More in the Ocean

More in the Ocean” is an eBook containing 6 extra-large square designs (each design is also available separately): One Octopus, To Sail Away, Trident, Four Lobsters, All the Waves, & Electric Shock. The eBook is a 30% savings compared to buying each pattern individually.

Interlocking & Mosaic

Every design can be made using the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique.

You’ll get the fully written pattern and charts for both colorwork techniques (and yes, the mosaic charts have X’s).


Each of these squares is categorized as a baby blanket on its own. With the interlocking crochet technique they begin with 60 windows in the foundation row. The mosaic crochet option is 121 stitches wide.

If you meet gauge, each square will be about 30″ / 7cm. You can use these individually as baby blankets or join them together to create a large one-of-a-kind blanket! See more baby blanket patterns at

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You’ll also have access to my Doctor Who blanket pattern!

Individual Links

This set of patterns goes well together, in my opinion, but each design is also listed separately. Read more about each design on their individual pages.

I am very thankful to my group of testers for this bundle: Angela Kermack, cyncitycrochets, & Nessa Miller!

Second Ocean-Themed eBook

This eBook, More in the Ocean, is my second ocean-themed set of patterns.

A few weeks ago I published an eBook called Baby Ocean & Others to Ravelry and Etsy. I really enjoyed drawing those ocean-themed baby blanket patterns. 

This first ocean-themed eBook contains 6 other designs. You can easily mix and match the patterns from both eBooks because they all use the same chart size of 121 x 121.

I think these new patterns have a more grown-up feel than the first eBook. Which one is your favorite?

The first ocean-themed eBook contains Baby Ocean, Baby Crab, Baby Dolphin, Baby Sea Turtle, Baby Whale, and Baby Fish.