Yesterday I published a new eBook: More in the Ocean. This pattern, One Octopus, is probably my favorite one of the bunch!

I drew this while I was working on my previous eBook, Baby Ocean & Others. But this octopus doesn’t have the right cartoon quality to be considered a “baby” design, in my opinion.

After I double-checked that my octopus had eight legs I asked my 4-year-old son what he thought of my picture. He is our resident creature expert, especially ocean creatures, so I thought he would like my octopus drawing. He looked at it, seemed impressed, stated it’s a “colossal squid”, and walked away! So, I guess you can interpret it as a squid if you like.

My testers did a great job: Angela Kermack did the mosaic sample and Nessa Miller did the interlocking one. I love the red and cream one because it looks like what I was imagining in my head. For the interlocking crochet blanket Nessa used light blue as the Main Color for her piece. You can see on the wrong side that the bubbles become plus signs and the colors are mostly inverted.

Get the Pattern

The eBook contains 6 patterns and saves you more than 30% compared to buying them individually.

  • One Octopus
  • To Sail Away
  • Trident
  • Four Lobsters
  • All the Waves
  • Electric Shock

These baby blankets are all 30″ square when you meet gauge. Each pattern has a chart size of 121 x 121 and you begin with 60 windows when you do the interlocking crochet technique.