August Birthday Sale!

You can probably count on this (a sale in August) being an annual thing – August is a big month of celebration here!

We already celebrated my husband’s birthday. This week will be Melody’s 2nd birthday. And next week will be Alice’s 7th. Plus, the end of the month will be our 12th anniversary!

Hand painted Merino Wool!

I was also celebrating reaching 5000 members in my Facebook group! I gave away a couple patterns and I bought two beautiful skeins of yarn for this too! I mailed the soft merino wool away yesterday – and then bought myself new Retro Stripes yarn today! Am I a yarn addict?

We made Mitch a musical piano cake. His favorite flavour: Butter pecan; from a box mix. I use melted butter instead of oil and milk instead of water. They always come out fabulous and it is quick and easy to do with little kids around.

Alice carefully put sprinkles spelling “Mitch” on top of our piano cake.

Then I made plain buttercream icing. I even forgot to add vanilla flavor! I was so distracted trying to find my black food coloring gel. We have moved twice in the last year so I guess at some point I must have decided it was too old or maybe I actually used it up and just can’t remember. Either way, it isn’t here.

My black piano ended up being a weird blue. Almost purple-black. I can blame it on young kids 🤣 but really it was me being too tired to go out and buy black. I had already gone out for more icing sugar (and then found the bag I was looking for once I returned home).

Melody and Remi took turns decorating this cake made up from the leftover cut out pieces.

I have had a headache for a few days and it really sucks when I can’t make it go away even when something important – like a birthday – comes around. It doesn’t seem smoky outside but the weather station keeps leaving an exclamation mark on my phone warning everyone that the drifting some from the B.C. forest fires can affect people with asthma and other respiratory issues. It might be triggering my headaches too.

Anyway, the plan was to use kit kat bars as the piano keys but when we went to the store they didn’t have the flavor with the white chocolate. So I grabbed something else that was on sale. And I wasn’t sure how much I would need, so I now have 4 leftover chocolate bars in my freezer. That might have been almost-on-purpose. 😬🙈🤣

We didn’t put up any decorations or balloons but we definitely will when the next birthdays come. The kids LOVE having balloons. It really marks the day as special when they wake up and see balloons and streamers.

Daddy’s lap is always going to be big enough for all three kids, right?

Mitch’s favorite gift might have been the fancy coffee beans from his mom. He is a coffee-aholic. He has even convinced me that coffee doesn’t always taste bad (I don’t really do hot drinks at all).

I tried to get a picture of us together but it was blurry and horrible and this picture of my husband looks GOOD 😍

Today I realized that I hadn’t put my patterns on sale for awhile and I decided three birthdays in a month is a good enough reason to celebrate with not only my family here but also my new friends all over the world!

Thank you for encouraging me to keep making patterns. Thank you for making them look beautiful! Thank you for being my new giant circle of worldwide friends!

You can get 30% off everything in my Ravelry store from now until 11:59 pm CST, August 13, 2021 by adding at least TWO PATTERNS TO YOUR CART! No code needed, but you have to pick more than one pattern. I thought about making it three patterns minimum because of the three birthdays but I haven’t done a sale like this before so I figured I would try just two for now.

Everything is included, even the eBooks (which are already heavily discounted)!

And, if you’re an Etsy-only user, you can get the same deal there too! 30% off when you purchase at least TWO PATTERNS, no code needed! Expires August 13, 2022.

Now I am going to get back to crocheting and drawing and hugging my family.

Using Albums in a Facebook Group

I love my Facebook group, Ashlee Brotzell Designs.

I created it just over a year ago when I started designing crochet patterns. As a designer I suddenly wasn’t allowed to post in a lot of the groups I was in. It was, and still is, a bit of a sore spot. It makes me sad not being able to contribute to a conversation on a topic I love simply because I love it so much that I decided to create my own patterns.

So, now I have my own group where I can post everything I am working on. I also have a Facebook page and an instagram page and a ravelry group, but I am most active in the Facebook group.

Besides being a great place to see my newest patterns as they come out and sometimes see a sneak peak of things before they come out, it is also a great place to get advice on yarn choices or meet some new friends who love crocheting too!

