Shawl Bundle Sale

Last month I created a lot of bundle sales for my Designaversary Celebration. But none of my shawl patterns were included!

Sale has been updated: automatic 25% discount on individually listed shawl squares (Ravelry and Etsy) or the bundle deal on ravelry is 50% off when you buy all 6 shawls and use code “2022SHAWLS“. Offers end May 31, 2022. EXPIRED

I have 6 shawl patterns:

Pull it Up crocheted by Maja Serec, Wings Are Freedom crocheted by Kimberly Windsor-Johnson, Waves Shawl crocheted by Dawn Haynes, Hearts Shawl crocheted by Monica Marshal, Moonlight on the City crocheted by Ashlee, Skyline Shawl crocheted by Divya Tellakula.

They are all rectangle shawls. They have simple hidden pockets (optional) so I could call them all pocket shawls, but the pockets are not the main feature. I think of them as half-blankets.

I really wanted these to be a great way to show off a self-striping yarn so you can choose to work the pattern from side to side or from bottom to top depending on how you think your yarn will look best.

Sale Details

One of the shawls is available on LoveCrafts, but I have not created a sale there.

Five of the six shawls are on Etsy (technically Many Hearts Shawl is also on Etsy but it is only available in the Hearts, Hearts, Hearts eBook, so it is not included in the sale). The individually listed shawl patterns are currently discounted by 25%. No code needed. Sale ends May 31, 2022. Expired.

I have created a bundle on Ravelry, this is the best deal. Use code “2022SHAWLS” to take 50% off when you purchase all 6 shawl patterns! Offer ends May 31, 2022. Expired

You can add each pattern to your cart or just click the link below to have all the patterns added to your cart and the sale code automatically applied.

Thank you for all the likes and shares and support! 💕

Double Wedding Rings: Crochet Square or Blanket Pattern

Are there bells ringing soon? Do you have friends or family members tying the knot?

This beautiful design (if I do say so myself) was based on a traditional quilting pattern. The Double Wedding Rings Quilt has been remade in many variations throughout the years and I am happy to offer my take on it now. I even unpacked my wedding dress for some photos!

Mosaic version, grey as Main Color, with my old wedding dress.

Like all of my patterns, this pattern includes written line-by-line instructions and charts for two techniques: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet. The overlay mosaic crochet version has X’s on the chart to show where the dropped double crochets go.

This pattern can be made as large or as small as you want; simply adjust how many repeat you would like to do and choose a yarn weight and hook that matches.

This pattern has been updated to include center-out instructions for both techniques as well as the original bottom-up version.

The base size for the interlocking crochet method is 81 x 81. This is the same size as my collection of large squares (see a list here). The outer rows that lock the layers together show three solid lines but those lines won’t interfere with the image because there are markings to show you which parts to repeat.

Because the chart is the same size as my other oversized squares it works great as a pillow or as a panel in a mix-and-match blanket. Kimberly Windsor-Johnson made this interlocking sample of one square (no repeats) and you can see how awesome the back looks too!

The mosaic version has had the interlocking mesh dots removed and the unnecessary extra border lines that locked the interlocking mesh layers together are not on the mosaic chart. The mosaic chart is 79 x 79 because of that.

My patterns always instruct you to look at the chart to be sure you’re using the colors the way you intend to. I get a lot of messages from people who aren’t sure which color to use first (and I don’t mind these messages) but I always try to help now and educate for later.

My overlay mosaic sample, grey as the Main Color

For my mosaic sample I have used grey as the main color which shows as blue on the accompanying chart. I made mine 2 repeats wide and 3 repeats tall. I used a 5 mm hook and my yarn is technically a 4 weight but felt a bit thin. The finished size was 36″ wide by 52″ tall. It works as a small couch throw and feels so nice draped around my shoulders!

And the wrong side of your overlay mosaic crochet project will be striped with a faint illusion of the front. There are fancy techniques you can use to change the way the back looks – but I like the simple version.

The wrong side, overlay mosaic crochet.

Cyncitycrochets made this interlocking sample and she decided to use white as the main color which would correspond to the black squares on that chart. The result is stunning on both the right and wrong side.

Right side, interlocking crochet sample by cyncitycrochets (white as Main Color).
Wrong side, interlocking crochet sample by cyncitycrochets (white as Main Color).

