If you are familiar with my patterns you will see that when I create a pattern with words I also create written instructions for left-handed crocheters.

I think it is sad that my lefty friends have to make do with so many things created for right-handed people. Of course, it is possible to just read each line backwards and then your words will be legible. But I think that it is much nicer to have something made for you!

After all, being left-handed shouldn’t be a reason to avoid crocheting my patterns!

So, my newest pattern: Live Laugh Love Paws, includes one file for left-handed crocheters and one file for right-handed crocheters.

Digital Sample of Live Laugh Love Paws
Live Laugh Love Paws

I don’t have a lot of patterns aimed towards animal lovers. I think there are a lot of people out there who will make this “baby blanket” for their beloved pooch!

It is written up for interlocking and overlay mosaic crochet, of course. I am still working on getting my first patterns to include both sets of instructions. It is more fun to make new patterns so it is taking me awhile.

You can get it on Etsy or Ravelry. Both places include both files (right- and left-handed).

And, as usual, if you buy it in the first 72 hours after release you will get an automatic 30% discount!

I don’t mind the pattern hoarders ? but I sure do love seeing my patterns come to life in yarn! Show us your progress in my Ravelry Group: Locked Filet Mesh Crochet (although, truly I should update the title of my group now that I also do mosaic) or in my Facebook Group: Ashlee’s Interlocking and Mosaic Crochet.

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