Month: May 2021

MusicCal 5: Piano Section

This is the shortest section of my MusicCAL 2021 (Crochet-A-Long). So far, each week has included a divider section and then the musical design. This week, because the piano is so small, I am adding the next divider section at the end as well. But, WHY is the piano so small? It is really a

Monstera Leaf Throw Blanket

Have you noticed these giant leaves are very popular right now? I love how they give a space a happy, carefree, tropical vibe. To become the iconic leaf, the plants must fenestrate (this is when the leaves split and get holes). Knowing how poorly I manage to take care of houseplants, if I had one

MusicCal 4: Boom Box Section

At the end of this section we will be halfway through the MusicCAL 2021 (Crochet-A-Long)! It has been a busy week for me: I published three new patterns! Magic Decanter, GoldieLux 40, and The Paw 20. The Paw 20 is FREE to everyone who has purchased Live Laugh Love Paws! This is our 4th section

The Paw 20-Window Square

I woke up to a lovely request for the paw in my “Live Laugh Love Paws” pattern to have its own pattern. So, ta-da, here it is! This square has 20-windows in the foundation row when done in the interlocking method. It is most easily joined to other squares of the same size; you can

GoldieLux Square

What’s in a name? This one was named after my imagined piece and not the actual sample I crocheted. I imagined a deep, rich gold tone with a deep, rich purple or maybe emerald green (something jewel-toned at least). And I pictured it in either blanket- or pillow-form lying on a luxurious plush couch. Then,

MusicCal 3: Bass Clef Section

Time to continue with my MusicCAL 2021 (Crochet-A-Long)! This post includes the interlocking pattern and the overlay mosaic pattern (click to skip ahead to the patterns). If you’re new to these techniques, check out my tutorials on YouTube! Join in at any time! Share your progress in my Ravelry group, or in my Facebook group,

Magic Decanter

Something is brewing! A star? A galaxy? Just the most amazing cup of coffee? 🤣 I think the right yarn choices will really make this pattern pop! It is smaller than some of my other blankets, but not so small that it needs more squares added to it. The chart is 181 x 181 which

Goodnight, Unicorn: time to sleep in the clouds

Just what everyone has been waiting for: another unicorn pattern! 🦄 I got a lot of positive feedback on my “Common Unicorn” so I hope you will all like this one as well! This cute baby unicorn is chilling on a cloud amongst the stars. And, like most babies, this unicorn isn’t sleepy tonight. 🤣

Chained Ponds Blanket and Pillow Set

A few weeks ago I published a blanket pattern called “Chained Ponds“. I also created a challenge: finish the blanket in 6 weeks and receive the pillow pattern for free! Three members of my Facebook group were able to complete the blanket in time and win their bonus pattern! Congratulations! I planned on the pillow

MusicCal 2: Trumpet Section

You’ve made it to week two of my MusicCAL 2021 (Crochet-A-Long)! There’s a funny story behind the trumpet. My husband is an I-can-play-anything musician. He has a lot of different instruments. So, a few years ago when he said he wanted to learn how to play the trumpet my immediate response was, “they’re sold out”.

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