In my opinion, you will want a minimum of 3 repeats to get the rings effect otherwise it looks a bit like a flower to me. My husband called it propellers.

Interlocking Crochet Details

  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Gauge: 16 DC x 8 rows = 4”
  • FOR FULL BLANKET (4 squares wide and 5 tall):
    • 79” x 92” / 189cm x 234cm
    • Worsted weight yarn (7800 – 7900 yards total)
      • Main color (MC) – 3900 yards plus 100 for optional border
      • Accent color (AC) – 3900 yards
    • 20” x 20” / 51cm x 51cm
    • Worsted weight yarn (460 – 485 yards total)
      • Main color (MC) – 230 yards plus 25 for optional border
      • Accent color (AC) – 230 yards

Overlay Mosaic Crochet Details

  • 5 mm hook (H-8)
  • Gauge: 14 stitches x 15 rows = 4”
  • FOR FULL BLANKET (3 squares wide and 4 tall):
    • 59” x 84” / 150cm x 213cm
    • Worsted weight yarn (5550 – 6400 yards total)
      • Main color (blue/yellow on chart) – 2600 yards plus 850 for optional envelope border
      • Accent color (white on chart) – 2950 yards
    • 20” x 22” / 52cm x 56cm
    • Worsted weight yarn (525 – 825 yards total)
      • Main color (blue/yellow on chart) – 250 yards plus 300 for optional envelope border
      • Accent color (white on chart) – 275 yards

Get the Pattern

Take 30% off your ENTIRE CART when you purchase this pattern and use code “WEDDING30” until 11:59 pm CST March 1, 2022. Applicable on Etsy and Ravelry.

The envelope border on my overlay mosaic sample took me about 4 hours. I used 4 rows of single crochet in the back loop only after a round of surface single crochets on the ends with the fringe.

Fa La La Wall Hanging

It is the beginning of November, prime time for Christmas decorations, right? Of course, right! (That’s must be said in the matchmaker’s voice from the movie, “Fiddler on the Roof” hahaha)

The season must start early when you are making your decorations by hand! And don’t forget about the gift you’re making for your brother and your aunt and your coworker and your neighbor and your dog and and your 3rd cousin twice removed.

Maybe it’s time to make something for yourself! This wall hanging can be used year after year. Every time I see it I start singing, “‘tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la la la la la“!

Interlocking and mosaic samples crocheted by Heather Passmore and Altona Newcombe.

It is designed to use a thin, lightweight yarn (some countries call this fingering weight, 1- super fine, 8/4, 4-ply) so that you can hang it on your wall. If you meet gauge your finished piece will be 13″ x 40″ / 33cm x 101cm.

If you’d rather use worsted weight (4 – medium) yarn then you can create a shawl like Heather Passmore did. Her finished measurements were 65″ x 21.5″. She used a 5.5 mm hook. Her yarn was Caron One Pound; she used about 725 yard of off-white and 800 yards of claret. Following my gauge calculator, if I had designed this piece for worsted weight and a 4.5 mm hook I would have estimated 785 yards of each color for a piece that would finish to 66″ x 21.5″.

If a shawl isn’t your thing, you can easily make this a throw blanket: I’ve marked the border lines so you can repeat the inner design three times for a blanket width.

You can use the chart or written instructions for either technique (interlocking crochet or overlay mosaic crochet). The mosaic chart has X’s and both charts are color-coded to remind you not to do the straight lines on the sides in the middle of your repeats.

This pattern has words in the middle (does “Fa La La” count as words?) and thus, it makes things difficult if you’re left-handed. I have included written instructions for left-handed crocheters for both techniques.

You can see more of my left-handed patterns on Ravelry.

Get the Pattern

Take 30% off this pattern and any others you add to your Ravelry cart at the same time by using code “FALALA“; offer ends November 10, 2021.

  • Fingering Weight Yarn (1 – Super Fine)
  • Finished measurements without fringe 13” x 40” / 33cm x 101cm
  • 2.5 mm hook (C/2)
  • Wooden Dowel: 1/2” diameter, 16” length
  • Chart size: 85 x 263

Repeat section does not include the straight border lines on the sides (as in, those lines won’t interrupt the inner design).