Month: March 2022

2022 April Cat

April is here and that means we have another cat square! This cat looks like a heart with his ears and back forming the top of the heart and his tail curling down into the point at the bottom of the heart.

Come A-Llama Throw Blanket

My newest pattern features a big, llama-butt. It makes me giggle to myself each time I see it. You have until March 25, 2022 to use the sale code on Etsy or grab your automatic special surprise discount on Ravelry!

Learning Interlocking Crochet Skills on The Crochet Crowd’s 2022 Finale Cruise

I was so pleased when Pamela MacManus asked if I would create some interlocking crochet patterns for her to teach with on The Crochet Crowd’s 2022 Crochet Cruise. Have you heard of Mikey’s Crochet Cruises? @thecrochetcrowd #crochetcruise (see one of their promo videos on YouTube) Thank you, Pam, for making me feel famous! Remember, “interlocking

My Son’s Birthday Sale

Flash sale on selected patterns to celebrate my son’s birthday. Offer ends March 13, 2022.

Dress to Impress Yourself: Princess Gown Blanket Pattern

This voluptuous ball gown will lovingly adorn your little princess’s bed! I had a lot of fun drawing all the folds in this dress. Sometimes these details can feel tedious but this pattern really came together easily and made me feel a little bit like a superstar! I originally created this as a custom pattern

2022 March Cat or L for Love

March Cat is our 3rd pattern in the “2022: A Year of Cats” eBook and it does double duty as the “L” in a mini-series as well! You’ll have to wait until June to get the “O”!