Triangles and angles seem to be a very popular design choice lately. When I was designing this one I wanted a big, bold design that would work as a shawl (or, half-blanket, as I like to think of them) and as a full blanket. This rectangle shawl will drape over your shoulders and keep you cozy and warm. The triangles will always be pointing up! Repeat the pattern a few times and you will get a blanket. The design is quite abstract and these big blocks of color are modern and punchy!

Interlocking crochet sample done by Maja Serec.

The pattern begins with a long foundation. The charts (one for interlocking crochet and another marked with X’s for mosaic crochet) show the repeated section; to make it wide enough for a shawl you need to repeat that section six times.

A sample of the interlocking pattern looks like this: Ch3, 1F, *7B, 17F, 6B*, 1F, ES

The Mosaic pattern looks like this: JS, (sc1, dc1) x2, *sc1, dc1, sc57, dc1*, sc1, dc1, sc1, ES

Having the repeated section *between the stars* is the same setup as I used with my MusicCAL and Summer Direction CAL patterns. The outer edge border is just straight lines. You repeat the instructions between the *s. I have suggested that you repeat the middle section 6 times to create the width for a shawl.

If you’d like to make a blanket you’ll need to repeat the full shawl three times. Those instructions are included in the pattern as well.

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Interlocking crochet sample by Maja Serec