Interlocking Crochet

Interlocking Crochet, or Locked Filet Mesh Crochet, goes by many names but it is a colorwork technique that allows you to create intricate patterns without cutting your yarn or fussing with bobbins of colors.

Typically, it uses two colors of yarn. They must contrast well but be the same weight (thickness).

You use one color per row, alternating colors as you go. 

Each color creates a single layer of mesh. Each layer is woven between the mesh gaps of the other layer. 

It is possible to do more layers of mesh and it is also possible to add in intarsia color changes to add some more wow into your project.


I published my first pattern to ravelry on April 1, 2020. At that time, from what I understood, I couldn’t use the term “interlocking crochet” because of copyright issues so I decided to call mine “Locked Filet Mesh” or LFM for short.

Shortly after, we learned that the term was no longer (or possibly never had been) copyrighted and was available for all to use.

This was a great relief as it meant crocheters could more easily find patterns using this technique by searching for one term instead of having to memorize each designer’s different name for the same technique.

Why Locked Filet Mesh?

The charts look a bit like filet crochet charts because they are black and white, with no extra colors, and they are made up of tiny squares. Of course, when crocheting, you can use whichever two colors you like as long as they contrast well so that your design shows up.

Tutorial Patterns

I have created YouTube tutorials, which you can access here.

And you will need the Tutorial Hearts pattern to go along with the YouTube video.

I also have 2 more small squares that are free so you can practice. The Wave and The Tutorial Square (very original name, right ??).

Mosaic Crochet

You may have already noticed that the Tutorial Hearts download on ravelry includes the LFM version and the Mosaic version.

I am in the process of writing out the line by line instructions for all my patterns. It’s neat that my charts can be used for both techniques!


All of my patterns now include the full written pattern and charts for both interlocking crochet and overlay mosaic crochet.