I have created albums for most of my patterns so you can see a few color options and sometimes see the difference between the two techniques all my patterns are written for: interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.

But, it seems that these albums are not as easy to use as one would hope.

Mobile / Tablet

One issue is that the screens look different based on whether you are accessing the group on your desktop/laptop or on a mobile device like your smartphone or tablet.

This is is how I access the albums on my phone:

Choose, “More”, “View Group Info”, “Photos”, and then choose an album.

Choose the three dots, “More” and from the drop-down menu, choose “View Group Info”

Choose “Photos” (the number of photos in the group will probably keep increasing!)

Here are a list of albums! You have to scroll down and choose to load more if you want to see earlier designs. I find that slightly difficult on my phone actually. It is easier on the desktop.

When you choose an album you will see the description I have given the album and you may notice that the comments are all turned off but you can still add your own photos!

Comments are turned off on the albums, but you can click on an individual image and comment on that image. In the album description, I try to put the links to my blog post about each pattern and sometimes also the ravelry or etsy link. Those links can also be found in my blog post, so the information is kind of everywhere.


The steps are basically the same on my laptop, but the screen looks a bit different. Also, your screen might be slightly different because you aren’t the admin so I am pretty sure I have some extra things that you can’t see.

Choose, “More” from the menu bar, then choose “Media” from the drop down menu. Select “Albums” instead of seeing all the photos at once, and then choose an album!

Choose “More” from the menu bar. It will have a drop down menu – choose “Media”. I tried to screenshot with the menu visible but I am apparently not that technologically advanced.

In “Media” you have the option of seeing all the photos or you can choose “Albums” to see some organization,

You may have to scroll down to see older designs. Some albums are bundled to include more than one design – for example, all of the gnomes are in one album.

Once you’ve selected an album you will see that comments are turned off but there’s a blue button that says “Add Photos/Videos”. Plus, if you click on a photo in an album you can leave a comment for the maker there!

I hope this helps! I sometimes forget to create an album for my new patterns, but eventually I get it done. *embarassed grin*

Remember, you can find a list of all my patterns here:

Most of my patterns are on Ravelry (a few of the Dr Who ones are not).

Some of my patterns are on Etsy (let me know if you need something on a non-ravelry platform).

And all of my social links are here:

FATW6 CAL: Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean Theme

Good morning, Monday!

It has been so great seeing all the new projects getting started since Thursday when my Mosaic Coral Strip was released as the first section in the Friends Around the World 6th Anniversary CAL (FATW6)!

Mondays and Thursdays will be the release days of a new section – and today is Monday! Remember, all the pieces in this Crochet-A-Long have been designed by different people. The common theme is mosaic crochet and then 3 blankets were compiled from the submissions!

Each section is FREE. Some designers, like me, have included videos. I believe all the sections include a chart and written instructions, but I guess we will have to wait and see if that’s true.

This blog post of mine is going to be where I keep a list of all the sections as they are released. You can bookmark it if you like! You can also sign up for updates from the host: CAL Crochet A Long Facebook group

Also, please feel free to share your progress on this CAL in my Ashlee Brotzell Designs Facebook group. Normally, I don’t allow work by other designers but since this is a group collaboration I am making an exception – I want to see your progress! 🙂

I will link to the official CAL blog entry and you will have to scroll through their post to find the link to that section’s pattern (some are Ravelry downloads, some are on websites; different designers have different ways of doing things).

Friends Around The World: Adventures in Mosaic Crochet – Ocean theme

July 8, 2021: Mosaic Coral Strip by Ashlee Brotzell

Since this is my section I will also link to my blog entry about it and the ravelry download. Plus, my handy-dandy video walk-thru: Coral Strip on YouTube

July 12: Sally Starfish by Lynette Kosar of Lavender Cup Cottage

Look for the link to the ravelry download near the end of the article I linked to above.

July 15: Mosaic Crab by Suzanne Lively Boren

This one also has a link to ravelry near the end of the article.

July 19: Dancing Octopus by Suzanne Lively Boren

Find the ravelry link at the end of the blog article!

July 22: Mosaic Squid by Suzanne Lively Boren of Not So Boren Crochet

Suzanne was busy! This is another section she did!

