar.

The first baby blanket in this series, “Baby Ocean”. Sample crocheted by Penny Groves McPherson.

This blanket has two dolphins swimming in a circle with some seaweed and bubbles. The swirl in the middle was supposed to be a bit of a whirlpool. Dolphins use bubbles and water to catch fish! They swim around and around to create a wall that traps the fish – good teamwork on their part!

Crocheted by Altona Newcombe. Black as MC, extra white border added after.

I created an eBook on Ravelry called “Baby Ocean & Others” and it is going to be a great deal for you! I originally said I will have at least 4 blankets in this series (so you can create a big blanket if you want) but I have already got 5 ready and it could be 6 or more baby blanket patterns by the time I’m done!

These blankets, when matching my gauge using 4 – medium, worsted weight yarn, will be about 30″ square. The chart is 121 x 121 and includes X’s for overlay mosaic crochet! Of course, using a lighter or thicker yarn works perfectly well too – just adjust your hook appropriately and expect that the yardage and finished size may change.

The chart attached to the interlocking pattern does not have X’s because that would be distracting for that technique. This pattern, along with the others in my Baby Blankets section on Etsy and Ravelry all begin with 60 windows when you use the Locked Filet Mesh technique.

You can get “Baby Dolphin” on Etsy or Ravelry. Use code, “BABY21” to get 20% off* all my baby blanket patterns!

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Interlocking crochet sample done by CynCityCrochet.