Month: October 2021

Braided Chain Mosaic Scarf: 12 Days of Christmas Crochet Patterns Blog Hop

My contribution to the “12 Days of Christmas Crochet Patterns” Blog Hop is this stunning overlay mosaic crochet scarf!

November Gnome

I am publishing this month’s gnome a few days early – I hope you don’t mind! We just took possession of our new home (this will be our 3rd move in 14 months) and I am also involved in the “12 Days of Christmas Crochet Patterns” event so I wanted to make sure I am

12 Days of Christmas Crochet Patterns Blog Hop

This event allows you to download 2-6 FREE patterns each day – or purchase the entire bundle (with bonuses) now! “12 Days of Christmas Crochet Patterns” runs from October 27 through November 7, 2021.

October Mystery Pattern Reveal

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t done the mystery pattern yet, it is no longer a mystery! You can download the pattern directly from me here! I hope you all enjoyed this little project! A few people said they had no idea what it was until they were done! Mine is gold and black because I

October Mystery Pattern

There’s one week left in October. I don’t have a new pattern ready for this month. I haven’t published a new pattern since October 11, when I published all 6 patterns in the eBook More in the Ocean. It feels really weird to have so many days go by between publishing. Since I started designing

Yarn and Crochet Projects

One thing I’ve learned over the past year or so of designing is that designers have names. I seriously hadn’t really thought about the person behind the pattern before. I was not the type to buy a pattern because there’s so many free patterns out there, why bother? I also didn’t buy yarn. I have

Seahorse Dance

I used to think seahorses were mythical creatures like unicorns. They amaze me! They are so tiny and delicate looking. These seahorses are dancing a love-dance. Maybe the father will carry some babies soon (see, another reason they sound like mythical creatures!). I often wished I could make my husband do the pregnant part of

Electric Shock

You may recognize this as the image I used for the background of the eBook cover page. It was probably the easiest pattern to draw in this set. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t still awesome! I created this design as the background for my Trident square. And then I liked how it looked on

All the Waves

This pattern, like all the patterns in this eBook, has a chart size of 121 x 121. This works up to 30″ square when you meet gauge so I call it a baby blanket but you can also think of it as an extra-large panel in a blanket. If you join 4 or 6 of

Four Lobsters

My mom grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. The east coast of Canada does a lot of fishing and trapping of lobsters and crabs. She had a tiny wooden (pretend) lobster trap that my sister and I liked to play with. We grew up in Saskatchewan which is all prairie, so there were no local

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