July 26: The Goldfish 1 by Svetlana Rogatykh

This goldfish section also includes a tiny border design you can use at any point in your design! And the goldfish is pretty awesome! The link the to ravelry download is at the end of the article I have linked to above.

July 29: The Goldfish 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Svetlana’s second pattern in this Crochet-A-Long is swimming the other direction! Her Ravelry link is going at the end of the post linked to above.

August 2: Wave 1 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Another beautiful section from Svetlana!

August 5: Dolphin by Suzanne Boren of Not so Boren Crochet

You must be familiar with this designer by now! The official blog post from CAL has a direct link to her download, no Ravelry this time.

August 8: Wave 2 by Svetlana Rogatykh

Svetlana contributed so many designs to this CAL that you could actually create a full blanket with just her designs! You can get all of them in one file now.

August 12: My Anchors by Lana Ignjatovic of Loving Stitches Designs

In this CAL so far we have seen some repeated designers, but here’s a new one! This designer isn’t new to designing though; if you participated in the FATW5 CAL you may recognize her name. You can grab this anchor strip right from the official CAL blog linked above.

August 16: Dragorad’s Regatta designed by Lana Ignjatovic of Loving Stitches Designs

Another design from Lana here! It is hosted on the CAL blog so all you need to do is scroll to the end of their blog post and find the link to her pattern!

August 18, 2021: Sunglasses by Ashlee Brotzell

I have the privilege of being the final piece in this ocean-themed blanket! You can view the pattern on my blog or grab the free Ravelry download. And there’s a full walk-thru on YouTube!

After you finish crocheting these cool sunglasses, head back to the host blog and find instructions on finishing!

Brotzell Tiger King: Twin-Sized Bedspread

“The tiger will see you one hundred times before you see it once.” -Anonymous

Finished blanket by Eileen 🤩

This pattern is not for the faint of heart – this furry beast should fit a twin-sized bed (60″ x 77″ / 154cm x 195cm) when you match gauge.

I asked my Facebook group to help me name him. Like I posted there, I wanted him fuzzy but I had a really hard time letting the fur edges be “messy” 😬🙈 I would work on this chart, sleep on it, try again, sleep on it, tweak it, sleep, stare, sleep, fix it, sleep, etc 🤣 I have decided he is good enough now.

I am listing this pattern on both Ravelry and Etsy (unlike my previous two published patterns; they were just little squares and not worth the fees to list on Etsy, although I may add a bundle to Etsy later).


My Designaversary Sale is still on but I am creating a new sale for this Tiger as well. You can use any of the Designaversary codes or this new code: “TigerEyes” to get 30% off the Brotzell Tiger King and any other patterns you buy at the same time. You can use the Designaversary codes more than once but this new code is a single-use code that expires April 18, 2021. (Sale expired)


The way Etsy does sales (and everything else) is different than Ravelry, so for my Etsy-only customers you will be able to use only the Designaversary Code found on Instagram (applicable to all my patterns) or grab Brotzell Tiger King with an automatic 30% discount until April 18, 2021. (Sale Expired)

Mockup of Brotzell Tiger King

You will receive one file containing:

  • the interlocking pattern
  • a one-page chart (243 x 307)
  • the mosaic pattern (including instructions for an envelope border)

Now includes a bonus chart spread across multiple pages! (Single-page is good for screens, multi-page is better when printing) and, don’t forget my tutorial on reading the chart – even though it’s not really needed since I include the written instructions with every pattern:

The Locked Filet Mesh (LFM) interlocking crochet method uses only chain spaces and double crochets to create a mesh; two colors are worked alternately which creates the pattern.

Overlay mosaic crochet is single and double crochet stitches. The double crochet stitches cover some of the other color’s single crochet stitches to create the design. My patterns instruct you to cut your yarn at the end of each row. The back is striped but often gives a faint impression of the pattern on the front (sort of like illusion knitting). See an example here.

I have YouTube tutorials available for both crochet methods! Follow this link to get to my YouTube channel and find my other social links.

