These ocean-themed baby blankets have been fun to design! I have finally decided upon six baby ocean patterns for the eBook on Ravelry. Would you like me to put the eBook on Etsy too once it’s complete?

This adorable whale started his life looking quite different but I am happy with the final outcome. My art leads me most of the time. At least this time it is still a whale! I gotta go with the flow, you know?

Sometimes I ask my husband for his opinion. Sometimes I ask a friend online. And sometimes I ignore everything they say.

I get a little defensive, “this is MY art, stop telling me what to do!”

But sometimes I listen when my husband says the eye needs to go back farther and maybe change the curve of his back? And, wouldn’t you know it, my artsy husband can even be right! (some of the time)

Sample crocheted by CynCityCrochets using the interlocking crochet technique. Her fun purple ombre yarn really adds to this design!

As always, my pattern is written for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. You get one file with written line-by-line instructions for locked filet mesh (that’s what I call interlocking crochet) and a one-page chart. The single-page chart is good for viewing on a screen because you can easily zoom in on the section you’re working on.

The other file has written line-by-line instructions for the overlay mosaic crochet technique and a multi-page chart with X’s showing where to do the drop-down double crochets. These charts are best used printed off and taped together. It can be confusing to scroll between the pages when you’re not sure which row to look at next.

This pattern, along with the others in my Baby Blankets section on Etsy and Ravelry all begin with 60 windows when you use the Locked Filet Mesh technique or 121 foundation single crochets for the overlay mosaic method.

These extra-large squares have been designed with the thought that if you join four together you could get a full 60″ blanket. I have a tutorial on YouTube for joining squares but this is only one of many ways you could do it.

Since this is not the first pattern in my Baby Ocean series, you should already know about the eBook on Ravelry called “Baby Ocean & Others“. It will be updated to include each of these ocean-themed baby blanket patterns as I publish them. And I have finally concluded that there will be a total of six (6) patterns in this eBook.

I have more than six Ocean-themed blankets but I have decided to create a new eBook next month with the designs that don’t really fit into the “baby” theme.

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This offer will be extended to August 10, 2021 because I didn’t create the patterns fast enough! I have a 6th pattern to publish in this eBook. The final pattern has a special place in my heart – you’re going to love it! It should be ready for you in one week!