This summer needs more ocean!

I live in the Canadian Prairies; there are a few lakes nearby, but no oceans.

The finished size of this blanket, when using medium, 4 – worsted weight yarn, is about 30″ square. This is the perfect size for a baby blanket! It is not so large that it becomes unmanageable in the summer heat but it is not so small that it feels like it will be outgrown too quickly.

Mosaic crochet sample done by Penny Groves McPherson, dark blue used as Main Color

The chart is 121 x 121. This is larger than my selection of Large Squares (these have a chart size of 81 x 81 and finish to about 20″ square). I often put the number “-40” in the title of those squares because they begin with 40 windows when you’re using the interlocking crochet method.

This “Baby Ocean” pattern, along with my other patterns of this size (“Preemie Love Blanket“, “Feline the Deer“, and “Many Hugs“) begin with 60 windows when you use the interlocking crochet technique. You can see a list of baby blankets of this size on Etsy or Ravelry.

“Preemie Love Blanket” was the first pattern I designed of this size. With an envelope border and a larger hook size, the blue and orange blanket in the image above came out to 35″ square.

When you use the overlay mosaic crochet method you begin with with 62 single crochet stitches (60 for the pattern and one on each side for the joining and ending stitches).

And, for all of you Mosaic Crochet fans, you will be happy to know that this pattern includes a chart marked with X’s! I have been updating my old patterns as fast as fellow designer, Natalie Caruso, can create these charts! Thank you, Natalie!

One thing I love about blanket patterns is that gauge is not super critical. I use a 4.5 mm hook with my worsted weight yarn because I like my stitches to be quite tight. Sometimes, with mosaic crochet, I will use a 5 mm hook instead. It uses a little bit more yarn and the finished piece is a tiny bit larger but if I am not joining it to something else than it doesn’t matter to me.

I have used very thin yarn for some pieces and bulky yarn for others. As long as the hook size gets adjusted to match you can really use any kind of yarn!

As much as I believe this “Baby Ocean” blanket is perfect on its own, I also have some more ocean-themed blankets in the queue! You could join 4 of these baby blankets together to create one large blanket. So, keep your eyes peeled for the next pattern in this baby ocean series! If you know you’re going to be getting the whole series anyway then grab the eBook on Ravelry – it will be cheaper for you in the long run! I’ve called it “Baby Ocean & Others” because they will all be ocean-themed baby blankets.

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Interlocking crochet sample done by CynCityCrochet, white used as Main Color