For Interlocking Crochet, You Will Need

  • Worsted Weight Yarn (5350 yards)
  • Main Color (MC) – 2625 yards plus 100 yards for optional SC border
  • Accent Color (AC) – 2625 yards
  • Crochet hook: 4.5 mm (US7)
  • Stitch marker
  • Gauge: 16 stitches x 8 rows in one color = 4” square

For Mosaic Crochet, You Will Need

  • Worsted Weight Yarn (6600 yards)
  • Main Color (MC) – 3000 yards plus 600 yards for optional envelope border
  • Coordinating Color (CC) – 3000 yards
  • Crochet hook: 4.5 mm (US7)
  • Scissors
  • Gauge: 16 sc stitches x 16 rows = 4″ square

©️ 2021 Ashlee Brotzell.
All rights reserved. This publication is protected under federal copyright laws. Reproduction or distribution, in whole or in part, in any medium, is strictly prohibited.

What does this mean?
This is an original pattern by Ashlee Brotzell. You may not copy, reproduce, sell, or share any part of it whether for profit or not. This includes, but is not limited to, the written pattern, the chart, and the photos. No translations or video tutorials are allowed.

Sales of your finished items are, of course, unrestricted (and I wish you all the best!). I appreciate credit given to the designer when possible but it is not a requirement. You may tag me @AshleesLint or direct people to my website

Designaversary Celebration Sale

I spent too many hours debating on the coolest way to do a sale and the best way to make it exciting and engaging and meaningful and blah, blah, blah… 😅

I want to be seen as creative, but not confusing. I also want to put effort into fun things like a celebration sale, but not so much effort that it feels like a drag and I regret doing it. I want to stay professional but I have no marketing training and often just try to think about what I would prefer as a customer (which, I am sure, is not always what the marketing gurus would suggest).

I was going to have 12 days of sales, where each day represents a month that I have been designing. And all the patterns I published that month would be on sale for one day (like, the first day would feature all the patterns from my first month; the second day of the sale would only be applicable to designs I published in my 2nd month of designing, etc).

But that would require a lot of work from me and would encourage multiple small purchases from you which results in more fees for me.

David Orth @davidqorth did a sale game where he doesn’t tell you how much of a discount you will get and the percentage changes every few hours so you have to decide when to make the purchase. That sounds fun, but again, a lot of hands-on work from me.

So, here’s my plan: I will send out a coupon code in the newsletter and put a code on instagram and put another code on the board of my ravelry group, and post one in my Facebook group, too – and they will be different coupons and you can choose which one to use!

So, Sunday, April 4 is the day to look for the coupon codes and they will all expire April 19, 2021! I hope you have some fun 😊

P.s. I was having issues with linking on my text but I am happy I found this colored button option! Oh, the things you learn at midnight 😅

Maxi Tiles

Late one night, instead of sleeping, I was browsing Facebook…

and I came across a post where someone shared a photo of a pretty design she saw on the wrapper for her feminine hygiene products. Everyone agreed this pattern could be beautiful in crochet-form!

So, here is my version.

You can also buy a nice PDF on Ravelry.

I created it in both interlocking and mosaic (because that’s who I am now lol). I like my color choices but unfortunately it was just a ball of random leftover stuff and I don’t know the brand or colorway.

The mosaic version

You can create one tile at a time and sew them together or do a bunch of repeats until your piece is as big as you want it!

Yarn weight and hook size can easily be adjusted, just keep in mind your finished project will use a different amount of yarn and be a different finished size.

If you share your works on Instagram, tag me: @AshleesLint

Mosaic Pattern and Interlocking Pattern can be found below.

  • US Crochet terminology
  • Finished size approximately 5”
    • Each repeat adds about 4”
  • 4.5 mm hook (US7)
  • Worsted weight yarn (40 yards)
    • Main color – 20 yards
    • Contrasting color – 20 yards
      • Each repeat adds about 10 yards of each color
  • Mosaic Gauge: 16 stitches x 16 rows = 4″
  • LFM Gauge: 16 stitches x 8 rows = 4″

Calculating the Repeats
You can make one tile at a time and sew a bunch of squares together (handy if you want lots of different colors) or you can repeat the pattern all in one go and make it as wide and high as you like!

The pattern below is written for 5 repeats – you can adjust anywhere it says x5.
How wide do you want your blanket? Let’s pick 60” as an example (that’s a throw sized blanket); if you’re matching my gauge this is the formula: 60” / 4” per repeat = 15 repeats.

Remember that if you do 15 repeats across you will also need to do 15 repeats for height.

Mosaic Key
MC = Main Color: black in chart
CC = Contrasting Color: white in chart
Sp = space
Sk = skip a stitch
CH = chain
SC = single crochet
sc = SC into Back Loop only
DC = double crochet
dc = DC into Front Loop of stitch, 2 rows below
JS = Joining Stitch: insert hook under both loops, pull up a loop, slip stitch, SC in same space
ES = End Stitch: SC under both loops, CH 1, cut yarn and pull through tightly

Mosaic Technique
Please see the YouTube tutorial for more details. I use a single-row mosaic technique. Each square on the chart corresponds to one stitch. There is an additional stitch (not visible on the chart) on each side of the chart for joining and ending. You start at the bottom-right corner of the chart.

  • The front of your work is always facing you (this is the right side, the side showing the design)
  • You are always working from the right to the left
  • You tie on a new yarn at the beginning of each row and cut it at the end
    • Tails don’t need to be longer than an inch and a half
  • Yarn colors can be anything you like
    • They need to contrast well (try a black and white photo to see if they are too similar)
    • They need to be the same weight (size/thickness)
    • My charts use black as the Main Color and white as the Coordinating Color
  • I prefer using a chainless SC to create my foundation row because then I have tails on both sides of my work just like all the other rows will have
  • Even-numbered rows use MC; odd-numbered rows use CC

Mosaic Pattern begins here

Foundation Row: use Main Color (MC) (black on the chart)
Use a chainless SC technique to create (16 SC) x5 +7 SC. Or, chain (16 SC) x5 +8, SC in 2nd from hook and all the way back across. Cut and tie off.

Switch to Contrasting Color (CC) {Remember: even- rows use MC; odd-numbered rows use CC}
1 – JS, sc5, (sc16) x5, ES
2 – JS, dc1, sc3, (sc16) x5, dc1, ES
3 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc1, (sc16) x5, dc1, sc1, ES
4 – JS, dc1, sc1, dc1, {sc3, (dc1, sc1) x2, dc1, sc7, dc1} x5, sc1, dc1, ES
5 – JS, sc1, {(dc1, sc1) x8} x5, dc1, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES
6 – JS, dc1, sc1, dc1, {sc3, (dc1, sc1) x2, dc1, sc7, dc1} x5, sc1, dc1, ES
7 – JS, sc1, dc1, {(sc5, dc1, sc1, dc1) x2} x5, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES
8 – JS, dc1, sc1, dc1, {sc5, dc1, sc1, dc1, (sc3, dc1) x2} x5, sc1, dc1, ES
9 – JS, sc1, dc1, {sc7, (dc1, sc1) x4, dc1} x5, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES
10 – JS, dc1, sc1, dc1, {sc7, dc1, (sc3, dc1) x2} x5, sc1, dc1, ES
11 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc1, (sc16) x5, dc1, sc1, ES
12 – JS, dc1, sc1, dc1, {(sc3, dc1) x2, sc7, dc1} x5, sc1, dc1, ES
13 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc1, {(dc1, sc1) x4, dc1, sc7} x5, dc1, sc1, ES
14 – JS, dc1, sc1, dc1, {(sc3, dc1) x2, sc1, dc1, sc5, dc1} x5, sc1, dc1, ES
15 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc1, {(dc1, sc1, dc1, sc5) x2} x5, dc1, sc1, ES
16 – JS, dc1, sc1, dc1, {sc7, (dc1, sc1) x2, dc1, sc3, dc1} x5, sc1, dc1, ES
17 – JS, sc1, {(dc1, sc1) x8} x5, dc1, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES
18 – JS, dc1, sc1, dc1, {sc7, (dc1, sc1) x2, dc1, sc3, dc1} x5, sc1, dc1, ES
Repeat rows 3-18 x5 or until desired height.
19 – JS, sc1, dc1, sc1, (sc16) x5, dc1, sc1, ES
20 – JS, dc1, sc3, (sc16) x5, dc1, ES

Tie your ends together.
Trim the fringe.
Add a border if you want.

Chart marked with X’s for overlay mosaic crochet where the dropped double crochets go.

Interlocking Pattern begins here

The LFM version

Take note, if you’re used to doing my patterns, the foundation rows are different for this one!

Interlocking Key
RS = right side: the side of your work that will show the finished design
WS = wrong side: the back of your project
Front = the side currently facing you
Back = the side not facing you
Ch = chain
Sp = space
Sk = skip a stitch
SC = single crochet
DC = double crochet
F = DC in front, then CH 1
B = DC behind, then CH 1
ES = DC into the last window space
EF = end stitch in front: using AC, DC into the last AC window, working in front of MC
EB = end stitch in back: using AC, DC into the last AC window, working behind MC
ACF = bring the AC yarn to the side facing you
ACB = put AC yarn to the side facing away from you

Interlocking Foundation Rows

  1. Using MC create 8 (x5) + 2 windows. I prefer the chainless technique using triple/treble crochet but alternatively you can Ch 16 (x5) + 8 (or 9 if you chain tighter than me), then DC in 6th (or 7th) Ch from your hook. Ch 1, Sk 1, DC repeat until the end. Place stitch marker so your work doesn’t unravel.
  2. With your AC, Ch 16 (x5) + 6 (or 7 if you chain tighter). Place MC windows on top of this chain (make sure the end with the stitch marker is at your left) and DC through the back of the SECOND window into the 6th (or 7th) Ch from your hook. See pictures below.
  3. Ch 1, Sk 1, DC through back repeat until the last stitch where you will place your DC in front of the MC. Place stitch marker so your work doesn’t unravel. Both stitch markers should be on the same end.

WS – ACB (wrong side facing you, AC to back)
4 MC – Ch3, (1B, 3F, 3B, 1F) x5, 1B, ES
5 AC – Ch3 in back, (8B) x5, EB

6 MC – Ch3, 1F, (1B, 3F, 3B, 1F) x5, ES
7 AC – Ch3 in front, {(2B, 2F) x2)} x5, EF

8 MC – Ch3, {(1B, 1F) x2, 2B, 2F} x5, 1B, ES
9 AC – Ch3 in back, (5B, 3F) x5, EB

10 MC – Ch3, 1F, {3B, (1F, 1B) x2, 1F} x5, ES
11 AC – Ch3 in front, (8B) x5, EF

12 MC – Ch3, 1B, {3F, (1B, 1F) x2, 1B} x5, ES
13 AC – Ch3 in back, (3F, 5B) x5, EB

14 MC – Ch3, 1F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 2F, 2B, 1F, 1B, 1F, 1B, 2F, 2B, 1F, ES
15 AC – Ch3 in front, {(2F, 2B) x2} x5, EF

16 MC – Ch3, (1B, 1F, 3B, 3F) x5, 1B, ES
17 AC – Ch3 in back, (8B) x5, EB

Repeat rows 4-17 x5 or until desired height

34 MC – Ch3, 1F, (3B, 3F, 1B, 1F) x5, ES
35 AC – Ch3 in front, (8B) x5, EF
Cut and tie off AC

36 MC – Ch3, 1B, (8B) x5, ES
Cut and tie off, OR continue with border.

SC Border
Ch1, put 2 SC in each gap on all four sides. Add an extra ch2 space in each corner (corner gap will have 2sc, 2ch, 2sc).

Take a picture and share it!
@Ashleeslint #lockedfiletmeshcrochet

Crochet project using white, red, and blue. Stripes on back, varying squares on the front. Sprawled across the grass.
My work in progress using 10 repeats to create a small throw blanket.

Chart and pattern ©Ashlee Brotzell 2020.

All rights reserved. This publication is protected under federal copyright laws. Reproduction or distribution, in whole or in part, in any medium, is strictly prohibited.

What does this mean?
This is an original pattern by Ashlee Brotzell. You may not copy, reproduce, sell, or share any part of it whether for profit or not. This includes, but is not limited to, the written pattern, the chart, and the photos. No translations or video tutorials are allowed.

Sales of your finished items are, of course, unrestricted (and I wish you all the best!). I appreciate credit given to the designer when possible but it is not a requirement. You may tag me @AshleesLint or direct people to my website